KND:Reborn is a spin off series to Codename Kids Next Door created by Mr.Warburton and developed by Cool Orchid Productions.


A new breed of KND members are under trained by Numbuh 362 who teaches them how to be a member of Kids Next Door

Voice Cast/Characters


Kaylee Wright as Number 362/Rachel -

Nolan Massey as Numbuh 16/Leo-a new member of KND who is under the wing of Rachel he wears nightvision glasses brown hair and his weapon is two chicken egg guns

Dillon Rhodes as Numbah 3456/Bob -

Anna DaSilva as Numbuh 83/Sonia-a very cheerful and outwardly 7 year old girl that always looks at the bright side of things and works with her friends to accomplish a mission or task.  Also the youngest sister to Leo

Nayla Zamora as Numbuh -34/Lacey -

Brenden Coplen as Numbuh 85/Daniel- A new KND member


Joe Ross as New Father -

TBA as Jonathon Spank- Founder of S.P.A.N.K Indusries and son to Count Spankulot

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