James Cameron's Sonic Cinematic Universe is a film franchise based on characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.

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James Cameron's Sonic

A group of scientists and astronauts discover and explore Mobius, an alternate futurist version of Earth where animals have evolved to human level. While travelling in the new planet, a reporter and her astronaut fiancee meet and form a friendship with Sonic the Hedgehog, who is determined to protect his world and Earth from potential threats such as his nemesis Dr. Eggman and mercenaries and smugglers from Earth hired to collect the Chaos Emeralds and capture animals on Earth and Mobius to robotize them as slaves for Eggman's corrupt empire. Sonic and his comrades must also work together to save the world from a powerful enemy who seeks to wipe out all life on both Earth and Mobius.

Sonic Returns

The film centers around Sonic and his friends travelling alongside Vicky Lane and Travis Lawton into the Sol Dimension, an alternate reality where Earth and Mobius are one same planet. There, they fight alongside their new allies Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat against a new enemy known as Infinite, who threatens their both dimensions. While they follow Sonic and his friends, Vicky and Travis also end up reuniting with Vicky's missing sister Angie and Travis' father Robert, who were both presumed to have been killed in a space accident two years ago, but turn out to be stranded in the Sol Dimension.

Fang the Sniper

Set in a Old West-themed town of Mobius, Nack the Weasel ends up changing his name to "Fang the Sniper" as the town's new sheriff in a attempt to escape a bounty placed on his head by the town's ambitious mayor, who secretly happens to be another infamous outlaw.


Vector the Crocodile and his crew from Chaotix Detective Agency - consisting of himself, Julie-Su, Espio the Chameleon and rookies Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadilo and Ray the Flying Squirrel - are out to investigate and report a crime surrounding Westopolis.


Set two years before the main events of the first Sonic movie, this film centers around the origins of the titular Mobian nation. It also focuses on Princess Elise's story before she first meet and became friends with Sonic.

Shadow and Rouge

Set before the events of Sonic, Shadow goes on a run around the modern world after awakening from 50 years of suspended animation to solve secrets about his past. He is accompanied in his journey by treasure hunter Rouge the Bat and G.U.N. officer Topaz. Shadow and Rouge must also help G.U.N. (Guardian Units of Nations) forces in the battle against the invasion of the Black Arms led by Black Doom, who is manipulating dangerous thieves and bandits of Mobius to help conquer the planet.

Sally and the Freedom Fighters

Set in a parallel Dystopian reality of Mobius, Sally Acorn and her friends must work to keep their surrogate family together and overcome the tyranny of Lyric the Last Elder.

Chaotix: Rise of the Iron Queen

The Chaotix crew gets reunited with Knuckles when they both work together to solve the mystery of mysterious kidnappings of normal Mobians, learning that a mysterious new enemy plans on making the world completely mechanized.

Sonic World Run

Sonic and his friends work alongside Sally and the Freedom Fighters to stop Eggman and his robotic forces from conquering the secrets about G.U.N. Forces which include files about his grandfather Professor Gerald's secret project, which can bring doom to the world if in wrong hands. Things will get more complicated when Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic's evil counterpart from other realities, also gets involved in the chaos and seeks Gerald's project for his own purposes.

Fang: No Man’s Land

Fang is reunited with his old ally Bean the Dynamite as they fight off a relentless group of mercenaries who are out to collect a bounty on both of their heads by a couple of dastardly outlaws.

Silver and Blaze

Set a year before the end-credits scene of Sonic, Silver and Blaze work to protect their dimension from a powerful enemy known as Mephiles. The film reveals the origin of the friendship between Silver and Blaze and the battles and adventures they had in the Sol Dimension, including their first encounter with Lane Stargate astronaults Angelica "Angie" Lane and Robert Lawton.

Chaotix: Between Dark and Light

When an ancient arcane being known as Walter Naugus plans to unleash a world-Eating entity known as Dark Gaia, the Chaotix head on a quest to solve secrets about the Gaia Manuscripts with the help of a immortal being known as Light Gaia to stop Naugus and his schemes.

Sonic Across the Universe

Following the events of Sonic World Run, Sonic, followed by his uncle Chuck, travels across alternate realities of Time and Space to solve secrets of his past and reunite with his long lost cousin Sapphire and siblings Sonia and Manic. His adventure will soon lead him to an encounter with superhuman hedgehogs from other dimensions, with some joining his journey. But not all of them are as heroic as Sonic himself is as he will soon discover. Sonic must also be prepared when he once again comes across Scourge the Hedgehog, who will try everything to get his revenge over his previous defeat.

TV Shows

Sonic Mania

Set in the "classic Sonic mold" dimension, the show follows the adventures of Classic Sonic and his friends as they protect the world from Dr. Robotnik and other major existing threats.


Down bellow is the full cast of the franchise so far.

My Idea for a Movie Cast for Sonic the Hedgehog

My Idea for a Movie Cast for Sonic the Hedgehog

Introduced in the first film

Introduced in Sonic Returns

Introduced in Fang the Sniper

Introduced in Chaotix

Introduced in Soleanna

Introduced in Shadow and Rouge

Introduced in Sally and the Freedom Fighters

Introduced in Chaotix: Rise of the Iron Queen

Introduced in Sonic World Run

Introduced in Fang: No Man’s Land

Introduced in Silver and Blaze

Introduced in Chaotix: Between Dark and Light

Introduced in Sonic Across the Universe


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