Jet Boy is an upcoming 2019 computer-animated superhero film based on the Dominican comic book of the same name. produced by Little Witch Pictures and Xendafilms, and distributed by Universal Pictures. the film is directed by Nacho G. Velilla, from a screenplay by Mónica Lorenzo, Andrés Couturier and Mariano Calasso, and stars the voices of Eugenio Derbez, Rafael Amaya, Maite Perroni, Raúl Méndez and the Gonzalez family members. It is currently scheduled for release on July 13, 2019.


  • Eugenio Derbez as Lázaro Castillo / Jet Boy
  • Rafael Amaya as Dr. Castillo
  • Maite Perroni as Karla Ugalde
  • Raúl Méndez as Dr. Pavón
  • Gabriel Porras as President Boyar
  • Gael García Bernal as ARG
  • Héctor Bonilla as Chanflechescosín
  • Axel Kuschevatzky as Blas Arnau
  • Carlos Gonzalez "El Ciguapo" as Pascuo
  • Celeste Gonzalez "La Ciguapa" as Mandanupana
  • Miguel Gonzalez "El Gallo" as Yolín
  • Rodolfo Gonzalez "El Vale" as Manosín
  • Francisco Gonzalez "El Ciguapito"
  • Paul Rodriguez as Customer Officer
  • Juanita Gonzalez "La Huerta"
  • Carmen Gonzalez "La LinLín"
  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as Professor Ahuactzín
  • Liza Ramirez Sanchez
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