Journey to America
Directed by

Allias Salmon

Chris Sanders

Produced by

Carlos Saldahna

Story by Allias Salmon

Dwayne Johnson

America Ferrera

Brian Blessed

Jack Black

Sam Elliott

Ray Romano

Music by

John Powell

Runnng Times 194 minutes
Studio AlliasToon Studios
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release dates  May 20, 2020
Country United States
Language English





Preceeded by

Toothless vs Danger Mouse

Journey to America is a 2018 American live action/animated film. The movie was directed by Allias Salmon.



  • Dwayne Johnson as Allias Salmon, a 14 year old kid and the main protagonist.
  • Ray Romano as Manny, a woolly mammoth who is Allias' best friend and the secondary protagonist.
  • America Ferrera as Astrid, Allias' daughter and the deuratagonist. She is sensitive, kind, sick, soft-spoken, brave, strong and she's also the youngest of the family.
  • Sam Elliott as Butch, a Tyrannosaurus rex and one of the supporting characters.
  • Jim Cummings as Ryan Burke, a British selfish, horrible, powerful fat bastard and the main antagonist. He is the son of Commander Rourke, along with Milo. He loves eating Akrennian Beetle Sushimi with poo sauce. His plan is to destroy America and the United Kingdom and Atlantis will rule. He got killed by being swept away by a flood and drowned.
  • Jack Black as Po, a panda and the former secondary antagonist later one of the tritagonists.
  • Tim Curry as Milo, a nerd and one of the antagonists, He is Ryan's little brother. He got killed by Allias.
  • A.J Buckley as Nash, A fat Tyrannosaurus rex and one of the tritagonists. He is the son of Butch.
  • Anna Paquin as Ramsey, a red female Tyrannosaurus Rex and one of the tritagonists. She is the daughter of Butch.
  • Seth Green as Commander Lyle T. Rourke, a 54 year old man and the tertiary antagonist. He is the father of Ryan Burke and Milo Thatch.
  • Tress MacNeille as Mrs Packard, an old lady and one of the antagonists. She got killed by being crushed by giant cement blocks.
  • Corey Burton as Dobueno, a red Foetodon and the quaternary antagonist. He got killed by a Nemean lion.
  • Claudia Christian as Jess, a female pink Foetodon and one of the antagonists. She got killed by a Nemean Lion.
  • Cheech Marin as Mertis, an orange skinny, crazy, impatient Foetodon and one of the antagonists. He also got killed on a Nemean Lion.
  • Jim Cummings also provides the voice of Bob, a blue Foetodon and one of the antagonists. He runs away from the Nemean Lion.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Nemean Lion's voice.
  • J.K Simmons as Short faced bear.
  • Frank Welker as Animal sounds.



  • Astrid has the same design as Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, but she wears blue cargo pants and a black and red hoodie.
  • The Foetodons had the same designs as the Foetodon from King Kong 2005.
  • Manny has the same design as Manny from Ice Age, but with dark bluish grey fur.
  • Milo had the same design as Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire but with red eyes.
  • Rourke had the same design as Rourke from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • The Foetodon are similar to Rustlers from The Good Dinosaur.
  • Michael J. Fox and Claudia Christian both reprise their roles from Atlantis.
  • According to Allias Salmon, this film is the best.


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