Kamen Rider: Evolution
Based on

Kamen Rider by
Shotaro Ishinomori
Developed by

Michael Ryan
Yukio Kusumoto
Jon Hudson
Voices of

Johnny Yong Bosch
Crispin Freeman
Laura Bailey

Tony Phillips
Takayuki Negishi
Country of
United States

Hiroaki Muto
Marc Harrington
Shukuo Ishikawa
Shin Unozawa

Adness Entertainment
OLM, Digital
Sprite Animation Studios
Nintendo of America, Inc.

MarVista Entertainment
Dentsu Entertainment Inc.
Preceded by

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (2008-2009)

Kamen Rider: Evolution is an upcoming American/Japanese 3D CGI animated television series, produced by Adness Entertainment with contributed animation from Sprite Animation Studios and OLM, Digital. It loosely based on the japanese tokusatsu series Kamen Rider by Shotaro Ishinomori and it is the sequel to the live-action series Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight


A decade after the live-action series Kit Taylor reunites with Lenn, Case and Adam to defend earth from alien life and dangerous enemies along with their fellow Kamen Riders from Ventara.

Voice Cast


An animated sequel series to the 2008 live-action series Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight that aired on CW's programming block CW4Kids and will be joint production between the U.S. and Japan with Adness, OLM, Sprite, Nintendo and MarVista. This series will be featured in 3D CGI animation same as Iron Man: Armored Adventures. It will center around four Kamen Riders Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, Siren and Onyx a decade after the live-action series as them fight various villians from outer space. The cast will consist of Johnny Yong Bosch as Kit Taylor/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight/Adam/Kamen Rider Onyx, Crispin Freeman as Lenn/Kamen Rider Wing Knight, Laura Bailey as Case/Kamen Rider Siren.

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