Jetpack Raccoon

Jetpack Raccoon is one of the titular protagonists of the Disney/Pixar Beauty of Nature franchise. He is Rocket's partner and best friend.

He is voiced by Bradley Cooper.

Physical appearance

Jetpack is a genetically engineered talking raccoon who wears an orange battle suit. In many aspects he is very much alike a normal raccoon, his body being only subtly different from a regular animal at first glance. Whilst his face is not very different from that of a normal raccoon (albeit perhaps with a greater ability for facial expressiveness), he does however posses a slightly human-like body structure, his legs being longer and oriented to line up with his body more than on a normal raccoon, enhancing his ability to walk upright. His hips and torso also appear to have been restructured to enhance bipedality, and his shoulders and upper arms also appear fairly human-like. These differences are not drastic however, and seem to not greatly compromise his ability to move on all four, as he is shown to be able to do so in the movie. It could perhaps be said that Jetpack's body is semi-anthropomorphic in most respects. In addition to being genetically altered, Jetpack is shown to have cybernetic implants within his body.


Jetpack is easily enraged and aggressive. He often gets insecure when people do not treat him as an equal and give him the same respect they would give a common animal. But this wisecracking raccoon is nothing short of lovable.


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