Here are the full credits for the upcoming 2016 full-length hand-drawn/Flash animated direct-to-Youtube Jarquanzela special, Jarquanzela Goes to Jail.

Opening Credits

Sharpness Knight Animation Studios

In Association with
WazzoTV Productions


A YouTube Original Movie


Jarquanzela Goes to Jail

Closing Credits

First Part of the Credits

Directed by
James Sharp (Sharpness Knight)

Screenplay by
James Sharp
Will Norman (WazzoTV)

Original Story by
James Sharp
Will Norman
[insert other story writers here]

Based on the "Jarquanzela" Comedy Sketches
Created exclusively for Scratch by
Will Norman

Produced by
James Sharp

Executive Producers
James Sharp
Will Norman

Music by
Kevin MacLeod
[insert other composers here]

Music Supervisor
[insert music supervisor here]

Edited by
James Sharp

Production Designers
James Sharp
[insert other production designers here]

Art Director
James Sharp

Visual Effects Supervisor
[insert VFX supervisor here]

Head of Animation
[insert animation department head here]

Animation Director
[insert animation director here]

Head of Story
[insert story department head here]

Production Manager
James Sharp

Sound Designer
[insert sound designer here]

Casting by
James Sharp


Jarquanzela - James Sharp ([insert a new voice actor when hired])
Jarquanzela's Mom - James Sharp
Wazzo - Will "WazzoTV" Norman ([insert another voice actor to replace WazzoTV])
Cafe worker - [insert voice actor here]
Michelle - [insert voice actress here]
Police chief - [insert voice actor here]
Dr. Beanson - Speakonia Peter or James Sharp
Warden - [insert voice actor here]
Arpan - [insert voice actor here]

Additional Voices

Police officers - [insert a team of voice actors and/or actresses here]
Prison guards - [insert a team of voice actors and/or actresses here]
Prison cafeteria workers - [insert a team of voice actors and/or actresses here]
Prisoners of Jarquanzetopia Jail - [insert a team of voice actors and/or actresses here]
The dumb prisoner who keeps on licking Jarquanzela - [insert voice actor here]
4 tough male prisoners - [insert 4 voice actors here]


Story Supervisor
[insert story supervisor here]

Storyboard Lead
James Sharp

Storyboard Artists
[insert storyboard artists here]


Concept Lead
James Sharp

Concept Artists
[insert concept artists here]

Character Model Sheet Artist
James Sharp

Original Character Design
Will Norman

Character, Prop, and Background Designers
James Sharp
[insert other designers here]

Visual Development Artists
[insert visual development artists here]


Layout Supervisor
[insert layout supervisor here]

Layout Lead
[insert layout lead here]

Character & Prop Layout Artists
[insert layout artists here]


Animation Supervisors
Jarquanzela - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Jarquanzela's Mom - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Wazzo - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Michelle - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Dr. Beanson - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Arpan - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Warden - [insert character animation supervisor here]
Police chief - [insert character animation supervisor here]

Lead Animators
Jarquanzela - [insert lead animator here]
Jarquanzela's Mom - [insert lead animator here]
Wazzo - [insert lead animator here]
Michelle - [insert lead animator here]
Dr. Beanson - [insert lead animator here]
Arpan - [insert lead animator here]
Warden - [insert lead animator here]
Police chief - [insert lead animator here]

Hand-Drawn Animators
[insert traditional animators here]

Flash Animators
[insert digital Flash animators here]

Additional Animators
[insert additional animators here]

Animation Rigging Artists
[insert rigging artists here]


Background Supervisor
[insert background supervisor here]

Background Lead
James Sharp

Background Painters
[insert background painters here]

Background Layout Artists
[insert background layout artists here]

Digital Background Artists
[insert digital background artists here]

Clean-up Animation

Clean-up Animation Supervisors
Jarquanzela - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Jarquanzela's Mom - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Wazzo - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Michelle - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Dr. Beanson - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Arpan - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Warden - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]
Police chief - [insert clean-up animation supervisor here]

Clean-up Animation Leads
Jarquanzela - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Jarquanzela's Mom - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Wazzo - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Michelle - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Dr. Beanson - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Arpan - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Warden - [insert lead clean-up animator here]
Police chief - [insert lead clean-up animator here]

Key Clean-up Animators
[insert key clean-up animators here]

Key Clean-up Assistants
[insert key clean-up assistants here]

Clean-up Animators
[insert clean-up animators here]

Clean-up Assistants
[insert clean-up assistants here]

Breakdown Artists
[insert breakdown artists here]

In-between Animators
[insert in-between animators here]

Flash Animation Tweening Artists
[insert Flash animation tweening artists here]

Additional Clean-up and In-between Animators
[insert additional clean-up/in-between animators here]

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Lead
[insert visual effects lead here]

Visual Effects Layout Artists
[insert VFX layout artists here]

Visual Effects Animators
[insert visual effects animators here]

Visual Effects Artists
[insert visual effects artists here]

Visual Effects Assistants
[insert visual effects assistants here]

Visual Effects Breakdown Artists
[insert VFX breakdown artists here]

Visual Effects In-between Animators
[insert VFX in-between animators here]

After Effects Lead
[insert after effects lead here]

After Effects Animators
[insert after effects animators here]

After Effects Artists
[insert after effects artists here]

Additional Visual Effects Team
[insert team of additional VFX artists and animators here]

Computer Generated Imagery

CGI Supervisor
[insert CGI supervisor here]

CGI Modeling Supervisor
[insert CGI modeling supervisor here]

CGI Texturing Supervisor
[insert CGI texturing supervisor here]

CGI Modeling and Texturing Lead
[insert CGI modeling and texturing lead here]

CGI Modeling and Texturing Artists
[insert CGI model/texture artists here]

CGI Rigging and Blocking Artists
[insert CGI rigging/blocking artists here]

CGI Pre-visualization Artists
[insert CGI previs artists here]

CGI Layout Supervisor
[insert CGI layout supervisor here]

CGI Layout Lead
[insert CGI layout lead here]

CGI Layout Artists
[insert CGI layout artists here]

CGI Animation Supervisor
[insert CGI animation supervisor here]

CGI Animation Lead
[insert CGI animation lead here]

CGI Animators
[insert CGI animators here]

CGI Animation Technical Directors
[insert CGI animation TDs here]

CGI Animation Camera Artists
[insert CGI animation camera artists here]

CGI Lighting Lead
[insert CGI lighting lead here]

CGI Lighting and Compositing Artists
[insert CGI lighting and compositing artists here]

CGI Lighting Technical Directors
[insert CGI lighting TDs here]

CGI Effects Technical Direction Supervisor
[insert CGI FX TD supervisor here]

CGI Effects Technical Directors
[insert CGI FX TDs here]

CGI Effects Animation Supervisor
[insert CGI FX animation supervisor here]

CGI Effects Animators
[insert CGI FX animators here]

CGI Rendering Artists
[insert CGI rendering artists here]

CGI Rendering Wranglers
[insert CGI rendering wranglers here]

CGI Technical Direction Supervisor
[insert CGI TD supervisor here]

CGI Technical Directors
[insert CGI TDs here]

CGI Paint & Rotoscope Artists
[insert CGI paint & roto artists here]

CGI Animation Checking Artists
[insert CGI animation checkers here]

Additional CGI Team
[insert team of additional CGI animators and artists here]

Scene Planning

Scene Planning Lead
[insert scene planning lead here]

Scene Planning Artists
[insert scene planners here]


Compositing Lead
[insert compositing lead here]

Compositing Artists
[insert compositors here]

Ink & Paint

Ink & Paint Supervisor
[insert ink & paint supervisor here]

Ink & Paint Lead
James Sharp

Ink & Paint Artists
[insert ink & paint artists here]

Color Modeling Artists
[insert color modelers here]

Animation Check & Scanning

Animation Checking Artists
[insert animation checkers here]

Digital Flash Animation Checking Artists
[insert digital Flash animation checkers here]

Final Checking Artists
[insert final checkers here]

Animation Scanning Artists
[insert animation scanners here]


Additional Editors
[insert additional editors here]

1st Assistant Editor
[insert 1st assistant editor here]

2nd Assistant Editor
[insert 2nd assistant editor here]

Associate Editor
[insert associate editor here]


Production Supervisor
James Sharp

Production Assistants
[insert production assistants here]

Production Coordinators
[insert production coordinators here]

Post Production

Post Production Supervisor
James Sharp

Post Production Assistants
[insert post production assistants here]

Post Production Coordinators
[insert post production coordinators here]

Main and End Titles
James Sharp

Sound Effects Downloaded from
Airborne Sound

Sound Effects Uploaded at

Supervising Sound Editor
James Sharp

Re-Recording Mixers
[insert re-recording mixers here]

Sound Effects Editors
[insert sound FX editors here]

Foley Editors
[insert foley editors here]

Foley Mixers
[insert foley mixers here]

Foley Artists
[insert foley artists here]

Dialogue Editor
James Sharp

ADR Editors
[insert ADR editors here]

ADR Engineers
[insert ADR engineers here]


Music Editor
James Sharp

Music Director
[insert music director here]

Orchestrations by
[insert orchestrations here]

Music Arrangers
[insert music arrangers here]

Music Conductor
[insert music conductor here]

Music Producers
[insert music producers here]

Music Recorded and Mixed by
[insert music recorders and mixers here]

Music Preparation
[insert music preparation services here]


[insert songs here]

For Scratch

Mark Goff
Christina Huang
Franchette Viloria

Technical Support
Jolie Castellucci
Sarah Otts
Andrea Saxman

Design & Development Improvement
Linda Fernsel
Christina Huang
Lily Kim
Dalton Miner
Annie Whitehouse

Christan Balch
Ben Berg
Carl Bowman
Chris Garrity
Carmelo Presicce
Andrew Sliwinski

Development Artists
Hannah Cole
Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill
Eric Schilling
Christopher Willis-Ford

Juanita Buitrago
Kasia Chmielinski
Linda Fernsel
Mitchel Resnick
Natalie Rusk
Matthew Taylor
Traditore (credited as Rachel Traditore)
Moran Tsur

Website Moderation
Sayamindu Dasgupta
Saskia Leggett
Tim Mickel
Shruti Mohnot
Ricarose Roque
Ray Schamp

For The Lifelong Kindergarten Group

Administrative Assistant
Abisola Okuk

Research Assistants
Sayamindu Dasgupta
Jennifer Jacobs
David Mellis
Juliana Nazare
Alisha Panjwani
Ricarose Roque
Eric Rosenbaum
Srishti Sethi
Tiffany Tseng

Visiting Scientists
Brian Harvey
Amon Millner
J. Philipp Schmidt
Claudia Urrea

Katherine McConachie
Carmelo Presicce
Andrea Saxman
Andrew Sliwinski

Lifelong Kindergarten Staff
Carl Bowman
Kasia Chmielinski
Chris Garrity
Christopher Willis-Ford
Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill
Ray Schamp
Eric Schilling
Matthew Taylor
Franchette Viloria

Research Affiliate
John Maloney

Research & Development
Juanita Buitrago
Mark Goff
Saskia Leggett
Sarah Otts
Moran Tsur

Visiting Assistant Professor
Karen Brennan

Research Scientists
Leo Burd
Natalie Rusk

Professor of Learning Research
Mitchel Resnick

Research Specialist
Shane Clements

For Youtube

Founder/Chief Technology Officer
Steve Chen

Chad Hurley
Jawed Karim

Chief Executive Officers
Chad Hurley
Susan Wojcicki

For Sharpness Knight Animation Studios

James Sharp

Vice President
Gabriel Garcia

For Google

Sergey Brin
Larry Page

Chief Executive Officer
Larry Page

Executive Chairman
Eric Schmidt

For WazzoTV Productions

Will Norman

Vice President/Creative Consultant
Wazzo Norman, Jr. (Wazzo Jr.)


Studio Department Management
[insert studio department managers here]

Studio Department Coordination
[insert studio department coordinators here]

Animation Technology Support
[insert animation technology support here]

Research & Development Team
[insert R&D team here]

Editorial and Layout Engineers
[insert editorial and layout engineers here]

2D Animation Engineers
[insert 2D animation engineers here]

CGI Animation and Modeling Engineers
[insert CGI animation and modeling engineers]

Digital Ink & Paint Engineers
[insert ink & paint engineers here]

Digital Compositing & Lighting Engineers
[insert lighting & compositing engineers here]

CGI Rigging and 2D Clean-up Animation Engineers
[insert CGI rigging and 2D clean-up engineers here]

CGI Rendering and Effects Engineers
[insert rendering and FX engineers here]

2D Effects Animation Engineers
[insert 2D FX animation engineers here]

2D Animation Pipeline Engineers
[insert 2D animation pipeline engineers here]

CGI Animation Pipeline Engineers
[insert CGI animation pipeline engineers here]

Geometry and Media Engineers
[insert geometry and media engineers here]

Production Engineers
[insert production engineers here]

Production Asset Management
[insert asset managers here]

Production Technology and Character Development
[insert production technology/character developers here]

System Lead
[insert system lead here]

System Engineering
[insert system engineers here]

System Operations Administration
[insert system operations administrators here]

Post Technology Engineers
[insert post technology engineers here]

Hardware Engineers
[insert hardware engineers here]

Quality Assurance Engineers
[insert QA engineers here]

Technology Management
[insert technology managers here]

Technology Coordinators
[insert technology coordinators here]

Special Thanks to

Wazzo Jr.
Rod Daniel (MiaFan2010)
Adam Katz
Caleb Elbourn
and to all the Scratchers and Youtubers
whose tireless efforts had made this
animated Youtube special possible.

Final Part of the Credits

Hardware Used
[insert used computer hardware here]

Software Used
[insert used computer software here]

Color by

Technicolor good variant bumpers

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© 2016 Sharpness Knight Animation Studios
All rights reserved.

Sharpness Knight Animation Studios, Google, and YouTube, LLC
are the authors of this motion picture for the purposes of
the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious.
Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States
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exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

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