Justice League/Teen Titans Chronicles: Star Knights is an american Direct-to Video animated superhero film which is part of the Justice League/Teen Titans Animated Universe.


Featured Characters

  • Justice League
    • Aquaman / Arthur Curry
    • Batman / Bruce Wayne (flashback and main story)
    • Batgirl / Oracle / Barbara Gordon (flashback and main story) (first appearance as Oracle)
    • Flash / Barry Allen
    • Green Arrow / Oliver Queen
    • Green Lantern Corps
      • Aya
      • Hal Jordan
      • Kyle Rayner
    • Stargirl / Courtney Whitmore
    • Wonder Woman / Diana of Themyscira
  • Teen Titans
    • Cyborg / Victor Stone
    • Nightwing / Robin / Dick Grayson (flashback and main story) (as Robin in flashback)
    • Raven
  • Knights of Rao
    • Alpha-Wolf / Milo Chaves
    • Black Owl / Night Fury / Zoe Kyle Lawton (first appearance) (flashback and main story) (joins team) (single appearance as Night Fury)
    • Blue Lantern / Collin Hill
    • Galaxor / Mitchell Davis
    • New Gaia / Delilah Raymond Snow
    • Omega Knight / Jason Burke
    • Star Hunter / Felix Whitmore (first appearance) (joins team)
    • Sun Rose / Esperanza Del Rey
    • Terra / Tara Markov
    • Toymaster / Hiro Okamura

Supporting Characters

  • Lois Lane
  • Caitlin Fairchild (first appearance)
  • Catwoman / Selina Kyle (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
  • Princess Perdita (first appearance)
  • Blue Lantern Corps
  • Steve Trevor
  • Bronze Tiger / Ben Turner (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
  • Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon (flashback and main story)


  • Brother Blood (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
    • Silver Banshee
    • Dark Arrow / Malcolm Merlyn
  • Count Vertigo (first appearance)
  • Project Cadmus
    • Amanda Waller (flashback and main story)
      • Task Force X
        • Captain Boomerang / George Harkness (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
        • Captain Cold / Leonard Snart (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
        • Clayface / Basil Carlo (first appearance) (flashback only)
        • Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel (flashback and main story)
        • Killer Frost / Louise Lincoln (flashback and main story)
        • King Shark / Nanaue (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
  • Joker

Other Characters

  • Deadshot / Floyd Lawton (first appearance) (flashback and main story) (death)
  • Amelia Markov (cameo)
  • Hippolyta of Themyscira (cameo)
  • Carrie Kelley (phone call)


Set between the events of the Justice League: Knights of Rao episodes War of Oblivion and Golden Ages, the Justice League (Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Stargirl, Aquaman and Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner) and the Teen Titans (Nightwing, Raven and Cyborg) work to stop a mad scheme by Brother Blood, who is leading a group of villains competing with Count Vertigo's forces over a mystic artifact, while crossing paths with and contending with the Task Force X Squad, who was sent by Amanda Waller to recover that artifact. At the same time, Terra and her friends have their eyes on two new recruits for their team: Stargirl's younger cousin Felix Whitmore, who was chosen by the Guardians of Oa to wield the Cosmic helmet (an artifact with functions similar to Stargirl's Cosmic Staff, which Brother Blood is after) and is fighting crime as Star Hunter, and the deceased Deadshot's daughter Zoe, who is going for a crime-fighting spree as the new vigilante Night Fury. The movie also unveils more details of the two TV series such as Perdita’s good relationship with the Markov family, the eventual start of Kyle Rayner’s romance with Stargirl and also how Terra and her friends discovered the greatest weaknesses of the World’s Tyrants (which was how they managed to break the Joker’s smile).


Two years ago, Amanda Waller sent the Task Force X Squad (consisting of Bronze Tiger, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Clayface, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and led by Deadshot) to assault a H.I.V.E. headquarters commanded by Brother Blood, who was planning to build a new machine which can duplicate metahumans’ abilities, and recover a confidential file he stole from agents of A.R.G.U.S.. After a long battle, Deadshot and Bronze Tiger were joined in the fight by Batman and Robin and broke through the headquarters’ sells to free the prisoners (including Barbara Gordon, who was captured by Brother Blood due to her high intellect as Oracle), although the fight between the other members of the Squad and Brother Blood caused the headquarters to collapse and Deadshot sacrificed himself to keep Barbara safe from the falling debris. As Waller received the files she needed, Batman, Robin, Barbara, Selina Kyle and Bronze Tiger attended to Floyd Lawton’s funeral alongside his grieving daughter Zoe, who held Waller and the other members of the Squad (except for Bronze Tiger, who happens to be her mother's old friend) responsible for her father’s tragedy.

In present day, Waller is being held hostage alongside Lois Lane by bandits working for Count Vertigo, who is having a turf war with Brother Blood over an powerful artifact of measurable power and plans to use it to have full control over his country of Vlatava. Just as the bandits demand Lois and Waller information of the artifact, they are all assaulted by a mysterious young female vigilante who subdues them all in single combat, saves Lois and steals their files. Just as Batman and Commissioner Gordon arrive, the vigilante flees leaving some markings (which only Batman seems familiar with) in the area. Meanwhile, Terra and her teammates visit her old friend Princess Perdita (Vertigo's niece and the heiress to the throne of Vlatava), who then tells the group about a shadow fighting vigilante in Midway City. As her teammates vow to look after Perdita, Terra goes after the vigilante. Meanwhile, Batman and the Justice League are battling alongside Lois' bodyguard Caitlin Fairchild against a group of ninjas and mercenaries led by Silver Banshee and Dark Arrow, who were sent by Brother Blood to steal an alien artifact which crash-landed on the High School Stargirl and Kyle Rayner attend to. Just then, Courtney's cousin and surrogate brother Felix, who was watching the whole fight, gets close to the artifact, which is revealed to be an Helmet. The Helmet attaches itself to Felix and envelopes him with a space bodysuit and grants him the same powers of Stargirl’s Star Staff. Just as Felix helps defeating Brother Blood’s henchmen, he flies away. His actions are observed by Galaxor and Toymaster, who list him to the team.

Back in the Watchtower, while Kyle comforts Courtney over her cousin’s safety, Batman, Lois and Batgirl work to find clues about the new vigilante who foiled Vertigo’s henchmen and Waller and stole their files. Just then, they are approached by the Teen Titans (consisting of Nightwing, Raven and Cyborg), who inform the Leaguers that Waller has sent the Task Force X Squad for another mission against Brother Blood. Fearful of another disaster which will cost any human lives like it did to Deadshot two years ago, the League and the Titans, followed by Fairchild, go on to stop the Squad and Brother Blood. Meanwhile, Felix is guided by the helmet’s light towards an temple which grants him immediate access to the Blue Lanterns' home planet in Odym, where he meets Superman and Arisia Rrab as well as Galaxor and Toymaster, who were following him. Given purpose by his cousin Courtney’s role as a hero and convinced that he can prove himself by becoming one too, Felix accepts Galaxor and Toymaster’s offer of joining Terra’s team and training to master his helmet’s powers as he dubs himself “Star Hunter”.

On her search for the vigilante in Midway City, Terra sneaks through an abandoned warehouse, where she overhears a conversation between the Joker and Count Vertigo, who hires him to wreak as much havoc in Midway and Star City to distract the Justice League and the Teen Titans enough so that Vertigo can kill Perdita when she is vulnerable. Terra records the conversation and back-mails to her teammates and Vlatava’s Royal Guard forces. Just as Vertigo leaves, Terra confronts the Joker and his henchgirls and is joined in the fight by the vigilante girl Perdita told her about. Right after the henchgirls are defeated, the vigilante cripples the Joker by breaking his teeth, revealing to Terra one of the Joker’s greatest weakness: his broken smile. As the bruised Joker and his henchgirls are taken to Arkham Asylum by the incoming police, Terra has a peaceful talk with the vigilante, who introduces herself as Night Fury. After exchanging some friendly banters, Night Fury accepts Terra’s offer to join her team. Meanwhile, Count Vertigo (followed by his mercenaries) heads into Vlatava feeling ready to overthrow his niece. To his shock, however, Perdita and the Royal Guard soldiers had received Terra’s message and the young heroes who stayed to protect her (Alpha-Wolf, Blue Lantern, Sun-Rose and Omega Knight) subdue Vertigo, who is then cast into exile.

The Justice League, the Titans and Fairchild head into the H.I.V.E. Fortress, where they are later joined by Felix (although Courtney still wants him safe from further danger) and Catwoman. Terra and Night Fury (now given with a winged-jetpack and owl-faced mask and renamed Black Owl) also infiltrate the fortress, where they plan to attack and destroy the weapon. Just then, the group is attacked by the Task Force X Squad when it turns out that Waller dispatched them to steal Felix’s helmet, inadvertently alerting Brother Blood in the progress. In the middle of the issuing chaos, Terra and Black Owl individually emerge and help the Justice League and the Titans by disabling the nano-bomb on Bronze Tiger’s head and defeating the remaining Squad members. Just as Brother Blood has Silver Banshee attack Stargirl, Felix decides to “surrender” his helmet to Brother Blood. Just as the villain put the helmet on his head, Felix ends up manipulating him into attacking the other villains and destroying his power draining device while revealing that, much like his cousin’s Star Staff and the Green Lantern power rings, the helmet cannot be controlled unless the wielder is chosen.

While the Justice League members manage to shut down and destroy the core of the headquarters, Black Owl has a brutal confrontation with Waller. Suddenly recognizing Black Owl’s moves, Waller and the Squad members (except Tiger) become horror-struck when they realize that Black Owl is the daughter of Deadshot and Catwoman and, fearful of her apparent search for revenge, cowardly retreat and aboard their failed mission as Waller is forced to defuse the bombs implanted on the remaining Squad members' necks. Superman and Arisia arrive offering Felix and Zoe a shelter in Odym as he promises the other heroes to take care of both of them. As the Blue Lanterns leave, Barbara has a peaceful talk with Bronze Tiger over the fact he knew Zoe was Night Fury / Black Owl all along, to which he agrees claiming that he knew Deadshot’s sacrifice would have given Zoe a purpose just like the Waynes’ death did for their son Bruce so he would become Batman. Courtney has a romantic moment alone with Kyle while confident of her cousin’s safety. Terra shares some friendly banters with Nightwing, Raven and Cyborg before leaving with New Gaia while agreeing to introduce her teammates to the Titans one day[1].

While Brother Blood is taken to prison in Blackgate Penitentiary by Batman, Perdita is crowned Queen of Vlatava as Terra and her friends watch in joy the Ceremony from outside. The two then watch as Terra’s teammates (now officially joined by Star Hunter and Black Owl) train together in Odym under the supervision of the Blue Lanterns and Bronze Tiger while Terra is confident that, thanks to Felix and Zoe, she and her friends now know how to truly humiliate the World's Tyrants and guarantee freedom for all.[2]

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(Terra is in Midway City searching for the vigilante girl)
Terra: (sees a circus-colored van stopping by a dark warehouse) Now, this is odd. There’s no circus in Midway. There never has been. Unless… (the van moves away and we see the Joker with a horde of henchgirls resembling Harley Quinn) Can’t simply torment the people of Gotham. Can you, clown? It has to be the people of the entire country. Right?! (the Joker and his henchgirls enter the warehouse by front door while Terra sneaks by the windows. Then, she spies on the Joker, who is in a large empty room) What could this twisted maniac be up to? (then, from another doorway, Count Vertigo arrives. Terra turns on a high-tech camera to further spot Vertigo and Joker and record their conversation)
Count Vertigo: You’re late, Clown.
The Joker: Oh, I’m so sorry. Mr. Vertigo. I was just looking for Harley to see if I could get a escort for this meeting. But, when I figured out that the Wall got her for another one of these X missions… well… I couldn’t help myself but find the best replacements there are.
Count Vertigo: Dramatic. But now that your little problems are solved… maybe we should start our business now?
The Joker: Of course. I’m always here to help.
Terra: (silently scoffs in disbelief) As if.
Count Vertigo: (his goons present him a large amount of money for the Joker) This should happen to be the fortune you sought for. From my country. Which some child is about to be crowned Queen of.
Henchgirl #1: Your lovely niece Princess Perdita, Mister V?
Henchgirl #2: But why? You’re not just upset because your dear brother was crowned King before her and made her the heiress to the throne. Are you?
Count Vertigo: Because she is a child indeed, you dimwitted fools! And children like her think of nothing more than their ridiculous pitiful imagination. Which will, in the end, ruin the perfect world I plan to create. The perfect world of law and order. Which is why I need you, Joker, to cause as much havoc as you need to so that these ‘so-called’ heroes will be occupied enough to leave the Princess vulnerable.
Terra: (radios Toymaster) Are you listening to this, Hiro?
Toymaster: (radio voice) From the beginning to the end, Princess. Watching and listening. And so’s Perdita.
Terra: Good. Tell them to be prepared when he comes by.
Blue Lantern: (radio voice) But what about Joker?
Terra: Don’t worry. He won’t get away. I won’t let him.
Count Vertigo: Enjoy your fortune, clown. But remember to do and finish your job before the heroes finish theirs. (he leaves in the helicopter)
The Joker: And I thought ol' Bats was boring. But at least, we'll have a heck of a time! Won't we, girls?
Both Henchgirls: YAAAAY!!!
(he and his girls laugh until the doors are closed and the Joker's phones and burnt down by electricity)
Terra: Not at my watch, clown. (descending to the ground in the middle of a hurricane of stones)
The Joker: And who are you supposed to be?
Terra: (forms a sand twister) The fate of all tyrants. And psychotics. (throws the twister at the Joker, blinding him. Then, she pins him in the wall with a large rock-made hand construct)
Both Henchgirls: Mister J!
The Joker: Don't you two just stand there doing nothing! Get her! (the two Henchgirls obey him an confront Terra. Just then, the vigilante Terra was looking for, Night Fury, breaks through the window in the ceiling and lands in front of the two Henchgirls) (to Night Fury) And who are you supposed to be?
Night Fury: The same thing she (Terra) is to you.
Henchgirl #1: "The same thing she (Terra) is to him?" Whoa. Wait a minute, you little brat! Are you saying you're... (interrupted when Night Fury shots a Electroshock Dart on her clavicle)
Night Fury: Yep. (the shoot came from her right wrist guns) And I mean it.
Henchgirl #2: Hey, settle down. (terrified when Night Fury locks her fists) Please. We didn't mean to... (Night Fury fires multiple trick darts at her, causing her to be diagnosed with multiple itchy bubbles in her skin)
The Joker: (the injured henchgirls starts sobbing helplessly as the Joker is angry) You two reckless dorks! Am I having to do everything myself?! (as he continues yelling, Night Fury prepares a new special trick dart and loads her left Wrist Gun with it) You two were supposed to be better than that other brat Harley!! And do a better job than she did!! Not sit there crying like worthless whining babies!!! You useless dimwitted...!!! (before he can finish his sentence, Night Fury shoots the dart right in his mouth. The dart explodes and sprays sticky gum on his teeth and seals his mouth)
Night Fury: Do keep that dirty mouth of yours shut please? Nobody's ought to listen to your infernal voice.
Terra: Was that a Sticky Gum Dart? Cool.
Night Fury: Thanks. But that's just the beginning. The best part... (shows Terra a remote control trigger) ...begins with this. (she pulls the trigger and the bomb within the dart's gum starts beeping) Don't worry. It's not going to blow his head off. Just the one thing he loves more than anything. Even his spoiled brat.
Terra: And what is it? (the bomb explodes and the Joker reacts in pain)
Night Fury: As crazy and bold as he is, let's just say that he can't work any well with anything... if he can't smile about it. And I mean, literally.
The Joker: (he forcibly spits nearly all of his teeth out and gasps in disbelief. Terra relieves him from the stone construct and looks at mirror; most of his teeth were ripped off and damaged) (horror-struck) Muh... my smile! (tearing up) My smile! (starts crying)
Terra: And then his little puppets are the cry babies. Huh?
Night Fury: Green-haired dork. (they hear sirens of Police Cars) Time to go?
Terra: Yep.
(the Arkham Asylum officers arrive with Commissioner Gordon and they find the Joker and his henchgirls laying down helplessly)
Arkham Asylum Guard: Sounds like the Bat got them again. Right, chief?
Commissioner James Gordon: I don't know. I don't see any Batarangs in there. (looks at a stone hand on the wall) And that big hand wasn't here since yesterday.
(scene shifts to Terra and Night Fury in the top of a building watching as Joker and his henchgirls are carried by the Police)
Terra: (to Night Fury) You know. What you did out there was amazing.
Night Fury: Was it? Really? Weren't you afraid?
Terra: How can I be afraid? Sure, you aspired to be as rough and scary as Batman. I get that. But, you also happened to be just as good as other heroes I've seen. And as kind as any girl could be.
Night Fury: That's a lot gentle of you. Thank you. (pauses) And I don't think we happened to catch each other's name.
Terra: (unmasks herself) Tara. Tara Markov. But you can call me Terra. And you are...?
Night Fury: (removes her goggles and ninja mask) Zoe. Zoe Kyle Lawton. But, you can call me Night Fury.
Tara Markov: My beautiful pleasure.
Zoe Kyle Lawton: Same to me. (they join hands) And... I suppose some people told you about me?
Tara Markov: A friend of mine. She told me you've been running around Midway City, fighting crime... And I thought myself: "Hey. Maybe this girl could fit in. Maybe she could be part of the team.". Then... I went here to find you.
Zoe Kyle Lawton: A team? You're bringing together a team? For what idea?
Tara Markov: Why the same idea other teams like the Justice League and the Teen Titans came together for. To help people. And have people to relate to. You know... for the greater good. You could be a part of it. Right?
Zoe Kyle Lawton: Wow. I... I don't know what to say. But... (pauses and smiles) Yes. I... I could be. Thank you, Tara.
Tara Markov: You're welcome. It's always a pleasure to welcome newbies for the greater good. Especially cute ones just like you. (pulls Zoe's cheeks and head hugs her as they giggle) Shall we? (Zoe nods for yes and hangs on her as Terra conjures an Earth platform for them to ride in the sky) And I suppose you heard the Joker's conversation with the tyrant the team and I are planning to bring down?
Zoe Kyle Lawton: I did. I only hope you got the evidences for that.
Tara Markov: We did. We're just waiting for him to get his big surprise. Which I doubt he'll like very much.
(meanwhile, Count Vertigo arrives in the Vlatava Royal Palace. He enters the Throne Room and Perdita sees him coming)
Count Vertigo: Perdita. My beautiful niece. Most honored to see you. (Perdita and her people, however, are not pleased to see him) And that look of disappointment. Am I too late? The Ceremony was not yesterday. Was it?
Princess Perdita: No. But your time to stand trial was.
Count Vertigo: What? (he is suddenly lassoed by Blue Lantern's constructs and Toymaster puts an electromagnetic pulse disc to disable his mechanical eye, the source of his "Vertigo Effect". Vertigo's mercenaries try to retaliate, but Alpha-Wolf uses his Sonic Wave Howl to bring them down) Perdita?! What is the meaning of this?!
Omega Knight: A good question... of which a treacherous tyrant like you should answer.
Count Vertigo: What are you talking about?! (Toymaster shows him a footage of Vertigo hiring the Joker to distract the superheroes to leave Perdita defenseless) B-but... how?
Princess Perdita: A friend sought for the heroine I told her about. She saw you and that evil jester in there. And she heard your conversation. And with it, so have all in Vlatava.
Count Vertigo: No...! (shocked as the other citizens demand him away from their country) Perdita... Listen to me... I beg you...! (Alpha-Wolf punches him unconscious)
Alpha-Wolf: So what do we do to him?
Princess Perdita: He was once a sovereign. But now... he's no more than an outcast. (the citizens cheer after they hear this and Alpha-Wolf drags Vertigo outside)
Toymaster: So you don't mind if we...?
Princess Perdita: Do him anything as you wish. Just promise me you won't let him come back to this country ever again.
Toymaster: You have our word. (to Omega Knight) Tell me you got any warm water with you?
Omega Knight: (smiles and telekinetically calls water) Warmer than the fiery depths of Tartarus. (the summoned Water forms a staff)
Count Vertigo: (recovers after hearing this) What?! (Alpha-Wolf pins him down) No. No! Please, don't! (Omega Knight impales the staff in Vertigo's face, burning him) GAAAAAH!!!! AHHHHHH!!! (Omega Knight removes the staff, as Vertigo is given a large hideous scar)
Toymaster: (to the Royal Guards) He's all yours. (the guards agree and carry the unconscious Vertigo away) And that's another one down. Still more to go.
(Tara and Zoe are about to go stop Brother Blood)
Tara Markov: And one more thing, Zoe... Hiro wanted me to give you those. (hands Zoe a new mask and a Owl-winged Jet-pack) Just to improve your aim. And your night sight. You know what I mean. Don't you?
Zoe Kyle Lawton: (admiring her new equipment) Wow. That's... that's amazing. Thank you. (she looks at her new mask, which resembles the face of an Barn Owl) It's an owl. Why an owl?
Tara Markov: Aside of representing great wisdom and being the symbol of mighty Athena... I just noted something that owls may associate with you. Like you never miss a target, let's just say... that owls can see everything.
Zoe Kyle Lawton: Catchy thought. Then, I guess I'll change my name to... "Black Owl". What do you think?
Tara Markov: Pretty dark. Nice.
(Star Hunter saves his cousin Stargirl from Silver Banshee by “surrendering” his helmet to Brother Blood)
Amanda Waller: Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!
Star Hunter: Of course I do. I’m saving my cousin’s life. You got a problem with that?
Amanda Waller: Only that you condemned your entire country and ruined my Squad’s mission just my doing so!
Black Owl: (suddenly appears from nowhere and punches Waller) Still act the same way. Don’t you, Waller? Always acting and saying dumb stuff before even thinking. Just like Blood did right now.
Brother Blood: We shall see about that, child! (but suddenly, the helmet takes control) What...? What is this?!
Star Hunter: You’d think it’s a malfunction, Blood. But let me tell you what. It’s no such thing as a malfunction. Just me. (the helmet levitates Brother Blood in the air and takes control of his body) That’s maybe what I warned Waller about. But like you, she wouldn’t care to listen. Did you really think you’d have the helmet’s power just by putting it in that thick head of yours. Like they warned you, it doesn’t work that way. (the helmet forces Blood to shoot the other villains and the device, destroying it)
Brother Blood: NOOOOO!!! (trying to remove the helmet) STOP!! MAKE IT STOP!! PLEASE!!
Star Hunter: Alright. (he has the helmet slam Blood in the ground. Then, he puts the helmet back to his head and turns to Waller) So? Still want the helmet?
Black Owl: (pins Waller down and holds her at the gun point) You better say No. For your own sake.
Captain Boomerang: Hey, you! What the heck was that idea to…?! (Black Owl fires multiple Trick Darts at him as he screams in agony and falls in his back)
Amanda Waller: (as Captain Boomerang gets up, she sees an "X" formed by Black Owl with the darts) Those markings… I haven’t seen those since… (looks at Black Owl and realizes who she is; horrorstuck) Oh, no… Zoe?!
Black Owl: (sarcastically) Oh. So you do know me. Don’t you?!
Amanda Waller: Zoe, please… I… Your father… it… it was accident! I…
Black Owl: (in rage) LIAR!! (violently uppercuts Waller's face with her foot) You knew he wouldn't come back from there! But you sent him there anyway! And now my father is gone. All because of you and your (punches Waller again) obsession with eliminating crime by brute force!
Captain Boomerang: And what do we have to do with her daddy?
Killer Frost: (breaking into a tantrum) This feeling… (her hands are shaking and she is sweating) This can’t… (sighs desperate) No! This can’t be happening again! Not now! (lays down on her knees moaning frightfully)
Captain Boomerang: Frost? What’s wrong with you?
Captain Cold: (sees the markings on Boomerang's chest and looks at Black Owl; similarly horrorstuck) Frost? (drops his Freeze Gun in panic) Is she...!?!
Killer Frost: (shivering uncontrollably) H-his… d-daughter.
King Shark: Deadshot? Y-you mean… (horrorstruck) She’s Deadshot’s daughter?!
Captain Boomerang: (breathing fearfully) Oh, no! Anything but that! (he walks backwards and falls on his back)
Bronze Tiger: (approaches Zoe and puts his hand on her shoulder) You can stop now. They’re all beaten. And now they now their consequence. But it won't be you. Let it go. (she steps aside and relieves Waller) You’re gonna be okay?
Black Owl: Only if this scum can do at least one thing right in her rathole life.
Batgirl: (to Waller) I’d do what she says. So how’s it going to be? (Waller presses a button on her remote control which defuses the nano-bombs in the Squad members’ necks. Then, Waller runs off. The other members stare at Black Owl and run away scared. Batgirl approaches Black Owl and they unmask themselves) Zoe. I… I’m so sorry. About your dad, it… (sighs and lays down on her knees)
Zoe Kyle Lawton: It wasn’t your fault, Barbara. I know. He was only trying to do what was right. (They hug each other in tears)
Stargirl: So… what now?
Superman: (comes by with Arisia Rrab) Maybe… if we could help…
Zoe Kyle Lawton: Superman… (she approaches him and he comforts her)
The Flash: (to Felix) You called them?
Star Hunter: Well, let's just say that some new friends I've met heard about Floyd's tragedy. And about what Zoe was doing to make up for it. And I thought that maybe Superman's Blue Lanterns could help about it too.


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