Jet is the human alter ego of Jay (who is formerly the mascot of the Jetix block on Toon Disney, and currently the mascot of the reboot channel Jetix Network). Though he is mistaken for a girl, it is revealed that he's actually a boy.

He debuted in a video called "Jet hears the news of Jetix Network", where he was voiced by Mona Marshall, who voiced Jay in Jetix Network and the latest Jetix All-Stars installments.

Suprisingly, while Jay is a quick-witted, clever, and always behaves, Jet shares the same personality, but he has a more kind-hearted personality.


Jet was born on Febuary 14, 2004 (the launch of Jetix), and grew up in the city of New York, where he was chosen to be the alter ego of Jay.

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