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Scene 1

[Warner Bros. Pictures logo plays]

[StudioCanal logo plays]

[Futurikon logo plays]

[Text appears on black background]

Warner Bros. Pictures presents

[Jazz and Ragtime music playing]

In Association with StudioCanal

A Futurikon production

[Kaput and Zosky running while using crispizers]

[The film's logo zooming in]

Kaput & Zosky: The Movie

[The film's logo fades out]

[Voice Talents text appears]

Starring the voices of

Jess Harnell as Kaput

Daniel Davis as Zosky

Lacey Chabert as Jane

[Kaput putting an apple on his head]

[Zosky shoots up in the air behind Kaput's head]

[Kaput shaking his head]

[Zosky nodding his head]

[Kaput shoots up in the air on the right]

[A laser appears and flies away]

Alan Tudyk

Jeff Bennett

Greg Baldwin

Rob Paulsen

Paul Rugg

Dee Bradley Baker

Ralph Fiennes

John Kassir

[The laser flies back and zap the apple from Kaput's head]

[Kaput surprised]

[Apple slices drop like an egg on Kaput's head]

[Kaput smiles nervously while looking up]

And Jenny Slate as Queen Rosie

Screenplay by Alexander Sugar

[Kaput and Zosky jumping onto ground while holding swords]

[Kaput using his sword to practice with Zosky]

[Zosky using his sword back to Kaput]

[Kaput doing a sneaky laugh]

[Zosky tapping his foot]

[Kaput and Zosky pointing their swords and put in their pockets]

[Kaput and Zosky slicing each other like a cheese and falling apart]

Music and Songs by Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Mothersbaugh

Lyrics by Beth Moore

[Kaput and Zosky walking while holding baseball and baseball bat]

[Kaput and Zosky stop at the area]

[Kaput throws a baseball to the right]

[Zosky swings the baseball bat to hit the baseball]

[Baseball bouncing on the ground]

Score by Christophe Beck

[Kaput throws the baseball to Zosky]

[Zosky swings the baseball bat and fails]

[Zosky surprised while sees a baseball flying]

[Baseball hits Zosky on his chest]

[Zosky faints]

[Kaput runs and using the towel to cure Zosky]

Edited by David Katz

[Kaput and Zosky walking on tiptoes like a cat]

[Kaput and Zosky holding their crispizers]

[A bee appears next to the duo]

[The bee flies and stings Kaput on his bottom]

[Kaput screaming at Zosky]

[Zosky screaming back at Kaput]

Exclusive Producers

Lewis Trondheim, Matthew O'Callaghan, Dallas Ventura and Nick Davisson

Creative Consultant

Lewis Trondheim

[Kaput and Zosky running and getting into their cruiser]

[The cat-like alien shoots the air with using his laser gun]

[The laser bounces on floor like a bouncy ball]

Directed by Matthew O'Callaghan

[Kaput and Zosky are trying to turn on button]

[The laser gets inside of the fuse tank of Kaput and Zosky's cruiser]

[Kaput and Zosky shocked]

[The cruiser flies away and the red smoke appears]

[Red smoke disappears into the next scene]

[The sun appears with Planet Sunny Hills]

[The camera turns to the right and stops at Kaput and Zosky relaxing on lawn chairs]

[Kaput and Zosky are kicking back and relaxing]

Kaput: Ah, what a nice rest. The sun is so bright and shiny.

Zosky: Yeah, our sunglasses are good for our eyes.

Kaput: That's right, Zosky. Resting is good for our brains and after work.

Zosky: Kaput, you're being silly!

Kaput: [laughing] Good one, Zosky! [putting his sunglasses on his forehead]

Zosky: [putting his sunglasses on his forehead] Anytime, Kaput. [laughing]

Kaput: Do you like conquering planets?

Zosky: Oh yes, I do. How about you?

Kaput: Yeah, yeah. We both like conquering planets. Hey, remember we were being chased by giant beasts.

Zosky: Of course, it is. The beasts look like a mix between animals and monsters.

Kaput: Ah, you're right. But, some of them are nice!

Zosky: I think you're right again. The friendly ones are from several quiet planets.

Kaput: All right, all right! We're going to conquer planets later, Zosky.

Zosky: Okay, Kaput! Let's have a rest for 10 minutes.

Kaput: [yawning]

Zosky: [yawning]

[Kaput and Zosky are sitting back on lawn chairs]

[The sun turns to the right]

[Kaput and Zosky are still relaxing]

Kaput: [grabs and drinks his juice] Gulp gulp! Ahhh.

Zosky: [drinking his juice with straw]

[A delivery ship appears]

[Delivery Man appears]

Delivery Man: Here's a travel ticket! [drops a travel ticket]

[A travel ticket is falling down]

Delivery Man: Now, hurry! Get a travel ticket, before it's too late!

[The delivery ship is flying away]

[The travel ticket lands on Sunny Hills]

Kaput: [removes his sunglasses] Hey! What's this falling?

Zosky: [removes his sunglasses] Hmm. Is that a paper?

Kaput: The, the, uh. Uh, a map?

[The travel ticket is shining]

Kaput: Look, a ticket!

[Kaput jumps off his lawn chair and runs to the travel ticket]

[Kaput picks up a travel ticket]

Kaput: [holding a travel ticket while running to Zosky] Zosky, Zosky! I found a ticket!

Zosky: [facepalms] Oh no. Kaput, are you going to show me something?

[Kaput jumps on Zosky's body]

Kaput: Zosky, look! I found a ticket! A new ticket! [showing the travel ticket to Zosky]

Zosky: [reading the travel ticket] Free Getaway. It gives you a very long adventure, costs two dollars.

Kaput: Two dollars?! Oh boy, oh boy! This is fun! [jumps off Zosky's body]

Zosky: Say, we can conquer the planets together!

Kaput: Yeah, this travel ticket helps us to travel around the galaxy.

Zosky: Oh, come on. I think I have money in my pocket. [takes out two dollars out of his pocket] Here's the dollars, Kaput.

Kaput: Gee, Zosky. I didn't know you have money in your pocket.

Zosky: Well, I was paying these after our quest. That's why!

Kaput: Now, can we get in our spaceship?

Zosky: Sure. Ready to go?

Kaput: Woo-hoo! Yeah! [doing a high five with Zosky]

Kaput and Zosky: [laughing while running]

[Kaput and Zosky's spaceship appears]

[Kaput and Zosky are jumping in their spaceship]

Kaput: We're going to take this travel ticket to the ticket man!

Zosky: That sounds like a good idea.

[The lid of Kaput and Zosky's spaceship closes]

[Kaput and Zosky are driving]

[A red smoke appears from the fuse tank]

[Kaput and Zosky are flying away from Sunny Hills]

Scene 2

[Sunny Hills planet appears in space background]

[Kaput and Zosky appear from Sunny Hills]

Kaput: I can't wait for our adventure! Yahoo!

Zosky: Yeah, me too! Ha ha!

Kaput: But, we have to give a travel ticket to the ticket man first.

Zosky: [nodding his head] Very good, Kaput.

Kaput: And then, we can conquer the planets. [showing a smile]

Zosky: That's an excellent idea, Kaput!

Kaput: Also, we can practice before our great adventure! Right, Zosky?

Zosky: Oh, right!

Kaput and Zosky: [laughing]

[Kaput and Zosky's cruiser is flying around the planets]

[Kaput and Zosky seeing a ticket stand with Ticket Man]

Kaput: Ah, here we are. The ticket man!

Zosky: There he is!

[Kaput and Zosky are flying to the ticket stand]

[Ticket Man is waving at the duo]

Ticket Man: Well, hello! Are you Kaput and Zosky? The famous rulers?

Kaput: [nodding his head] Yes.

Zosky: [patting on Kaput's head] Me too.

Ticket Man: That's great! Do you have a travel ticket?

Kaput: Uh. I have one in my pocket! [takes out the travel ticket from his pocket]

Zosky: [takes the travel ticket from Kaput's hand] Here's the travel ticket!

[Kaput and Zosky are opening the lid of their cruiser]

Ticket Man: Hmm. That's a good one! Did you get it from Delivery Man?

Kaput: Yeah, I did.

Zosky: But, he showed me this ticket.

Kaput: And I was a good catcher! [laughing]

Zosky: Very well, buddy! [gives the travel ticket to Ticket Man]

Ticket Man: Ooh, how nice! Thanks, guys!

Kaput: You're welcome, Ticket Man! [winks his eye]

Zosky: Same here! [laughing]

Ticket Man: Okay, you two! [waving at Kaput and Zosky] Good luck!

Kaput and Zosky: So long! [closing their lid]

[Kaput and Zosky are driving and flying away]

[A red smoke appears]

Ticket Man: My, my! Two dollars, that's what this ticket costs.

Scene 3

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