American classical crossover singer Jackie Evancho has been touring across North America for years. It's about time she starts headlining tours in countries OUTSIDE of North America!

Background and development

Jacqueline Marie Evancho's first headlining concert tour promoted her album Dream with Me, way back in 2011. She was only 11 years of age back then. The tour visited indoor and outdoor concert halls mostly in the United States for almost a year, but with one stop in Japan in January 2012, which was a few months before her 12th birthday. Evancho returned to Japan to kick off a second tour which promoted an album called Songs from the Silver Screen, while the rest of the tour reached the U.S. and Canada. When Evancho embarked on her Awakening tour, she never had time to put in any tour dates outside of North America other than Costa Rica, which is found in the Caribbean. And now, the Two Hearts tour seems to have stops only in the United States, and not elsewhere!

Tour dates

If this "Jackie Evancho world tour" thing turns out true, then apparently Evancho will be able to visit these cities starting from mid-2019.




Latin America

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