This idea is based on Osamu Tezuka's anime/manga series, Jungle Emperor Leo.


A white lion cub, named Leo and His jungle friends have adventures In 1950's Africa, while learning life lessons and the world in and outside the Jungle.


  1. The Birth of Leo - A white lion cub named Leo is born, but tragedy ensues minutes after Leo opens his eyes for the first time.
  2. An elder sister’s duty - Leo and Leona (Leo’s older sister) are captured after their parents were killed by Hamegg and the hunters, so, they attempt to escape the ship as Leona tries to keep Her little brother out of harm’s way. Kutter, feeling sorry for killing the lions’ parents, places the two on a lifeboat, wishing them good luck as they sail away to Africa, with a mouse coming along...
  3. Adventure in the City - Leo and Leona find themselves off-track and land in America. Arriving there, the people panic at the sight of two lion cubs.
  4. Into Hiding - Dr. Mustache hides the lion cubs in His house, as He makes a plan to help the lion cubs return home.
  5. Nostalgia of the Jungle - Leo and Leona return home to Africa, but the home they returned to, wasn’t the same...
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