An ipod is a mp3 player made by apple.

Ipod and is a music recommendations system. Integrating Ipods with will enable more tracks to be added to the data base. Ipods would need to have a seprate memory, or part of the main memory, dedicated to remembering all the tracks played on the ipod. Once the ipod is connected to a computer again, the songs can be loaded to the account through the software. On the user page it can show what was listened to on the ipod. The general recommendations will become more accurate for the users because it will have more songs included and there will be more tracks played for each user. If a user is consistent with connecting there ipod to the computer and having update there ipod songs, would be able to calculate overall battery life of the ipod by figuring out song length other info. would need to incorporate for the user to specify what model ipod they have to have the battery life service be accurate. can pull data from other users and figure out how many more charges are available for a users ipod. If audio books are listened to on the ipod, would then be able to make book recommendations.

- this exist's on the iphone and itouch if you hack it

Outside Noise Detector

A little microphone (maybe for recoding also) that detects other noises around, and will cut the volume in half so you can hear other people talking. the settings could be changed, so that it wont do this, or will increase volume if your on an air plane or something.

Wifi Music Player

The Ipod's with Wifi capabilities can stream music over wifi from a home network, or detect what is being played already and connect that up to the ipod, though the headphone speakers.