Inhumanity is an American adventure-science fiction graphic novel series created by Madison McDougal, being published by Dark Horse Comics from September 15th, 1991 until May 9th, 1999.


Humanity has came to space and started enslaving alien civilizations to use their planets for resources. As a result, the son of an infamous human captain and an alien teenage girl head to stop the enslaving of planets.




  • Jane - a gynoid who is the pilot of a Phantasm that got stolen by Elijah and Brinna, with her being reprogrammed TBD.
  • Zoni - a small alien who is rather passive.


  • The United Humanity Front, consisting of:
    • High Chancellor Emile Carne - TBD
    • Captain Moira Starglade - the captain of the Anubis Squadron who wants to keep the TBD.
      • O.S.I.R.I.S. - the A.I. of the Apep who TBD.
    • Captain Ezio Claww - a human general who lost his arm to [Slashbreak or Anon] TBD.
  • Slashbreak - a hostile alien creature that assaults TBD.
  • The Noble Horsemen, consisting of:
    • Lord Death - TBD
    • Lady War - TBD
    • Lord Pestelience - TBD
    • Lady Famine - TBD
  • Anon - a mysterious entity who is capable to shapeshift into anything that it kills.


  1. Inhumanity (September 15th, 1991) - The son of an infamous general finds an alien as TBD.
  2. Inhumanity: Faulty Transportation (December 5th, 1991) - TBD
  3. Inhumanity: The Arena
  4. Inhumanity: Liberation of Aryt
  5. Inhumanity: Assassins and Games

Sequels and prequels

Television adaption

[cartoon, MTV, produced by Sony]

Video game

[probably a prequel]


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