It's Alex Kidd! is an American animated adventure-fantasy-comedy television series based on Alex Kidd by Sega, being developed by Charlotte Fullerton. It is produced by Sega of America and Warner Bros. Animation and it will premiere on WB Kids on March 18th, 2021.


An energetic and goofy teenage boy named Alex Kidd learns that he is a royal as he heads on a quest to find his missing father, encountering various friends and enemies on the way.



  • Alex Kidd (voiced by Ben Schwartz) - an energetic and goofy teenage martial artist who learns of his royal lineage and heads on a quest to find his missing father.


  • Stella (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - an extremely friendly and ditzy teenage girl who Alex befriends and eventually grows a crush on.
  • Prince Igul (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - Alex's stern and serious biological older brother who is currently ruling Aries with his father missing in action as he reluctantly approves of Alex's mission.
  • Princess Lora (voiced by Janet Varney) - Igul's fiancée who is extremely friendly and finds Alex to be a lovely and great person.
  • Saint Nurari (voiced by Clancy Brown) - a wise old man who trained Alex in all of the moves and fighting styles he currently knows.
  • Butch (voiced by Rodger Bumpass) - a grouchy man who runs a shop that sells food to Alex.
  • Buddy (voiced by TBD) - TBD


  • Janken the Great (voiced by Brian Bloom) - the ruler of another planet who wants to invade Aries and gain as much power as he possibly can.
    • Gooseka (voiced by John DiMaggio) - one of Janken's henchmen who is extremely dumb yet is surprisingly strong.
    • Parplin (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) - a very goofy and childish henchman of Janken who is friends with Gooseka.
    • Chokkinna (voiced by Nolan North) - one of Janken's henchmen who is extremely cynical and somewhat rude.
  • Hanzo (voiced by Matthew Yang King) - a former protégé to Saint Nurari who has now fell into darkness and has become a villainous Shinobi obsessed with power.
    • Seline (voiced by Janice Kawaye) - a ninja who trains under Hanzo to become a deadly weapon.
  • Ravage (voiced by Mark Hamill) - a giant troll who wants to destroy Alex Kidd.
  • Grongi (voiced by Rick D. Wasserman) - a mercenary who was hired to destroy Alex Kidd.
  • Lakes (voiced by Tia Carrere) - a siren who resides in the lakes and lures people to their doom.
  • Gorillo (voiced by Travis Willingham) - TBD


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  • The game Janken still exists but it is not a major plot of the series.
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