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Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in Mayonaka Persona

James Bond 007 in Mayonaka Persona was a Action & Adventure movie & anime including the Persona 4 cast from the sequel to Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace. This movie is going to be like Carrie meets the James Bond world were Bond can survive the shadows throughtout the TV.


James Bond 007 - Daniel Craig

The world's greatest secret agent from MI6 of a suave spy who can investigate the world & take out the Quantum organization for good.

M - Judi Dench

The MI6 of the Chief of Staff that can command Bond by giving some missions for him.

Bill Tanner - Rory Kinnear

The secretary of M from MI6 who contacts Bond for his mission.

Mr. White - Jesper Christensen 

The leader of the Quantum organization from Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace that can conquer the world by eliminating Bond for his own power for revenge. Now Mr. White have worked under orders for Izanami after Bond threw out of the TV.
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Mayonaka Persona poster.

Yu Narukami - Daisuke Namikawa

A protagonist from Tokyo who travels to Inaba for a year with the Dojima cousins but got involved with the Mayonaka TV situation.

Persona: Izanagi.

Yosuke Hanamura - Shotaro Morikubo

A clumsy boy who was working in JUNES as a supermarket attendent who wanted to become the best.

Persona: Jiraya

Chie Satonaka - Yui Horie

A Martial Artist who can learn her moves & she's a fan of Bruce Lee.

Persona: Tomoe

Yukiko Amagi - Ami Koshimitzu

A Japanese princess of her hotel & a close friend of Chie.

Persona: Konohana Sakuya

Kanji Tatsumi - Tomokazu Seki

A hoodlum biker gang who trashes out some gang members around Inaba.

Persona: Take-Mikazuchi

Rise Kujikawa - Rie Kugimiya

A pop Idol singer who was becoming popular in commercials & a tofu worker in Inaba.

Persona: Himeko

Naoto Shirogane - Romi Park

A detective who was investigating around something suspecious in Inaba.

Persona: Sukona-Hikona

Teddie - Kappei Yamaguichi

A weird creature who was partolling around the television filled with shadows.

Persona: Kintoki-Douji

Igor - Dan Woren

A Velvet Room leader who posseses the power of Personas around the wild cards.

Margeret - Michalle Ann Dunphy

Igor's assistant for the wild cards of Personas.

Marie - Eden Riegel

A friend of the Velvet Room who roams around the real world for a close date of Yu.

Tohru Adachi - Mitsuaki Madono

A corrupted poilce detective who wants to like change the world into the shadow world who work under orders by Izanami.

Persona: Izanagi Magatsu

Izanami - Romi Park

The ruler of the shadows and the fog of her personality of the Gas attandent in order to rule the world.

Charles Robinson - Colin Salmon 

One of the MI6 deputy staff from Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough & Die Another Day makes a return of Mayonaka Persona in order to contact Bond for the conversation of the agency.


After the events of Quantum Of Solace Bond investigates Haine's house when Bond discovered Mr. White & Haines when Bond throw White out of the TV. In Japan Yu Narukami a 18 years old boy who was moving from Tokyo to Inaba when Bond joins in when they arrived in Inaba. In Inaba Bond & Yu met Nanako Dojima & her father Ryotaro Dojima to take Bond & Yu home. At school Bond & Yu met Yosuke a Junes worker, Chie a martial artist & Yukiko a princess of Amagi Inn. Later Bond, Yu & his friends checked something strange out from the TV that Bond threw White out of the TV when Bond & Yu must investigate in this Action Packed Adventure.


Vocals: Shihoko Hirata: 

  • Pursuing My True Self (Opening theme for the James Bond intro)
  • Never More (Ending theme)


  • Shoji Meguro (Persona 3 & 4)
  • David Arnold (James Bond Brosnan & Craig era)


  • Marc Forster (Quantum Of Solace)
  • Katasura Hashino (Persona 3)


  • Babara R. Broccoli
  • Yutaka Omatsu


Unitied Kingdom:

  • London


  • Inaba, Mie Prefecture
  • Iwatodai, Tokyo


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