Janette "Jeannie" Sullivan
Ghost Jeannie.png
Voiced by: Katie Lowes
Occupation: Businesswoman
Family: Jack Sullivan (husband)
Annabelle Sullivan (daughter)
Kyle Sullivan (son)
Status: Deceased
Alias: Janette Sullivan
Cause of Death: Casted on by Serana's spell
Date of Birth: August 20, 1973
Abilities: Flight

Janette "Jeannie" Sullivan is the deceased mother of Annabelle Sullivan and Kyle Sullivan and the wife of Jack Sullivan. She is voiced by Katie Lowes.


Jeannie was the ghost of a deceased mother of Annabelle and Kyle and the wife of Jack Sullivan. She was a former businesswoman who died in 2011 after a spell casted on her by Serana's darkest magic. She lets out of a spooky moan when she gets worried, nervous or sad. She will haunt whoever doubts her. She enjoys being alone (unless she's with a love interest of her's), listening to sad music, classical music, opera music and goth music and haunting people by scaring them in a sad eerie tone.


Jeannie was born on 1973. She was the wife of a cartoonist Jack and mother of two children, Kyle and Annabelle. In 2011, it happens when Serana blashed red aura ball on Jeannie and through her death, she died. As a ghost, she haunts her house she died in for the rest of his afterlife for all eternity.



Jeannie is a bit lonely, shy and kind mother. When she is a ghost, she is self-confident at all times.


She has brown hair, blue eyes and light skin. As a ghost, she has white skin, silver eyes and white hair. She has high cheekbones.


In some flashbacks, she wears a pink top, blue jeans, and brown heels. As a ghost, she wears a white top, gray jeans, and dark gray heels.



Powers & Abilities

* = notable


  • "Whoooooooo!" -Jeannie's moaning noise when she gets worried, nervous or sad.
  • "Hello? Where are you?" -Jeannie when invisible so she can't see Annabelle and Kyle.
  • "I think being a ghost may be a curse!" -Jeannie thinking that being a ghost may be a curse.
  • "The burn marks. I got shot a couple of times by the lighting beams of Serana." -Jeannie showing her burn marks.




  • She also appears on flashbacks as a human, but also appeared on the episodes as a ghost.
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