Karma Quentin is the main protagonist of the upcoming show called Karma and the Galactic Descendants and the leader of the Galactic Descendants.



Appearance and Equipment

Karma is a young and slender girl (referenced to her alter ego) with brownish-tan skin and dark brown eyes, she has dark brown hair tied into two braids of a purple tint on the middle of each braids and a pink highlight in the front of her hair, her hairstyle concludes a simple single lock. She wears a light pink star hair clip, she wears black squared-frame glasses. Karma's attire starts off of a purple long-sleeved turtleneck sweater with a triangle in the center of her shirt, she wears a set of pink fingerless gloves and a purple pleated skirt with pink trims (mostly on adventures she always carry her backpack). She wears a set of pink knee-high sneakers and magenta socks. The weapon she wields is a magical paintbrush.


Karma is said to be diagnosed with autism and Asperger's syndrome like her alter ego, she is very cheerful, clumsy, smart, optimistic, and courageous. She is always eager to go on adventures and accomplish her tasks.


  • Karma's first name means "fate of destiny" in Hindi.
  • Karma's last name means "the fifth" in French.
  • Karma's favorite colors are pink and purple just like her alter ego, magenta is her third favorite.
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