Jewelpets Racing is a 2013 Racing game made by Sanrio and Nintendo for the Wii U.

Playable Characters with English Dub voices (exclusive to Canada)

  • Ruby: Ruby Kart (When picked, She says: Ready to Go?) - Marieve Herington
  • Garnet: Garnet Kart (When picked, She says: Get Ready!) - Linda Kash
  • Sapphire: Sapphire Kart (When picked, She says: I'm Always Ready) - Emille-Clarie Barlow
  • Diana: Diamond Kart (When picked, She says: Show Me What You Can You Do)- Alyson Court
  • Rin: Citrine Kart (When picked, She says: To The Sky!)- Julie Lemieux
  • Chite: Malachite Kart (When picked, He says: Gotta go fast on my Kart)- Rob Tinkler
  • Prase: Chrysoprase Kart (When picked, She says: Fresh as a baby's blankie)- Kathleen Barr
  • King: Onyx Kart (When picked, He says: I'm great at racing!)- Erin Mathews
  • Rald: Emerald Kart (When picked, He says: Nice to meet you)- Trevor Devall
  • Ryl: Red Beryl Kart (When picked, She says: I might be nervous, But i'm ready!)- Cathy Weseluck
  • Tour: Tourmaline Kart (When picked, He says: Time for Adventure)- Tabitha St. Germain
  • Flora: Fluorite Kart (When picked, She says: Need a hand?)- Bryn McAuley
  • Peridot: Peridot Kart (When picked, She says: Smart enough to against me?)- Stacey DePass
  • Milky: Milky Quartz Kart (When picked, She says: Double Dare!)- Stephanie Beard
  • Kohaku: Amber Kart (When picked, He says: Want to know anything, My friend?)- Andrew Jackson
  • Luna: Moonstone Kart (When picked, She says: Gaze at the stars)- Andrea Libman
  • Nephrite: Nephrite Kart (When picked, He says: Let's go)- Joris Jarsky
  • Yuku: Euclase Kart (When picked, He says: Can you help?)- Terry McGurrin
  • Aqua: Aquamarine Kart (When picked, He says: I'll drive while i'm out of the water) - Vincent Tong
  • Kaiya: Kyanite Kart (When picked, She says: Prepare for a race) - Anna Cummer
  • Opal: Opal Kart (When picked, She says: Let the glitters start!) - Sonja Ball
  • Titana: Titanite Kart (When picked, He says: I'll pack my nuts for this one) - Rick Jones
  • Sango: Coral Kart (When picked, She says: Have no fear, Sango is here!) - Katie Crown
  • Tata: Turquoise Kart (When picked, He says: This will be easy) - Patrick McKenna
  • Dian: Obsidian Kart (When picked, He says: Feel the power of teamwork) - Joe Pingue
  • Nix: Sardonyx Kart (When picked, He says: Yes I can!) - Christian Potenza
  • Amelie: Amethyst Kart (When picked, She says: Hamster Power, GO!) - Stephanie Anne Mills
  • Lapis: Lapis Iazuli Kart (When picked, She says: I better start right away) - Jayne Eastwood
  • Kris: Chrysocolla Kart (When picked, He says: A Jewelpet's day is never done!) - Dwayne Hill
  • Io: Iolite Kart (When picked, He says: My ears are 100% clean) - David Berni
  • Labra: Labradorite Kart (When picked, She says: Here We Go!) - Laurie Elliot
  • Topaz: Topaz Kart (When picked, She says: We are set) - Pamela Anderson
  • Alex: Alexandrite Kart (When picked, He says: My glasses is water proof) - Ryan Cooley
  • Brownie: Brown Quartz Kart (When picked, He says: I'll cover myself just in case of an emegency) - Al Mukadam
  • Angela: Anhydrite Kart (When picked, She says: Do you notice about a my kart?) - Densie Oliver
  • Charotte: Charoite Kart (When picked, She says: Let's get this baby on the road) - Lisa Ng
  • Jaspar: Jaspar Kart (When picked, He says: My kart is faster than everybody's karts) - Micheal Cera
  • Coal: Coal Kart (When picked, He says: Get myself comfortable for this ride) - Miklos Perlus
  • Granite: Granite Kart (When picked, He says: My mane is ready) - Tony Daniels
  • Rossa: Inca Rose Kart (When picked, She says: My name is Rossa, What's yours) - Melinda Shankar
  • Lollip: Jewel Car (When picked, She says: I'm scared) - Torri Webster
  • Luea: Blue Apatite Kart (When picked, She says: I'll do everything for you, Lillian!) - Catherine Disher

Unlockable Characters (After taking 1st Place in Sweetsland)

  • Sakuran: Sakuramochi Kart (When picked, She says: It's tasty) - Krystal Meadows
  • Melorina: Melonpan Kart (When picked, She says: Want some melons?) - Ellie Harvie
  • Eclan: Elair Kart (When picked, She says: It needs lots of work, darlin') - Sydney Scotia
  • Macaronia: Macaron Kart (When picked, She says: Macaron Surprise) - Charlie Storwick
  • DonaDona: Donut Kart (When picked, He says: Do you like donuts?) - Scott McCord
  • Honey: Waffle Kart (When picked, She says: Zip on Through!) - Matreya Fedor
  • Purinki: Creme Caramel Kart (When picked, She says: It's going to be sticky!) - Emily Tennant
  • Chocolat: Ice Cream Kart (When picked, She says: Wanna take a lick?) - Anna Galvin
  • Maco: Macaron Car (When picked, She says: I'm Maco, What's yours?) - Melinda Shankar
  • Kaco: Macaron Jeep (When picked, He says: My name is Kaco, Now it is time for a race) - Ron Pardo
  • Roco: Macaron Wagon (When picked, She says: Roco here, It's time for a drive) - Marline Yan
  • Coron: Macaron Bike (When picked, He says: It's me, Coron!) - Rob Stefaniuk
  • Gumimin: Gummy Kart (When picked, He says: Racing is so much fun.) - Ron Rubin

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