Karma and the Galactic Descendants: Adventures Into CN City is an upcoming American animated crossover television special collaborated with series the Mega Celestial Maia series, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!, Steven Universe, Ben 10, Teen Titans Go!, and the Kabuki Ramirez-Akiyama series.


From Maia's new story idea, she created a story of how Karma and the Galactic Descendants meets Mega Celestial Maia again with her other friends known of CN City.


The story begins where Maia is picking up her children from school and Milo showed her some drawings like sphere shape monster attacking a silhouette knight and Kim was practicing lacrosse. When they ask her how is Karma and the Galactic Descendants stories, she gets an idea about her stories and starts to create the story. In the story book series of Karma and the Galactic Descendants, in the class of chemistry, the bell rings and the class dismissed as the children walked out of the class. Karma and her friends walked out of the school and discuss about their plans for their weekend. CeCe is going home to babysit her cousin for the weekend, and Priscilla says that she'll be going on a field trip.

Back from the story, Maia and her children are having some energy smoothies to help them be active and go exercise in the backyard, and so Maia continues to get back working her story. Back in the story, Karma and her friends get smoothies to boost their thinking caps and Karma believes to see Mega Celestial Maia and the intergalactic heroes again. TBA


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