Journey to the Ice Age
Directed by

Allias Salmon

Dean DeBlois

Produced by

Carlos Saldahna

Story by Allias Salmon

Dwayne Johnson

America Ferrera

Brian Blessed

Sam Elliott

Ray Romano

Music by

John Powell

Runnng Times 194 minutes
Studio AlliasToon Studios
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release dates November 9, 2019
Country United States
Language English





Journey to the Ice Age is a 2019 American/British animated family musical comedy adventure fantasy film. The movie was directed by Allias Salmon and Dean DeBlois.


Allias and his friends and family travel to British Columbia, a state from the Canada that became a gigantic island which is filled with animals, bigger than Asia.



  • Dwayne Johnson as Allias Salmon, a 14 year old kid and the main protagonist.
  • Ray Romano as Manny, a woolly mammoth who is Allias' best friend and the secondary protagonist.
  • America Ferrera as Astrid, Allias' daughter and the deuratagonist. She is sensitive, kind, sick, soft-spoken, brave, strong. She is also pregnant.
  • Sam Elliott as Butch, a Tyrannosaurus rex and one of the supporting characters.
  • Brian Blessed as Ryan Burke, a fat dumb evil bastard who loves eating hot wings and the main antagonist.
  • A.J Buckley as Nash, A fat Tyrannosaurus rex and one of the tritagonists. He is the son of Butch.
  • Anna Paquin as Ramsey, a red female Tyrannosaurus Rex and one of the tritagonists. She is the daughter of Butch.
  • Seth MacFarlane as Peter, a fat guy.
  • Jack Black as Po, a panda bear and Allias' new friend.
  • Frank Welker as Chunky and various animal sounds.
  • Nolan North as Stoick the Vast, a chief of Berk and Hiccup's father.
  • Jay Baruchel as Hiccup, a 15 year old boy and Stoick's son.
  • Zack Pearlman as Snotlout, a boy and Hiccup's rival/friend.
  • Christopher Mintz Plasse as Fishlegs, an obese smart boy who knows all about dragons.
  • T.J Miller as Tuffnut, a 14 year old boy.
  • Ben Stiller as Alex, a lion.
  • Chris Rock as Marty, a zebra.
  • David Schwimmer as Melman, a hypochondriac giraffe.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria, a hippopotamus and Melman's girlfriend.
  • Keith David as Barry, a Jamacian and Allias' father.
  • Jason Marden as Kovu, a lion and Vitaly's son.
  • Bryan Cranston as Vitaly, a tiger and Kovu's dad.
  • Djimon Honsou as Drago Bludvist, a one armed man and Hiccup's friend
  • Jim Cummings as King Louie, an orangutan.
  • Andrew Falvey as Fiver, a rabbit.
  • Avril Lavigne as Heather, a possum and Fiver's wife.
  • Harrison Chad as Bambi, a deer and Fiver's son.
  • Andrea Libman as Cream, a female rabbit and Fiver's daughter.
  • Wayne Knight as Tantor, an African elephant.
  • James Earl Jones as Mufasa, a lion, he is the leader of the team. He likes eating dead pandas. Unlike Kerchak, he doesn't care for losing. He is the oldest brother of Great Prince, Kerchak and Trunkabee. He also treats Trunkabee like a son.
  • Patrick Stewart as Great Prince, a buck and the smartest of his team, he is the adoptive brother of Kerchak, Mufasa and Trunkabee.
  • Tracy Morgan as Kerchak, a silverback gorilla, he is the keenest of the team. He likes green tea with banana and peanut butter cookies, winning. Kerchak dislikes losing.
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Trunkabee, a Woolly mammoth, he is the largest of the team, he is also the strongest. He wanted to defeat Po because Po's species killed Trunkabee's mom. Despite being the largest of the team, he is the youngest adoptive brother of Great Prince, Kerchak and Mufasa.
  • Seth MacFarlane also voices Brian, a dog.
  • Tara Strong as Twilight, a unicorn.
  • Ulrich Tukur as Francis, a cat.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Toothless, a Night Fury who is caring, kind, fatherly, friendly and generous.
  • Kyle Rideout as Allias' singing voice


  • Dance Fu Fighting - Allias Salmon
  • I'll Help You Little Toraton - Astrid Hofferson
  • Lesson Number One - Astrid Hofferson
  • Who Let the Dogs Out - Manny and Allias
  • Fix Up Look Sharp - Allias
  • Find the Music in You - Astrid, Allias and the guys
  • In the Dark of the Night - Ryan
  • Rawhide - Happy Feet singers
  • I Want to Go Home - Astrid Hofferson
  • Try - Jay Chou and Patrick Brasca

Release Dates

  • Canada - October 2, 2018.
  • USA - October 23, 2018 (DVD release premiere).
  • UK - November 9, 2018.
  • UK - November 23, 2018 (DVD release premiere).


  • Astrid has the same design from How to Train Your Dragon, but with a plain black velvet ribbon wide choker maxi, black shirt, blue cargo trousers, combat boots, a bodywarmer with a hood and without sleeves.
  • This is the fifth AlliasTOON film not directed by Don Bluth, because he was fired.
  • Manny has the same design as Manny from Ice Age, but with dark indigo fur.
  • The animals have the same design as the animals from Disney and Non Disney films, The mammoths have the same design as the mammoths from Ice Age and Brother Bear, wolves and rhinos have the same design as the wolves and rhinos from The Jungle Book and The Lion King, Bison have the same design as the bison from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the whale have the same design as the whale from Brother Bear, The Bears have the same design as the Bears from Brother Bear, The dogs have the same design as the dogs from Bambi and the elephants and the gorillas have the same design as the elephants, hippos and the gorillas from The Lion King, Madagascar, Dumbo and Tarzan and Chunky has the same design from the Croods, but with wings.
  • Trunkabee has the same design as the woolly mammoth from Brother Bear, but with dark greyish blue fur.
  • When Astrid puked, a Shrek action figure can be shown along with an Samson the Lion keychain and an Obby from Atlantis stuffed toy.
  • The mountain chase music was previously used in Horton Hears a Who.

Movie Mistakes/Errors

  • When Astrid says "I'd love to travel to the Ice Age island", her eyes were purple.
  • When Allias ate a slice of sapphire cake, there was frosting on his hand.
  • When Allias tried to attack Mercutio for eating his food, the cookies were in the bag, but when Allias shouted at Mercutio, the cookies were gone.
  • After Ryan had heard that Allias was still alive, his eyes were green, but in the next shot they were orange.
  • When Astrid got up in her bed, a stuffed tiger toy showed up on the windowsill, but in the next shot, it was on Astrid's bed.
  • The movie takes place in British Columbia, Canada, North America, however, rhinos, hippos, gorillas and elephants are not native to America.
  • When Astrid hears a young Toraton, a rhinoceros was shown eating grass.


Allias and Astrid pack up to go to British Columbia

  • (Allias and Astrid are packing up)
  • Allias : Astrid, don't worry. There's also a town in the biggest island British Columbia, there's wildlife, restaurants, swimming pools, cinemas and rivers, It's like New York City, Africa and the ice age.
  • Astrid : Okay. I'd love to travel to the Ice Age island.
  • Allias : Okay, I'm gonna check on the guys on their wildlife project. Okay?
  • Astrid : Okay.
  • (At the front room, Hiccup has the whiteboard, the guys sit down)
  • Hiccup : This is my wildlife project, first is the Shagrats. They're the largest rodents to live in British Columbia, the male ones are large, that's bigger than the biggest capybaras.
  • Snotlout : That's cool. I bet Hookfang can take down that rodent.
  • Hiccup : Next up is the Woolly Girelephants, the largest land animals that ever walk the Earth, the male ones are gigantic, bigger than the biggest elephants.
  • Fishlegs : Largest land creature on Earth.
  • Hiccup : And last, the predator, The liger, this powerful predator is the largest feline in the world, the male ones are huge, much bigger than the biggest lions and Siberian tiger.
  • Allias : Are you guys ready?
  • All : We're ready!
  • (Everyone went in the Ulysses)

Astrid gives Ryan the middle finger

  • (Astrid is at the tower and sees an Atlantis : The Lost Empire character statues, sees the hot wing bones on the floor)
  • Ryan : Why hello Astrid! (burps and throws the hot wing bone on the floor)
  • Astrid : Who are you?
  • Ryan : I am Ryan Burke, king of Atlantis : The Lost Empire. What did you think of those statues? Were they nice?
  • Astrid : No! My father Allias can make a better statue than you, he can even make a sabre tooth tiger statue. I bet you can't because your drawings are pathetic! (spits on the floor)
  • (Ryan gets angry and eats the hot wings)
  • Ryan : (with the hot wings in his mouth) THIS THRONE IS MINE,THIS THRONE IS MY HOME, THIS THRONE IS MY SCHOOL AND IT'S MY TERRITORY BECAUSE I TAKE A GIANT SHIT IN THERE! (points to the bathroom where he poos)
  • Astrid : Gross.
  • Ryan : (with the hot wings still in his mouth, throws the earwax on Astrid's bodywarmer) I'M GONNA GET REVENGE ON YOU AND YOUR FATHER!
  • Astrid : For what?!
  • Ryan : (hot wings in his mouth) FOR DESTROYING MY SCHOOL CHARLTON PARK AND MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!
  • (Astrid picks one of the hot wings and eats them and swallows a piece)
  • Astrid : I'm leaving. I've got earwax on my bodywarmer, fatty.
  • (Ryan gets angry)
  • Ryan : DON'T TOUCH MY HOT WINGS (roars)
  • (Ryan charges at Astrid, she escapes and lands safe, Astrid has still got the hot wings)
  • Astrid : I've got the hot wings "Fatso-spartacus the Third"!!
  • (Astrid puts her middle finger up at Ryan and gets a lettuce out of her pocket and eats it)

Astrid helps a baby Toraton

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