Kanade Minamino (Clara in Glitter Band) is a main character in Suite Pretty Cure. Kanade excels at studies, but she is not good at sports. She is something of an idol in her school. Kanade is very mature, but can also be quite stubborn. She dreams of being a patissier when she grows up, and taking over her parents' cupcake shop, the Lucky Spoon. She also has a strong love for cats, and an affinity for their paws.


Kanade has dark green eyes and long dirty blonde hair, part of which she ties up in a high ponytail at the top of her head with dark pink hair bobbles. Her casual attire consists of a fuchsia ruffle blouse with pale pink frills at the cuff to match the ribbon tied around the torso and her ruffled skirt. Beneath it is a white long sleeved shirt, along with white stockings lined with fuchsia frills, and dark pink flats.

As Cure Rhythm, she shares many similarities with Cure Melody. Her eyes are bright green while her hair grows in length and is very curly, turning platinum blonde. The ponytail is held with a single braid and she wears a white knot-bow attached to a headband that has a pink hear in the center. She wears a white dress with pale pink trim and a white and fuchsia bow at the center of the chest, where her Cure Module rests. Her sleeves are puffed and and she wears white ruffled wrist-lets with pale pink trim and bows with a heart above it. A fuchsia bow is sewn to the left hip, and her skirt is in three layers on top of two white frilly petticoat layers. The top skirt is lined in pale pink, while the third layer is solid pale pink. Her boots are white with pale pink toe and heel, along with fuchsia lining, string, and bows adorned with a single heart. She also gains a white ribbon choker and dangle earrings, with the top a pale pink heart and the bottom a dark pink circle.


Kanade is very calm and quiet in nature when compared to Hibiki. On several occasions, Kanade has excerpted examples of elegance and maturity, pursuing goals such as cooking. Despite her womanly nature, though, she can also be very stubborn and will almost refuse to admit that she's wrong. She is also prone to feelings of inadequacy, making her a bit competitive by nature and forces her to set extremely high short-term goals.

Being the most mature of the group, Kanade has taken on a sort of mother-figure to the others. Though she can be stern to others, especially towards Hibiki and her younger brother, she just cares for them deeply and doesn't realize why her fussing tends to push them away.


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