8 Vocaloids just for a Special You.png

An original song with 8 Vocaloids


  • Hatsune Miku V4X English
  • Kagamine Rin & Len V4X English
  • Megurine Luka V4X English
  • KAITO V3 English
  • MEIKO V3 English
  • Gumi V4 English
  • Kamui Gakupo V3 Power


[Hatsune Miku]

For an omnivore like you
I can share what's amazing as a leek master
Some say the leeks be in more than one use
Like I can wave one like a musical baton faster

[Megurine Luka]

And realizing that the oceans are bigger
Than the lands you live in, I have seafood
In every type, plus the taste is different

[Miku & Luka]

You might be in a pleasant mood

[Kagamine Rin]

Guess I have a passion for citrus fruits
Not only oranges, but lemons, too

[Kagamine Len]

I have bananas that help you feel nice

[Kagamine Twins]

Just for a special person like you


Some people don't like alcoholic drinks
Though I guess you can find out how different they taste


But if you add ice cream which I know is really tasty


You get a cocktail float with or without such haste


My love of carrots makes me feel like a bunny
Taking energy when they're consumed
So I can share some with a special you
I wonder if my thoughts are slightly assumed

[Kamui Gakupo]

Didn't know that eggplants come in all sizes
Even the fairy type I suppose you've seen
Any type you'd like can be harvested and taken care of

[Gumi & Gakupo]

Is the green thumb supposed to be green?


We've got what we love just for a special you
Since you came here


I also think we can make a great feast
Out of all these so crystal clear ([Others] That might be fascinating)


Time is the terrace where everyone lives in
Anytime is the best to get organized
We've got each other no matter what we're getting over
Everything good just for a special you will be potentially prized


So many kids have sensitive feelings
Now instead of alcoholic drinks
I'd rather go for the fresh tomatoes
You can't stop the countless blinks


It suits special people in every age
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