This is the introduction for Kingdom Hearts: Universal/Walter Lantz (December 2016 version).

the opening

(Universal Studios logo comes up first, and then the Square-Enix comes up last)

(the title zooms in as: Kingdom Hearts: Universal/Walter Lantz)

Justin: I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Is any of this real or not? If I could go on a great adventure, I would be able to find out. 

(Then the song, "You're My Best Friend" by Queen starts playing)

(opening credits: Haley Joel Osment as Justin, Laura Bailey as Camille, Jodi Benson as Penelope, Bill Murray as Lucas, David Gallagher as Newton, Billy West as Woody Woodpecker, Grey Griffin as Andy Panda, Original Video Animation anime credits done by: Studio Pierrot and Toei Animation, opening song: You're My Best Friend by Queen, ending credits songs: Now and Forever by Barry Manilow and Sheena Easton, and Even The Nights are Better by Air Supply)

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