Judy Johnson is the main protagonist and young member of The Heroettes in the franchise with the same name and DLC protagonist of Let's Road!'s DLC.

She is voiced by (English) Kate Micucci, (Japanese) TBD, and (French) TBD.


Early Life

She was born on December 25, 1998, her parents are brown-haired (her father but gray), her father is a retired vice-principal at Perfect Harmony Prep, while her mother is currently a school nurse but plans to retire someday. When she was at her house, Judy

Physical Appearance

Judy has red hair and blue eyes. She currently has pigtails, wears a light red shirt, light pink skirt, and boots with hearts on them. At a young age, she wore a cute dress with a kitty hair clip, pink bow on her hair, and pink Mary Jane shoes.

Role in The Heroettes franchise/TV series and Let's Road! DLC

The Heroettes


Let's Road! DLC



Yum! Candy! Thanks, buddy! You're the best!
~ Hypothetical dialogue of Judy reacting to candy if given in the Treat and Share


  • She is based on Lucy Loud, Max Caulfield, Launchpad McQuack, Twilight Sparkles, Pinkie Pie, Abigail "Abby" Lincoln (Numbuh 5), Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3), Fluttershy, Leni Loud, and Alex.
  • She is shown to be pansexual.
  • Judy is shown to put on types of hairstyles, for example, she ties her hair up into pigtails, a bun, upward bun, a ponytail
  • According to the crew, Judy was born on December 25, which is on Christmas. She was told that she was a Christmas gift
  • She was thought to be a mary-sue due to her being a girly girl, being friends with anyone such as Petunia Katigasan, has a hard time trying to be perfect for her crush, and best friend
  • Judy is shown to be a singer and
  • She is


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