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Jin Kazama (風間 仁 Kazama Jin?) is one of the main characters of the Tekken series, being a completely hypothetical Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Great Fray Smash Bros. Special in Japan) DLC Fighter.


Many of the moves are taken from these articles such as this, this and this for reference (albeit with some changes for his Moveset if he is a part of the Super Smash Bros. series)

Jin Kazama originally uses a combination of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate and the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts, but after the events of Tekken 3, he discarded them in favor of using traditional karate. However, when he transforms into Devil Jin, he retains the former fighting style he used to have back then. In Smash, he uses some of the moves from Tekken 4 onwards, as well as moves from his other appearances such as the infamous Street Fighter X Tekken and the Project X Zone duology.

Basic Moves


L – Straight Punch

M – Straight Punch with other hand

H – High Right Roundhouse

Special: Uppercut


L – Low Punch

M – Crouching Uppercut

H – Right Sweep (Sweeping Kick)

[AIR] L – Straight Punch

M – Back Kick

H – Jump Kick

A,A,A: Jin does a Left and Right to Spinning Hook Kick Attack as His Jab

Forward+A: Jin performs a forward + A Attack Called Switch Blade

Down+A: Jin does a right sweep attack

Up+A: Jin performs a Double Lift Kick as his up tilt attack

Dash+A: Jin performs a Spinning Flare Kick as his dash attack

Air+A: Jin Performs a powerful Straight Air Kick (Similar To Mario, Link, Wii Fit Trainer and Samus' Straight Air Kick Attack)

Air Forward+A: Jin does a Leaping Side Kick As His Air Forward Attack

Air Back + A: Jin roundhouses backward in the air to kick the opponent

Air Up+A: Jin Double Lift Kicks in the air

Air Down+A: Jin slams down with his fist downward in the air, On Ground when he lands he smash his fist to the ground (Akin to the moves from his home series)

Edge Attack: Jin performs a Spinning Flare Kick for his Edge Attack

Grab Moves

Neutral: Grabs with both hands to the Opponent

Grab+punch: Jin knees the opponent while holding with two hands.

Forwards+Throw: Jin grabs the opponent and performs a Double Face Kick Attack move to the opponent.

Down+Throw: Jin throws the opponent to the ground and performs a "Black Out Punch Attack" to Him/Her.

Back+Throw: Jin performs a Over The Shoulder (Reverse) as his Back Throw Attack

Up+Throw: Jin does a Tidal Wave Attack at the Opponent he is facing against as an Up and Throw Attack

Special Moves

Special: Downward Arch Kick

Neutral Special: Penetrating Fist - One of his special moves from Street Fighter x Tekken. Jin punches the air and a red electric orb comes out in front of him. The move is chargeable and if you fully charged it, two orbs would come out. The orb will disappear for 5 seconds or if the opponents runs into it.

Side Special: Electric Wind Godfist - Jin dashes for a bit and then uses EWGF to propel the opponent upwards. The dash allows Jin to get past projectiles.

Up Special: Devil Wings - Jin suddenly sprouts wings on his back and propels himself upward. It's very similar to Pit and Dark Pit's Up Special and that it doesn't damage the opponent if they make contact with him.

Down Special: Mental Awareness - Jin's counter move. Jin poses for a bit and if he gets hit during that animation, Jin will strike back with a powerful move.

Super Smash: Kazama Style 10 Hit Combo - As the name implies, Jin will do a 10 hit combo attack. He will say “It’s no use!” he’ll then do a punch to the face, a high kick to the face; six punches, a kick to the opponent’s knee and then finishes it with a Leaping Side Kick from Mental Alertness.

Final Smash: Devil Laser - Jin transforms into Devil Jin and fires the devastating Devil Laser into his opponents. It's like Zelda and Sheik's Final Smashes from the previous game and that it's capable of hitting multiple opponents at once.


Each Stage features lots of content from the franchise he originated.

Mishima Dojo

The Mishima Dojo from Tekken 7 serves appears as one of the stages. It takes place on ground for most of the fights in there.

Central Tower

The inside of Central Tower from Tekken 6 appears as one of the stages, complete with NANCY-MI847J as it's boss.

Azazel's Chamber

Azazel's Chamber from Tekken 6 appears as one of the stages, complete with Azazel in it's regular and golden forms as it's boss.

Strongest Iron Arena

The Tekken 4 literation of the Arena appears as one of the stages. Even though it remains the same as it's first appearance (like the fight taking place within a ring surrounded by metal bars while having lots of people cheering for the fighters fighting in it), the visuals are revamped, upgraded and updated to make the Arena look much better. Similar to the King of Fighters Stadium, it would feature appearances from everyone else who came from other Bandai-Namco IPs aside with Tekken.


From the Tekken series

  1. Marshall Law (A Black Haired Male Mii Brawler wearing Clothes resembling Bruce Lee's Yellow Jumpsuit from Game of Death)
  2. Ling Xiaoyu (A Black Haired Female Mii Brawler in an Orange Shirt and White Pants)
  3. Steve Fox (A Blonde Little Mac in a Blue Shirt and Red Trunks)
  4. King II (A Yellow Incineroar with a Blue Belt)
  5. Bob Richards (A Blonde Wario in his Biker Outfit with Bob's main colors from Tekken 6)
  6. Kazuya Mishima (A White Ryu with Red Eyes)
  7. Hwoarang (An Orange Sonic)
  8. Various Jacks (Multiple R.O.B.s with each and every one of them having colors of many Jacks)
  9. Paul Phoenix (A Blonde Mario in a Red Tuxedo)
  10. Anna Williams (A Black Haired Daisy in a Red Dress)
  11. Josie Rizal (A Light Brown and Skinned Black Haired Mii Brawler in a Yellow Shirt, Blue Skirt and Brown Shoes)
  12. Kuma (A Brown Big Incineroar)
  13. Alisa Bosconovitch (A Pink Haired Zero Suit Samus in a Magenta Jumpsuit)
  14. Mokujin (A Brown Kirby)
  15. Lee Chaolan (A Blue Ryu)
  16. Leo Kliesen (A Blonde Solid Snake while still wearing Grey Clothes)
  17. Julia Chang (A Brown Haired and Fair Skinned Female Mii Brawler)
  18. Angel (A White Peach)
  19. Armor King (A Dark Grey Incineroar)
  20. Baek Doo San (A Grey Haired Ryu in Black and White Clothes)
  21. Bruce Irvin (A Dark Skinned Little Mac wearing a pair of Blue Trunks and White Boxing Gloves; although he still has his Black Tank Top intact)
  22. Christie Monteiro (A Dark Skinned Female Mii Brawler wearing her clothes (albeit with some modifications) in the same colors from her first appearance)
  23. Craig Murduk (Little Mac in Green Clothes)
  24. Eddie Gordo (A Black Haired and Dark Skinned Ken in Yellow and Green Clothes)
  25. Feng Wei (A Slightly Darker (but not too Tanned) Ryu in Green and Yellow Gi Pants, although his Gi Jacket is still White)
  26. Jinpachi Mishima (A White Haired Ganondorf)
  27. Jun Kazama (A Black Haired Female Mii Brawler in Black and White Clothes)
  28. Kunimitsu (A Red Haired Zero Suit Samus in a Purple Jumpsuit)
  29. Lei Wulong (Ryu wearing a Blue Karate Gi and Brown Gi Pants)
  30. Lili Rochefort (Peach wearing a White Dress)
  31. Miguel Rojo (A Brown Haired Mii Brawler in a White Shirt and Black Pants)
  32. Ogre (A Dark Green Skinned Ganondorf)
  33. Raven (A White Haired Ike in Black Clothes)
  34. Sebastian (A White Haired Mario in a Black Tuxedo)
  35. Tetsujin (A Metallic Grey Mega Man)
  36. Sergei Dragunov (A White Wolf O'Donnell in Brown Clothes)
  37. Wang Jinrei (A White Haired Mario in Grey Clothes)
  38. Zafina (A Fair Skinned and Black Haired Zelda in Blue Clothes)
  39. A Slightly Taller and Bigger Little Mac wearing Blue Trunks (Legendary Spirit: Fahkumram)

From other Bandai-Namco series

  1. An Orange Isabelle wearing Orange Clothes (Spirit: Yayoi Takatsuki from The IdolM@STER)
  2. A Yellow Isabelle wearing Black and Grey Clothes (Spirit: Emily Stewart from The IdolM@STER)
  3. A Black Haired Zelda wearing Green and White Clothes (Spirit: Kotori Otonashi from The IdolM@STER)
  4. An Orange Haired Marth wearing Black and Red Clothes (Spirit: Souichi Takeda from The IdolM@STER)
  5. A Red Haired Female Wii Fit Trainer wearing a Black, White and Pink Undershirt with Blackish Grey Pants (Spirit: Julia from The IdolM@STER in her Casual Clothes)
  6. A Grey Haired Female Wii Fit Trainer wearing Beige, Black and White Clothes (Spirit: Roco Handa from The IdolM@STER)
  7. An Orange Haired Wolf wearing White Clothes (Spirit: Sherudo Garo from Time Crisis)
  8. A Brown Haired Zero Suit Samus wearing a Red and Black Jumpsuit (Spirit: Rachel MacPherson from Time Crisis)
  9. A Blonde Haired Solid Snake wearing Black and White Clothes holding a Super Scope (Spirit: Evan Bernard from Time Crisis)
  10. A Black, Grey and Yellow Lucario with Ike's Golden Sword (Spirit: Moz from Time Crisis)
  11. Solid Snake wearing Green Brown Clothes with a Super Scope accompanied by a Large Grey R.O.B. (Spirit: Paulo Guerra from Time Crisis)
  12. A White Haired Dr. Mario wearing White Clothes (Spirit: Xavier Serrano from Time Crisis)
  13. A Black Haired Zero Suit Samus wearing a Pink Jumpsuit (Spirit: Christy Ryan from Time Crisis)
  14. A White Haired Ryu wearing Grey and Black Clothes with a Super Scope (Legendary Spirit: Gregory Barrows from Time Crisis)
  15. A Black Haired Solid Snake wearing Blue and Black Clothes with a Nintendog as his Summon (Legendary Spirit: Jack Slate from Dead to Rights)

Classic Mode: A Smashing Iron Fist Tournament

Jin's Classic Mode is mostly based on his opponents and allies he met and faced off within his series.

  1. Lucario (Stage: Mishima Dojo)
  2. Wario (Stage: Pilotwings)
  3. Peach (Stage: Luigi's Mansion)
  4. Incineroar (Stage: Boxing Ring)
  5. A Raven Haired Female Wii Fit Trainer and Donkey Kong (Stage: Kongo Falls)
  6. An Orange Sonic and a Metallic Grey Mega Man (Stage: Central Tower)
  7. Rival Battle: Ryu (Stage: Suzaku Castle)
  8. Mid-Final Boss: A Large Green Incineroar and a Large Purple Ridley (A CPU-Controlled Partner: An Orange Haired Ken Masters wearing Orange and Grey Clothes) (Stage: Azazel's Chamber)
  9. Final Boss: Ganondorf (Stage: Strongest Iron Arena) (A CPU-Controlled Partner: Ryu)


Intro Quotes

  • "Don't get in my way."
  • "Power is everything!"
  • "Come on."
  • "You will regret crossing my path."
  • "It all ends here."
  • "Good. It'll be a test of skill."
  • "That's right. Only I will choose my path!"
  • "I'll finish this with the first blow!"
  • "Prepare yourself... This is the end for you."
  • "I'll teach you the meaning of fear."
  • "A swift approach decides the battle."
  • "I don't have time for this."
  • "I'm not capable of mercy anymore..."

Quotes Against Everyone Else

  • "I will put an end to this." (Referring to Dharkon/Galeem)
  • "You cannot defeat me with your flame. Disappear." (Referring to Ken/Mario/Incineroar)
  • "So you too have struggled with a dark power within... Perhaps you can be of some use in my research." (His quote against Dark Pit/Marth/the Byleths/Link/the Belmonts)
  • "That was an elegant battle, thank you." (His quote against Little Mac/Min Min)
  • "You speed isn't powerful enough to defeat me, Hedgehog." (His quote against Sonic)
  • "Heh, your father can't even control his precious daughter. That tells me a lot about the man." (Referring to Zelda/Peach)
  • "A rodent who uses electricity...? I may have to bring you back for some testing." (His quote against Pichu/Pikachu)
  • "People who are willing to throw humanity away…reminds me a lot of my father…" (His quote against Ganondorf)
  • “I can’t say that you and I are similar…" (His quote against himself)
  • "Nothing but scrap from a failed Jack Android.” (His quote against R.O.B./Mega Man/Dark Samus)
  • "Back to the Underworld, YOU MONSTER!!!!" (His quote against Ridley/Incineroar/Bowser)
  • “Why bother trying to be the “hero”? The world is already lost.” (His quote against Captain Falcon/Solid Snake)
  • "This isn't our last Battle we had." (Vs. Ryu/Kyo/Terry/Chun-Li)

Victory Quotes

  • “I will end the Mishima matter the cost.”
  • "That was close. I must be more careful!"
  • "This is what happens if you challenge me."
  • "That went pretty well."
  • "I done what I had to do…I had no choice.”
  • "Sincere apologies."

Kirby Hat

Kirby's hat is based on his hair, with an alternate design if he is donning his Tekken 7 Main Outfit, the Kirby Hat would have his Hooded form of that Outfit.

Mii Costumes


  • Angelic Force Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Beautiful Earth Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Brilliant Pearl Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Cherry Gingham Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Haruka Amami's Version of this Outfit)
  • Cinderella Girls Stage Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Dark Zodiac Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • Dahlia Noir Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Dot Universe Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • Emerald Blossom Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Galactic Bouquet Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version of this Outfit)
  • Green Forest Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Glitter Ingot Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Gothic Princess Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Highness Rouge Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Haruka Amami's Version of this Outfit)
  • Indigo Spangle Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Interstellar Flyer Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • King of Pearl Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Little Aquarius Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • Metallic Cosmos Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • Morpho Hydrangea Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • Musket Planet Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • My Dear Vampire Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Pastel Marine Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Perpetual Check Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Pink Apollo Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Poly Tuxedo Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Prismatic Swan Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Red Sequin Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Rosette Nebula Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)
  • Rouge Noir Outfit (The IdolM@STER)
  • Sunny Side of the Moon Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version of this Outfit)
  • Sunshine Yellow Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Tetra Colored Comet Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on Outfit)
  • Tiger Maiden (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Twinkle Black Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • Webbed Hunter Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Iori Minase's Version on this Outfit)
  • White Scale Outfit (The IdolM@STER; Based on Chihaya Kisaragi's Version on this Outfit)

Mii Brawler

  • Steve Fox (Tekken)
  • Armor King (Tekken)
  • King II (Tekken)
  • Ki (Tower of Druaga)
  • Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)
  • Runner (Metro-Cross)
  • Tarosuke (Shadow Land)
  • Touma Amagase (The IdolM@STER)
  • Wagan (Wagan Land)

Mii Gunner

  • Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken)
  • Albatross (Rolling Thunder)
  • Jack Slate (Dead to Rights)
  • Richard Miller (Time Crisis)
  • Keith Martin (Time Crisis)
  • William Rush (Time Crisis)
  • Giorgio Bruno (Time Crisis)
  • KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)
  • Jack Slate (Dead to Rights)
  • Davis Russell (Inversion)
  • Leo Delgado (Inversion)

Mii Swordfighter

  • Alice (Märchen Maze; Has her Staff used as a Sword)
  • Ashen One (Dark Souls)
  • Chrome Knight (Tower of Druaga)
  • Hiro Kamui (God Eater)
  • Yuu Kannagi (God Eater)
  • Yoshimitsu (Tekken/Soul Calibur)
  • Nightmare (Soul Calibur)
  • Talim (Soul Calibur)
  • Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur; her appearance is based on one of her alternate costumes from Soul Calibur IV)
  • Valkyrie (Valkyrie)
  • Aoto (Ar tonelico Qoga)

Alternate Costumes

His Alternate Costumes in which all of them (other than palette swaps) are the ones he wears in his various appearances throughout the franchise and it's crossover appearances (as opposed to Everyone having Palette Swaps for their main appearances for a majority of their alternate costumes within the Game). All of them however, have lots of palette swaps.

See Also

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