Imaginationland (2017 TV Series) is an upcoming action, comedy, fantasy, cartoon, live action, CGI, stopmotion and musical television series that will perimere on Comedy Central on October 11, 2017.


Taking place after Imaginationland 2, The Kids and All Good Characters have their own adventures using the power of imagination to defeat the Evil Characters and learn many valuable lessons about friendship and the power of imagination. The show will have some bad words, songs and new locations. The show will run for 30 seasons and will have 20 episodes each.

Episode List

List of Imaginationland (2017 TV Series) episodes, movies, shorts and specials


  • The theme song for the show will be sung to the tune of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Season 1 theme song.
  • King Pig will be the main antagonist of the show just like in Imaginationland 2.
  • Many characters from South Park will appear in some episodes.
  • The Narrator will be voiced by Tom Kenny in a French accent.
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