Kai is an upcoming American 3D martial arts computer-animated fantasy film. It is in production by Pixar Animation Studios and will be released by Walt Disney Pictures. It will be released on February 19, 2021.

Plot Synopsis 

Kai dreams of being a Samurai, to defend Japan. One day, a warlord invades the village with the demons threatening people. Then Kai goes on a quest to find and get help from the Samurai Hosato and the heroes of Japan, and defeat the monsters.


 Score Rating




Ratings in other countries

  • USA: PG (Mild action, violence, and some peril)
  • UK: PG (Mild threat, fantasy violence)
  • Ireland: PG
  • Canada: P6
  • Germany: 7
  • Japan: G


Sia - Unstoppable


Animation | Action | Adventure | Family | Fantasy


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Short film

Short film: The Famous Scientist.

The short, The Famous Scientist is attached to this film, however, it was canceled because of the delays.

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