Jin Kazama (風間 仁 Kazama Jin?) is one of the main characters of the Tekken series, being a completely hypothetical Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Great Fray Smash Bros. Special in Japan) DLC Fighter.


Certain moves are taken from these articles such as [1] and [2] for reference.

Jin Kazama originally uses a combination of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate and the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts, but after the events of Tekken 3, he discarded them in favor of using a traditional karate. However, when he transforms into Devil Jin, he retains the former fighting style. In Smash, he uses some of the moves from Tekken 4 onwards, as well as moves from his other appearances such as the infamous Street Fighter X Tekken.

Basic Moves


L – Straight Punch

M – Straight Punch with other hand

H – High Right Roundhouse

Special: Uppercut


L – Low Punch

M – Crouching Uppercut

H – Right Sweep (Sweeping Kick)

[AIR] L – Straight Punch

M – Back Kick

H – Jump Kick

Special Moves

Special: Downward Arch Kick

Neutral Special: Penetrating Fist - One of his special moves from Street Fighter x Tekken. Jin punches the air and a red electric orb comes out in front of him. The move is chargeable and if you fully charged it, two orbs would come out. The orb will disappear for 5 seconds or if the opponents runs into it.

Side Special: Electric Wind Godfist - Jin dashes for a bit and then uses EWGF to propel the opponent upwards. The dash allows Jin to get past projectiles.

Up Special: Devil Wings - Jin suddenly sprouts wings on his back and propels himself upward. It's very similar to Pit and Dark Pit's Up Special and that it doesn't damage the opponent if they make contact with him.

Down Special: Mental Awareness - Jin's counter move. Jin poses for a bit and if he gets hit during that animation, Jin will strike back with a powerful move.

Super Smash: Kazama Style 10 Hit Combo - As the name implies, Jin will do a 10 hit combo attack. He will say “It’s no use!” he’ll then do a punch to the face, a high kick to the face; six punches, a kick to the opponent’s knee and then finishes it with a Leaping Side Kick from Mental Alertness.

Final Smash: Devil Laser - Jin transforms into Devil Jin and fires the devastating Devil Laser into his opponents. It's like Zelda and Sheik's Final Smash from the previous game and that it's capable of hitting more than one opponent.


Each Stage features lots of content from the franchise he originated.

Mishima Dojo

The Mishima Dojo from Tekken 7 serves appears as one of the stages. It takes place on ground for most of the fights in there.

Central Tower

The inside of Central Tower from Tekken 6 appears as one of the stages, complete with NANCY-MI847J as it's boss.

Azazel's Chamber

Azazel's Chamber from Tekken 6 appears as one of the stages, complete with Azazel in it's regular and golden forms as it's boss.

Arena (Tekken 4)

The Tekken 4 literation of the Arena appears as one of the stages. Even though it remains the same as it's first appearance (like the fight taking place within a ring surrounded by metal bars while having lots of people cheering for the fighters fighting in it), the visuals are revamped, upgraded and updated to make the Arena look much better.


Intro Quotes

  • Don't get in my way.
  • Power is everything!
  • Come on.
  • You will regret crossing my path.

Quotes Against Everyone Else

  • I will put an end to this. (Referring to Galeem)
  • You cannot defeat me with your flame. Disappear. (Referring to Ken/Mario)
  • So you too have struggled with a dark power within... Perhaps you can be of some use in my research. (His quote against Ryu/Link/the Belmonts)
  • That was an elegant battle, thank you. (His quote against Little Mac)
  • You speed isn't powerful enough to defeat me, Hedgehog. (His quote against Sonic)
  • Heh, your father can't even control his precious daughter. That tells me a lot about the man. (Referring to Zelda/Peach)
  • A rodent who uses electricity...? I may have to bring you back for some testing. (His quote against Pikachu)
  • People who are willing to throw humanity away…reminds me a lot of my father… (His quote against Ganondorf)
  • “I can’t say that you and I are similar…" (His quote against Fire based users such as Incineroar)
  • "Nothing but scrap from a failed Jack Android.” (His quote against R.O.B./Mega Man/Dark Samus)
  • "Back to the Underworld, YOU MONSTER!!!!" (His quote against Ridley/Bowser)
  • “Why bother trying to be the “hero”? The world is already lost.” (His quote against Captain Falcon/Solid Snake)

Victory Quotes

  • “I will end the Mishima matter the cost.”
  • "I done what I had to do…I had no choice.”
  • "Sincere apologies."

Kirby Hat

Kirby's hat is his hair.

Mii Costumes

Mii Brawler

  • Steve Fox (Tekken)
  • Hwoarang (Tekken)
  • King II (Tekken)
  • Asuka Kazama (Tekken)
  • Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)
  • Haruka Amami (The Idolmaster)
  • Bravoman (Bravoman)
  • Tarosuke (Shadow Land)
  • Wagan (Wagan Land)

Mii Gunner

  • Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken)
  • Richard Miller (Time Crisis)
  • Keith Martin (Time Crisis)
  • William Rush (Time Crisis)
  • Giorgio Bruno (Time Crisis)
  • KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)

Mii Swordfighter

  • Yoshimitsu (Tekken)
  • Nightmare (Soul Calibur)
  • Chosen Undead (Dark Souls)
  • Talim (Soul Calibur)
  • Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur; her appearance is based on one of her alternate costumes from Soul Calibur IV)
  • Kilik (Soul Calibur)
  • Heishiro Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur)
  • Rick Taylor (Splstterhouse; however, he uses a staff rather than a chainsaw while the staff functions like a sword in order for the Game to avoid having more darker subject matter aside with the obvious)

Alternate Costumes

His Alternate Costumes are taken from his various appearances.

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