The Jason Vorhees Saga, is a series of online, youtube; fan films, created By User: Vortex Jones, whom had an array of ideas that involved 


Elektra Notchias


This section of possibilties for the upcoming direct-to-dvd remakes, which are soon to published, so here are notes we have tooken:

  • Jason kills Michael.
  • Jason sets trap.
  • Jason pins Girls to a tree, with a machete.

Fan Films in The Jason Saga

Freddy vs. Jason

This shot for shot, low quality fanmade remake of Ronny Yu's 2003 crossover/spin-off between the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street, was re-remade in a straight to DVD medium quality format film


Freddy Krueger has been killed and forgotten by The Town of: Spring Wood, but he has found a similiar pawn that he could use as a personal slave: Jason Vorhees, to have the people of Spring Wood remember him in the way he was supposed to be.

So Jason kills and makes people remember Freddy Krueger, due to Freddy also able to break the reality boundaries he no longer need Jason Vorhees.

Therefore Begins: Freddy vs. Jason



Josh Brukin Jr. (Young College Filmmaker)


Jackson Earl Matthews (Me) (Elektra Notchias|Elektra Notchias)

Jason XI

Jason XII

Jason Back In Time

All New Friday the 13th

Tommy vs. Jason

Jason Takes Manhattan Again

Jason vs. Seporath

Toomy vs. Jason: Round 2

Jason and The Zombies

Possible: "Tommy vs. Jason: Round 3"

Other Projects

Possible "Jason Vorhees vs. Michael Myers"


Director/Producer Quotes:

"The Emperor Zombie, can never die, only decapitations"

````Josh Brukin Jr.

Parodied/Similar Film Makers/Projects

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