Jeffy is a 1992-1997 American-Canadian animated television series created by L. Unicode, Joe Ruby and

Ken Spears.

The show was produced by Nelvana Limited, YTV Originals, Ruby-Spears Enterprises (seasons 1-3), Hanna-Barbera (seasons 3-5), Cinar Productions and Dumping Peas Productions (uncredited).

The show was distributed by Taft Broadcasting and Turner Entertainment. It is currently distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution and aired on YTV, Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Kids and Boomerang.


A 12-year old boy named Jeffy lives on 7 Jeffy Street, Paris, France. Jeffy has problems coming his way, so he needs ways to stop them.


Jeffy was a huge success, winning a massive amount of awards. The success resulted in an animated film adaptation of the series produced by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment, Nelvana Limited, YTV Movies, Cinar and Dumping Peas Productions.

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