Philip SgricciaNotably Works:  Supernatural (TV Series) The Boys (TV Series) Smallville (TV Series) Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series)

Character / Casts  

John Constantine As Dominic Cooper - An occult detective from Liverpool, England. His violent and anti-social attitude makes him a formidable anti-hero, and he's known for doing whatever it takes to get the job done

Deadman/Boston Brand As Richard ArmitageA Supernatural superhero and a ghost. Murdered by an assassin, his spirit haunts the mortal realm bringing justice to those who deserve it. Although he cannot directly interact with the physical world, he can possess bodies of the living and control them towards his own ends.

Etrigan/Jason Blood As Richard MaddenA demon of Hell bonded to a man named Jason Blood, who usually acts on the side of good despite his violent tendencies. They were bonded together in Camelot by the wizard Merlin as a punishment, imprisoning Etrigan and making Blood effectively immortal. Despite sharing the same body, they are usually at odds with each other and Blood retains a lot of guilt based on Etrigan's demonic actions. who team up with John Constantine

Madame Xanadu As Priyanka ChopraA supernatural heroine and fortune-telling mystic. The occult sensitivity and powers that she possess are channeled through tarot cards. Her history is connected to the legendary King Arthur of Camelot, and she is immortal who gether the team to fight evil

Zatanna As Mary Elizabeth Winstead - A powerful Homo Magi. She is an important member of the Justice League Dark, using her magic to fight dark magic threats

June Moone As Jenna Coleman - The human host of the magical entity known as the Enchantress. Having been confined within June's body, the Enchantress can take control whenever June wishes to unleash her, or during times of great emotional stress

Nergal As Clancy Brown - A powerful demon who possessing Astra Logue, only for Nergal to drag Astra into Hell, damning her for all eternity. As a result, Nergal was also able to damn John's soul so it would be dragged into Hell upon his eventual death, which John tries to prevent by atoning for his sin

Shade, the Changing Man As Matt Bomer - An alien from the planet Meta who fights evil using a stolen M-Vest. This creates a strong force-field that grants him limited invulnerability, flight and can open portal

Batman/Bruce Wayne As Gerard Butler A Founding Member Of Justice League. After League Was Defeat By Enchantress Batman Went To Look For Zatanna For Help (Cameo)

Superman/Clark Kent As Armie Hammer - A Founding Member Of Justice League. After League (Cameo)

Astra As Lidya JewettA girl who was accidentally damned to Hell after a botched attempt at exorcism by John Constantine

Enchantress As Rosario Dawson - A magical entity, Having been confined within June's body; Without June to restrain her, the Enchantress is a force of sheer death and destruction

Flash/Barry Allen As Chris Pine - A Founding Member Of Justice League (Cameo)

Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz As Peter Mensah - A Founding Member Of Justice League (Cameo)

Blue Beetle/Ted Kord As James Marsden - A Member Of Justice League (Cameo)

Reason For Casting  

  • John Constantine As Dominic Cooper - I know lot of people won't like my choice cause he's not blonde i think he don't need to blonde as long the movie and actor is good and Dominic is great actor as far i saw his acting i do believe he can be good John Constantine

Notably movies and TV show: 

Preacher (TV Series) 

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

  • Zatanna As Mary Elizabeth Winstead- Lot of people want want Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna but i think Mary Elizabeth Winstead better choice and she also look the part

Notably movies and TV show: 

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

The Thing (2011)

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Sky High (2005)

  • Etrigan/Jason Blood As Richard Madden - Lot of chose Richard as John Constantine but i think he's going to better as Jason blood. and look at his hair he have same gray hair as Jason blood too

Notably movies and TV show: 

Eternals (2021)

Oasis (2017)

Game of Thrones (TV Series) 

Bodyguard (TV Series) 

  • Shade, the Changing Man As Matt Bomer - Lot of people don't give TV actor too much credit but Matt is great actor and i believe he can pull off any characters 

Notably movies and TV show: 

White Collar (TV Series) 

Doom Patrol (TV Series) 

Chuck (TV Series) 

Magic Mike Franchise

  • Madame Xanadu As Priyanka Chopra - Just look at the picture and tell me this is wrong decision i made....

Notably movies and TV show: 

Baywatch (2017)

Quantico (TV Series) 

  • June Moone As Jenna Coleman- Nice, quite character like June Moone one girl i find that is Jenna Coleman 

Notably movies and TV show: 

Doctor Who (TV Series) 

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

  • Enchantress As Rosario Dawson- when Enchantress is separate from June she's different and CGI so want to bring someone different for the role

Notably movies and TV show: 

DC Animated Movie Universe 

(Wonder Woman's Voice)

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

Luke Cage (TV Series) 

  • Nergal As Clancy Brown  

Notably movies and TV show: 

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Doom Patrol (TV Mini-Series) 

Green Lantern (2011)

  • Astra As Lidya Jewett

Notably movies and TV show: 

Black Panther (2018)

The Darkest Minds (2018)


Tres Osos Caves, Peru


Archaeologist June Moone was exploring a site along the long overgrown Tres Osos Caves in the north-central highlands of Peru when she fell a shaft into a cavern containing a tomb.

 Where she find a doll-shaped container that held the witch Enchantress. she called to her, and manipulate her that she could do lot of good stuff and become famous if she let her out. thinking she's a good spirit she let her out. The spirit then possesses June's body, and goes on killing spree. seeing that June; realize that she made a huge mistake so she try take back her body back from Enchantress.

Washington, D.C.


a disoriented June Moone wanders the streets, and is suddenly terrified by the appearance of a horrifying demon. She escapes into a diner, hoping there's a sporting event on the TV to remind her of boring, everyday life. Unfortunately, the patrons are all mesmerized by live news coverage of what appears to be 34 women who bear a strong resemblance to June herself, all standing in the middle of the freeway, and getting killed by oncoming traffic.

Elsewhere, In Greenwich Village at Hokus & Pokus Occult Curioso; Madame Xanadu wake up from unconscious in horror look at her cards and  has a terrible premonition, and foresees that a gathering of magic-users will stop it. . Shade, the Changing Man is called to help her to gather those heroes. 

On a deserted farm lies the sanctuary of the broken witch; the Enchantress. Her mad spells are affecting nearby towns where a shower of books in a dead language kill six people; cows give birth to mechanical meat slicers, prompting a farmer to shoot himself; a local power station threatens to explode when it gains consciousness and gets bored.

The Justice League go there to investigate. when they got there;  They find themselves surrounded by millions of sharp teeth, floating in a whirlwind. They are powerful enough to cut Superman to ribbons. They barely escape with their lives. 

after returning to watchtower batman realize he need help who can handle magic.

Batman visits Zatanna after one of her performances and ask her for her help and told her what happen at the farm. after hearing everything Zatanna  realize that it's something big so she tell batman that she need help. she need to meet someone. batman want to come with her but she decides to go herself, given that she has magic abilities, batman does not. Batman insists on accompanying her, but she responds that the world can't afford to lose him, She casts a spell to bind his feet, and he becomes trapped in the wiring in the floor as she leaves without him. He shouts after her. 

In London  Newcastle, he discovered Astra Logue, tormented by the demon Nergal. He failed to save the girl, and his allies in his attempt to rescue her were killed or driven in sane. He was later caught by the police and charged for the deaths that occurred. Suddenly he finds himself falling through the sky as a result of some magical vortex created by Zatanna.

Meanwhile, June Moone finds her way to a specific apartment. When the woman inside answers the door and sees June looking distraught, she asks whether the girl is in some kind of trouble. June responds that she thinks she is, and that she is looking for Deadman, who happens to be in the room, listening unseen.

Shade arrives at Madame Xanadu's shop, and ask her what's going on. she tell him about her premonition and  seeing all of her friends dead at the hands of the powerful witch call ''Enchantress'' and the league can't stop her. she need to bring a team together to stop her.

Somewhere, Zatanna rides her motorcycle to a place befouled by dark energies. She is taken aback by the sight of overturned cars and corpses being eaten by giant magical bugs. Instinctively, she knows it is the work of Enchantress. She hears the Enchantress' voice over a crashed car's working radio, threatening her and cursing her for some perceived slight. Zatanna tries to force the witch to reveal herself, but her magic isn't as strong as the Enchantress'. Suddenly, a massive cloud of shadow begins advancing on Zatanna, and she is forced to run. When she realizes that she can't outrun it, she casts a spell of protection on herself. 

Elsewhere, John Constantine gets into a bar fight on purpose, and ends up on his back on the street. Strangely, he is pleased that he was stabbed during the fight. The reason for this is that his scrying technique is amplified by physical pain. Using a bit of Zatanna's hair, he hopes to find out where she is. 

At deadman house, June hopes that Deadman can possess her, and find out if there is someone else inside her. She knows that she was once the host of the Enchantress, but she worries that her freedom will come at a price. He  possesses June, and finds no trace of anyone else, but he does notice that June has a strange nursery rhyme running through her head constantly, which he finds disconcerting. Boston explains that she appears to be free of the witch. Unfortunately, June is aware that the Enchantress will stop at nothing to get her back, which means that Boston Brand is in danger.

Elsewhere, Zatanna's protective spell has left her sitting in the middle of the road, motionless. A passerby sends for an ambulence, but she doesn't seem to have a pulse, and her skin is cold to the touch.  John Constantine manages to track down Zatanna, but she appears to have put herself into a state of stasis. Emergency workers and civilians have gathered around her, believing that she is dead, given her lack of vital signs. Constantine intervenes, using the magic words "Ekaw Pu!" to bring Zatanna back to consciousness.

At a nearby hotel, Constantine and Zatanna perform the tantric ritual of Maithuna. Afterwards, John explains that he had been Runecasting in Brighton when he had a powerful intimation that Zatanna was in trouble. She responds that she had been overcome by a cloud of darkness sent by the Enchantress, and was forced to give up her body to protect herself. She is none too pleased that he used her own backwards magic on her. Constantine brushes her off, and decides to leave. Before Zatanna can force him to take her with him, he has already disappeared.

John Constantine meet Jason Blood and ask what he know about Enchantress, and ask for his help.

Elsewhere, Boston Brand watches over June Moone, who is convinced that the Enchantress will find her soon. Late at night, Boston and June Moone drive down the road, hoping to outrun the Enchantress' searches. Boston vows to protect her, though she senses his efforts will be futile. Suddenly, a figure appears in front of their car, and they collide. The two of them rush out of the car, thinking they've hit somebody, but when they stand over the body it reveals itself as the Enchantress, who has finally got her hands on June Moone again.

Faced with the Enchantress, Deadman orders June Moone to get back into his car and start driving. Before she can comply, though, the witch captures her in a lasso of dark magic. With few other options, Deadman decides to possess the Enchantress' body.

Upon entering the body, Deadman is surprised to find it empty. No memories, no nothing. Using much of his power, Deadman destroys the body he inhabited, forcing his way out. This was not the real Enchantress, it was only an empty shell - a portion of the witch's power given form.

John Constantine and Jason Blood meet Madame Xanadu at her home and tell her that he know about  Enchantress and he think Madame Xanadu know what happen. Madame Xanadu reply to him that it was her fault. (In flashback) one day June come to Madame Xanadu for help to get rid off Enchantress from her body but she was unaware that it was June's body that contain Enchantress. with out her host Enchantress is power entity that want to destroy earth. 

Madame Xanadu success to separate June from Enchantress for doing this Enchantress got free and start havoc.

June and Boston can see one of the doubles approaching, and waiting for them to come out. Unsure of what to do, Boston suggests that they enter the portal that has appeared there for them, sent there by Shade. Nervously, they enter the door together. Unfortunately, only Deadman is taken by the door, which leaves June unprotected. The Enchantress' magic bursts through the windows, sweeps June Moone up, and prepares to consume her. Now, having been left alone with the Enchantress' creatures, June is in a panic. Nearby, she hears a man's voice calling out to her, and she runs toward it. She finds John Constantine standing over a magic circle that he has drawn in order to repel the witch's power. Unfortunately, he doesn't know just how long it will keep them both safe.

Elsewhere, Deadman is outraged that travelling through the door that Shade created only transported him, and left June at the mercy of the Enchantress. Madame Xanadu tries to explain that the Enchantress poses a threat to more than just June Moone. The streets are full of rioters incensed by the Enchantress' malignant force. Deadman will hear none of it, and rushes back to June, leaving Xanadu with only Shade, Etrigan and Zatanna to fight the witch head on.

Constantine asks June how long she was trapped inside the Enchantress, and June responds that it was years. 

Now she has a rhyme running through her head over and over. Before she can recite too much of it, John covers her mouth, realizing that the rhyme was the spell that Madame Xanadu used to rip June out of the witch. He begins reciting the rhyme himself, but it seems to cause June pain to hear it. Constantine has no care for her pain, and continues reciting the rhyme, trying to stop the witch from destroying the world. Suddenly Deadman appears in the magic circle, and demands that Constantine stop hurting June. Constantine convinced deadman this is the only way. with the help of deadman Constantine manages to finish the rhyme and  merged  Enchantress with June Moone together and all the magical occurring stop.

Xanadu gathers the group together in her home, having put June to rest somewhere safe.

Xanadu tell them that they must stay together. She has seen the future, and it is horrible. It is also closer than ever. The team agree to stay  together.

Post Credits Scene  

A groups of people with red eyes walking as mind control attacking superman and the league.. In the behind Darkseid controlling them and smiling

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  • Storyline inspired by 2011 "Justice League Dark" comic
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