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Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters (also know as Imaginationland 2 in some countries) is an upcoming 2020 2D/hand-drawn/stop-motion/CGI-animated epic fantasy-adventure comedy action supernatural disaster horror thriller motion capture musical science-fiction film and  sequel to Imaginationland, this time with new characters and creatures, both good and evil.

The film stars Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Julian Dennison, Noah Schnapp, Jacob Tremblay, Bill Hader, Jack Nicholson, and others joing the cast.

Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters is set to be released on November 21, 2020, in 2D, Digital 3D, RealD 3D, XD 3D, 4D E-Motion, IMAX, and IMAX 3D by Paramount Pictures.

This film is dedicated to Stephen Hillenburg (creator of SpongeBob SquarePants), who passed away on November 2018, Chris Reccardi (best known for Ren and Stimpy and The Modifyers), who passed away on May 2019, Tino Insana passed away in 2017 and Gary Owens has passed away in 2015.


A 10-years old South Park kid named Stan Marsh (Finn Wolfhard) is a citizen who has 5 friends: Kyle Broflovski (Jack Dylan Grazer), Eric Cartman (Julian Dennison), Kenny McCormick (Noah Schnapp) and Butters Stotch (Jacob Tremblay), the kids like to make fun of him. Until when King Pig (Bill Hader) and the villains starts attacking South Park and Imaginationland, Stan and the gang teams up with Cartoon Characters named The Loud House Family (Owen Vaccaro, Elizabeth Banks, Scarlett Estevez, Rachel Crow, Cameron Seely, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Grey Griffin, Ingrid Nilson, Rhona Rhees and Frank Welker), The Griffins Family (Seth McFarlane, Alex Borestein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green and Chris Brown), The Mane 6 and Spike (Anna Kendrick, Zendaya, Jessica DiCicco, Erin Richards, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez and Billy Eichner), The Simpsons Family (Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith), The Spongebob Friends (Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, Gavin Lee, Brian Ray Norris and Miley Cyrus), and must go on top of their world to find the Mayor of Imaginationland (Jack Nicholson) to help and save South Park and Imaginationland from King Pig from trying to destroy the planet


Imaginationland is a peaceful planet full of South Parks citizens and all good characters (citizens that live in Imaginationland and South Park). The South Park citizens and All the Good Characters love making and playing places across their realms. The Mayor of the Imaginationland (Jack Nicholson) was the mayor of the South Park and Imaginationland Universe and he always make sure if the universe is doing fine. The Five South Park citizens named Stan Marsh (Finn Wolfhard), Kyle Broflovski (Jack Dylan Grazer), Eric Cartman (Julian Dennison), Kenny McCormick (Noah Schnapp) and Butters Stotch (Jacob Tremblay) are going to the South Park Elementary. Stan wished that people will just respect him one day. Then there was another planet, called Evil Side, and was home to all of the villains in the Imaginationland Universe, King Pig (Bill Hader) was the leader and mayor of that planet, and he plans to release all hackers and villains to attack Imaginationland and South Park one day. Stan then figures out and then he tells the South Park citizens in South Park, but nobody trusts him. But when The Loud House Family (Owen Vaccaro, Elizabeth Banks, Scarlett Estevez, Rachel Crow, Cameron Seely, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Grey Griffin, Ingrid Nilson, Rhona Rhees and Frank Welker), The Griffins Family (Seth McFarlane, Alex Borestein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green and Chris Brown), The Mane 6 and Spike (Anna Kendrick, Zendaya, Jessica DiCicco, Erin Richards, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez and Billy Eichner), The Simpsons Family (Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith), The Spongebob Friends (Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, Gavin Lee, Brian Ray Norris and Miley Cyrus), and more good characters hear him, they came up to him and started trusting him.

King Pig and the Evil characters are then seen again with a giant monster that is made for destruction. The attack starts start in Imaginationland when the monsters starts destroying the good characters' houses, then many Evil Minions (from Despicable Me 2) back up for them. Roxie McTerrier then brings Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Bob Belcher, and Patrick Star back to normal. But after they defeat the some of the Evil Minions and The Villians, King Pig comes to fight them. So they work together. But then after King Pig got defeated, a massive hurraciane occurred and then King Pig got turned to "Powerful Mode" which is used when he gets 1,000,000 energy. Then, Stan and his friends start shooting him with guns, making King Pig lose health. But then, he gets more powerful while at low health, so then, Mario shoots a massive ball at King Pig, but then Mayor of Imaginationland shot it back to King Pig, then King Piggets defeated. Then the giant monster explodes.

After King Pig and other villains get defeated, all the people that were mind controlled came back to normal, then Mayor of Imaginationland can be seen trying to ban King Pig and other villains but he didn't have enough power and started to die. Stan Marsh tells The Mayor of Imaginationland his last words before he dies. Butters Stotch then cries because The Mayor of Imaginationland died, and everyone mourns the death of The Mayor of Imaginationland. Then all of the sudden, Flint Lockwood, Captain Underpants, George Beard, Harold Hutchins and Snowball (Bill Hader, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart (with Captain Snowball costume) and Thomas Middleditch) appeared and then helped Mayor of Imaginationland ban King Pig and the other villians. He also notices that Mayor of Imaginationland was dead, so then he took his account (soul) and put it in a empty player's outfit and Mayor of Imaginationland was back but in a different name. He was now called Donny and he was still a mayor of the Imaginationland Universe. Now King Pig and the other villians are now banned for good. Stan now has made friends with the people who helped him, he then became a legendary adventurer and a hero of the entire South Park Multiverse.

  • In a scene after the first part of the credits, it is revealed that the Sergei (The Secret Life of Pets 2) has survived the Golden Freddy suit then speaks, accepting his new life as Ballora as he tells King Pig that he will get revenge for King Pig (due to his King Pig's death) He then jumpscares the viewer the birds know about this so they call some people to help the gang, who are later revealed to be PJ Masks and PAW Patrol.
  • In a mid-credits scene, the new members band with the gang and attend Mayor's funeral, along with the gang's friends, while the song I Belong by Peter Yorn plays at the funeral.
  • In a post-credits scene, the camera zooms down from the home as the ground breaks and then explodes, with a laser beam that has shadows of the gang (including the new members) in it rising from the ground.

Council of Seventy-Two

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Real people

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List of Characters of the Good Side

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Characters of the Evil Side

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Let your imagination run wild

From the Studio That Brought you Happy Feet, The LEGO Movie and Storks

Voice Cast

  • Finn Wolfhard as Stan Marsh (Live-Action), Pugsley Addams (CGI animated)
  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Kyle Broflovski, Stan's best friend. (Live-Action)
  • Julian Dennison as Eric Cartman, Kyle's best friend. (Live-Action)
  • Noah Schnapp as Kenny McCormick, Eric's best friend (Live-Action)
  • Jacob Tremblay as Butters Stotch, Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny's Best Friend (Live-Action)
  • Alexander Garfin as Clyde Donovan (Live-Action)
  • Dascha Polanco as Heidi Turner, Eric Cartman's Girlfriend (Live-Action)
  • Miles Teller as Craig Tucker (Live-Action)
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Jimmy Valmer (Live-Action)
  • Ed Oxenbould as Timmy Burch (Live-Action)
  • Brooklyn Prince as Wendy Testaburger (Live-Action)
  • Jack Nicholson as The Mayor of Imaginationland (Live-Action)
  • Chris Evans as Lolipop King (motion capture animated), Captain America (live-action)
  • Michael Gough as Shrek (CGI animated)
  • Tom Hanks as Woody (CGI animated)
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear (CGI-animated)
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie (CGI-animated), Abby Mallard (CGI animated)
  • Anna Kendrick as Twilight Sparkle (motion capture animated)
  • Zendaya as Rainbow Dash (motion capture animated)
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Pinkie Pie (motion capture animated)
  • Idina Menzel as Rarity (motion capture animated)
  • Hilary Duff as Applejack (motion capture animated)
  • Selena Gomez as Fluttershy (motion capture animated)
  • Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson (2D animated)
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson (2D animated)
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson (2D animated), Maggie Simpson (2D animated)
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson (2D animated)
  • Alec Baldwin as Mayor Joe Quimby (2D animated)
  • Josh Gad as Syndrome (CGI animated)
  • Charlie Day as SpongeBob SquarePants (CGI-animated)
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick Star (CGI-animated)
  • Rodger Bumpass as Squidward Tentacles (CGI-animated)
  • Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs (CGI-animated)
  • Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks (CGI-animated)
  • Bill Hader as Leonard (CGI-animated), Flint Lockwood (CGI-animated), Spamley (CGI-animated), Fear (CGI-animated) and Blue Candy (CGI-animated)
  • Chris Pratt as Star Lord (live-action), Grum (CGI-animated), Barley Lightfoot (CGI-animated) and Emmett (motion captured animated)
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider Man (live-action), Ian Lightfoot (CGI-animated), Walter Beckett (CGI-animated) and Grubber (CGI animated)
  • Will Smith as Himself (Live-Action), Genie (live action), Cyborg (CGI animated), Agent J (live-action), Lance Sterling (CGI-animated) and Oscar (CGI animated)
  • Billy Eichner as Timon (live action) and Spike the Dragon (motion captured animated)
  • Seth Rogen as B.O.B (CGI animated), Mantis (CGI animated), Pumbaa (live action) and Wallace (stop motion animated)
  • Ben Affleck as Batman (live-action)
  • Henry Cavill as Superman (live-action)
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man (live-action)
  • Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (live-action), Shank (CGI animated)
  • Kevin Hart as Snowball (CGI animated)
  • Mena Massoud as Aladdin (live action)
  • Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine (live action)
  • Diana Kaarina as Roxie McTerrier (2D animated)
  • Ingrid Nilson as Jade Catkin (2D animated)
  • Lili Beaudoin as Edie von Keet (2D animated)
  • Rhona Rees as Bev Gilturtle (2D animated)
  • Travis Turner as Trip Hamston (2D animated)
  • Kyle Rideout as Quincy Goatee (2D animated)
  • Jodi Benson as The Little Mermaid (2D animated)
  • Jack Black as Mario (live action), Po (CGI-animated), Lenny (CGI-animated), Moe Szyslak (2D animated)
  • Zach Braff as Luigi (live-action),Chicken Liittle (CGI animated)
  • Mason Cook as Jeffy (live-action)
  • Dove Cameron as Princess Peach (Live action)
  • Andy Milonakis as Wario (live-action)
  • Jim Carrey as Waluigi (live-action), Horton the Elephant (CGI-animated) and Covi (Live action)
  • Mahershala Ali as Bowser (CGI-animated)
  • Patton Oswalt as Bowser Jr. (CGI Animated), Remy the Rat (CGI-animated) and Max (CGI-Animated)
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Kamek (CGI-animated)
  • Tom Kenny, Donald Glover, Zendaya, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor and Kevin Michael Richardson as Hedgehogs (CGI-animated)
  • William Salyers as Cappy (CGI-animated)
  • Kristen Bell as Rosalina, Mario's girlfriend. (live-action)
  • John C. Reily as Wreck-It Ralph (CGI animated)
  • Sarah Silverman as Vanellope (CGI-animated)
  • Jack McBryer as Fix it Felix Jr (CGI animated)
  • Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun (CGI animated)
  • Jason Sudeikis as Red. (CGI-animated)
  • Josh Gad as Chuck (CGI-animated)
  • Danny McBride as Bomb (CGI-animated)
  • Eric Bauza as Jay, Jake, and Jim (CGI-animated)
  • Maya Rudolph as Matilda the Bird. (CGI-animated)
  • Ian Hecox as Bubbles the Bird (CGI-animated)
  • Anthony Padilla as Hal the Bird (CGI-animated)
  • Sean Penn as Terence the Big Brother Bird. (CGI-animated)
  • Rachel Wood as Silver (CGI-animated)
  • Reese Witherspoon as Susan Murphy (CGI-animated) and Rosita (CGI-animated)
  • Eddie Murphy as Donkey (CGI-animated)
  • Lisa Ortiz as Kirby (CGI-animated)
  • John Cena as Himself (Live-Action), Ferdinand (CGI-animated)
  • KSI as Himself (Live-Action)
  • Justin Bieber as Himself (Live-Action)
  • LeBron James as Himself (Live-Action)
  • PewDiePie as Himself (Live-Action)
  • Markiplier as Himself (Live-Action)
  • DanTDM as Himself (Live-Action)
  • Billy Joel as Himself (Live-Action)
  • Julie Andrews as Herself (Live-Action), Gru's Mother (CGI-animated) and Queen Lillian (CGI-animated)
  • Jackie Chan as Himself (Live-Action)
  • Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit (CGI-animated)
  • Rebel Wilson as Sheila Broflovski (Live Action)
  • Scarlett Johnansson as Sharon Marsh (Live-Action), Pepper Clark (2D animated) and Ash (CGI-animated)
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Liane Cartman (Live-Action), Zoe Trent (2D animated)
  • Amy Adams as Mrs. McCormick (Live-Action), Penny Ling (2D animated)
  • Julia Roberts as Linda Stotch (Live-Action), Minka Mark (2D animated)
  • Sandra Bullock as Principal Victoria (Live-Action) and Scarlet Overkill (CGI-animated)
  • Bonnie Wright as Laura Tucker (Live-Action)
  • Oscar Issac as Randy Marsh (Live-Action), Gomez Addams (CGI-animated)
  • Nick Kroll as Gerald Broflovski (Live-Action), Sergei (CGI-animated), Uncle Fester (CGI-animated) and Gunter (CGI-animated)
  • Zachary Gordon as Ike Broflovski (Live-Action)
  • Howie Mandel as Stephen Stotch (Live-Action), Bobby Generic (2D animated), Howard Generic (2D animated)
  • DJ Khaled as Stuart McCormick (Live-Action) and Ears (CGI-animated)
  • Rashida Jones as Donna Who (CGI-animated), Knifey (CGI-animated) and Marcy Kappel (CGI animated)
  • Karen Gillan as Eyes (CGI-animated)
  • Peter New as Sunil Nevla (2D animated)
  • Samuel Vincent as Russell Ferguson (2D-animated)
  • Bill Hader as Captain Underpants (CGI-animated)
  • Ray Hamilton as George Beard (CGI-animated)
  • Jay Gragnani as Harold Hutchins (CGI-animated)
  • Ben Mendelson as Tristan McFord (CGI-animated), King K. Rool (CGI-animated)
  • Masi Oka as Mr. Mackey (Live-Action), Dr. Neo Cortex (CGI-animated) and Agent K (CGI-animated)
  • Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel (CGI-animated)
  • Alan Tudyk as Scott Tenorman (live-action), KnowsMore (CGI-Animated), King Candy (CGI-Animated)
  • Peter S. Kim as King Dedede (CGI-animated)
  • John C. Donkin as Clyde's Father (Live-Action)
  • Kate McKinnon as Clyde's Mother (Live-Action), Lupe the Goat (CGI-Animated) and Stella (CGI-animated)
  • Seth McFarlane as Peter Griffin (2D animated), Stewie Griffin (2D animated), Brian Griffin (2D animated), Stan Smith (CGI-animated), Glenn Quagmire (2D animated)
  • Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin (2D animated)
  • Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin (2D animated)
  • Seth Green as Chris Griffin (2D animated)
  • Chris Brown as Cleveland Brown (2D animated)
  • Tiffany Hadish as Strong Woman (Live-Action), Daisy the Shih Tzu (CGI animated) and Herself (Live-Action)
  • Tom Bulter as PC Principal (Live-Action)
  • Hugh Jackman as Xmen (Live action), Roddy St. James (CGI animated)
  • Dwayne Johnson as Donkey Kong (CGI animated)
  • Simon Pegg, Michael Giacchino and Dave Foley as Stormtroopers (Live action)
  • Billy West as Robin (CGI animated)
  • Marsai Martin as Starfire (CGI animated)
  • Jason Maybaum as Beast Boy (CGI animated)
  • Ruby Rose Turner as Raven (CGI animated)
  • Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (Live action), Detective Pikachu (CGI animated)
  • Donald Glover as Frank Wienerton (CGI-animated)
  • Kristen Wiig as Brenda Bunson (CGI-animated), Lucy Wilde (CGI-animated)
  • Jonah Hill as Carl (CGI-animated)
  • Michael Cera as Barry (CGI-animated)
  • Bridget Hoffman as Dougie O'Connell (live-action)
  • The Cops will be an organization and they will be the quaternary antagonists.
    • Hank Azaria as Clancy Wiggum (2D animated), Lou (2D animated)
    • Kelsey Grammer as Eddie (2D animated)
    • Nicolas Cage as Sergeant Yates (live action)
    • Patrick Stewart as Joe Swanson (2D animated)
    • Ed O'Neill as Sergeant Stripes (CGI animated)
  • Jason Marsden as Max Goof, a character from A Goofy Movie, it was stuck in prison in the "Jailbreak" world for 10 years. He also helps Stan Marsh and the others get back to South Park before King Pig and the villains starts domination to South Park and Imaginationland. (CGI animated)
  • Greg Baldwin as Johnny Test, a character from the 2005 TV Show at the same name. He wanted to get revenge from the cops from killing his friends, but then he gets arrested by the police of the "Jailbreak" world. He tries to help Stan Marsh and the others get back to South Park. (live action)

In addition to the cast, a huge amount of voice actors and actresses such as Andrew Garfield, Laura Bailey, Greg Baldwin, Lacey Chabert, Kath Soucie, Scott Menville, Will Arnett, Jason Marsden, Emma Roberts, Kira Kosarin, Roger Craig Smith, and Wally Wingert voice several robots that live in Cluster Prime.

Additional voices were done by Tress MacNeille, Seth MacFarlane, Alec Baldwin, Pamela Adlon, Andy Samberg, Phil LaMarr, Jessica DiCicco, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, and Landry Bender.

Also, many actors and actresses are uncredited as background characters in the film.

Box office

The film blew up at the box office, with it making $3.938 billion, beating off Avatar. This results in it being the highest-grossing film of all time.


A soundtrack for the film, titled Imaginationland: Music from the Motion Picture was released on November 2020 by WaterTower Music, and it features original score by Alexandre Desplat and Randy Newman.

  • Over the Hedge Fanfare
  • South Park Theme Song
  • Money Money Money - ABBA
  • Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
  • If I Can't Have You - Shawn Mendes
  • I Belong - Peter Yorn
  • You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees

Ending Songs

  • Imaginationland - Fall Out Boy
  • The Scientist - Coldplay
  • One More Night - Maroon 5
  • Best Day Ever - Tom Kenny

Trailers and TV Spots

  • Speed Demon - Michael Jackson (Teaser Trailer)
  • Stayin Alive - Bee Gees (Trailer 1)
  • Back In Time - Pitbull (Trailer 2)
  • Echame La Culpa - Luis Fonsi ft. Demi Lovato (Trailer 2)
  • Blue (Da Baa Dee) - Eiffel 65 (Trailer 3)
  • SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix) - Travis Scott ft. Drake (TV Spot #1)


The voice cast appeared at the 2016 Anime Expo to announce the movie and present a clip highlighting traditionally-animated films, along with footage from Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters, which is done entirely in storyboards. The footage, which was screened exclusively for the panel, received strong audience reaction with traditional animation fans "literally jumping on the floor once the footage played." In October 2019, the first clip was released on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon for one day only.

Trailers and TV Spots

  • The first theatrical trailer will be released on 20 December 2019 and will be shown before Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Tom and Jerry: The Movie 3D, Spies in Disguise, PAW Patrol: Ready Race Rescue and Call of the Wild.
  • A sneak peek of the movie (featuring the directors) will be released on home media releases of The Abominable and The Lion King (2019).
  • The second theatrical trailer will be released on March 2020 and will be shown before Sonic the Hedgehog, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, Peter Rabbit 2, Onward, Mulan (2020), Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, The Loud House Movie, The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge and Trolls World Tour.
  • An exclusive extended trailer will be released at the San Diego Comic Con in January 2020, and will be later shown at the D23 Expo in Febraury 2020.
  • To promote the 3D technology that is utilized in this film, a 3D trailer will be shown during Super Bowl LIV. Character spots (in 2D, each spot runs about 60 seconds.) will also be aired during the game.
  • The third and final trailer will be released on September 27, 2020 and will be shown before The Many Saints of Newark, Praise This, Open Season 3D and Bambi (2020 film).
  • TV spots will begin airing in October 2020.

Theatrical release promotions

  • McDonalds released 20 toys for their Happy Meal in the US and UK. The toys are Mayor of Imaginationland, King Lolipop, Butters Stotch, Jimmy Valmer, Timmy Burch, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Shrek, Sonic, Woody, Ren and Stimpy. Plus, they did a limited time food on the menu called The Imagination's Burger (with Cheese, Tomato’s, crispy Bacon, Double Meat, Red And Green jalapeños and manchego cheese, Plus they did a Sweepstakes called The Imagination's Game! where it has a scratch card game piece with chances of winning the tickets to see the movie. Other prizes include 1 million dollars, a trip to California with the El Capitan Theatre movie premiere, a flat-screen TV, a new car, A DVD player and a signed movie poster.


DVD/Blu-Ray promotions




Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters was long-planned; In September 2013, it was announced that Parker told a crowd at Anime Expo that plans to revive the series were in motion. In May 2014, Warner Bros. Animation greenlit the South Park movie in production. Parker was concerned after watching animated films with his family, about the challenge of Stan doing something more cinematically-consequential and inspiring without losing the charm of the series. "To do a big 112-minute feature film about Stan getting lost in his own city would be a big mistake. This has to be Stan on a grand-scale adventure. That's where all the action, heart, and comedy are coming from, having two characters, Stan and Mayor of Imaginationland, an boy and a mayor who has a mentor, on this dangerous odyssey with all the odds and evens against them." Trey Parker signed Tim Burton and Michael Bay to direct the film.


There was difficulty finding a story that was sufficient for a film, and the crew did not have enough time to complete such a project, as they already worked full-time on other animated films. The crew was initially worried that creating a film based on a 90's TV series would have a negative effect, as they did not have enough people to focus their attention on this project. As the film progressed, additional artists were hired so that the film could be done on time. The "strongest possible" writing team was assembled, with the film's directors and executive producer, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg being selected. Christopher Nolan and Pam Brady both joined the writing team later. The film's original plot had Stan being kidnapped and chosen as "the special one" while his family is trying to find him; an obvious reference to both animated films, The LEGO Movie, and Finding Nemo, this was later said by Trey Parker and Tim Burton to be a "joke" plot to keep fans of the show busy.  The first full cut of animatics and storyboards for the film were over two-hours long, which is uncommon for animated films, and the directors attributed this mostly to the writing team and their approach of adding as many elements to the film as they could at the outset with the intention of seeing what it could "handle" and then shaping the film from there. The final runtime will be between that and 90 minutes, the standard length of an animated film, with a balance having to be found between the expectations of an animated film that will have a large child-based audience and the requirements of the story which the directors felt were similar to many grand-scale animated films especially due to the large amount of characters in this film.


Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Julian Dennison, Noah Schnapp and Jacob Tremplay is rumored to reprise his role as Stan, Kyle, Eric, Kenny and Butters. The rest of the cast is announced in July 2019.


Animation began in October 2017. Trey Parker accepted making a Live-Action and a CGI film. He said that he would like it if the film was CGI and that it would destroy the hearts of people who grew up with South Park . The film was produced in a widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio, to distinguish it from the looks of the South Park TV series and was colored by the same palette behind said show.

The animation was directed by Chris Bailey and Matthew O'Callaghan and supervised by veteran animators, James Baxter, Eric Goldberg, and Frans Vischer. All three animation supervisors also helped redesign the characters from the show.

Most of the in-house animation crew of the film were from many different animation studios, including Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, DHX Media, Duncan Studio, and Warner Bros. Animation.

The animation was done by Film Roman in Woodland Hills, California and Rough Draft Studios in Glendale, California. Additional animation production work was divided among eight studios: Yowza Animation in Toronto, Canada, Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada, Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa, Canada, Toon City Animation in Manila, Philippines, Wang Film Productions in Xindian, Taipei, Taiwan, Digital eMation/Rough Draft's division in South Korea, and Warner Bros. Animation in Burbank, California. The stereoscopic 3D conversion and the stereographic animation was done by StereoD in Burbank, California.

Roger Deakins, Alexander McDowell, and Raymond Zibach signed on as visual consultants for the movie. The three consultants tackled with the idea of a three-dimensional CGI-animated film. Because of this, the camera moves both differently than many of the CGI animated films and similarly to a live-action film.

Post Production

Gary Rydstrom and Randy Thom, the sound designers of the film, used a combination of sound approaches. Some of the sound effects are cartoony while others tend to be more realistic.


In December 2019, it was confirmed that Alexandre Desplat and Randy Newman would compose the score for the film. and Randy Newman previously composed the score together for the G-rated CGI animated film Toy Story 4. The two felt that the score was a "unique challenge" as they had to "try and express the style of South Park without wearing the audience out". They used the opening theme from the series, but they did not want to overuse it.

Home Media

This movie will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, VHS, DVD and Digital, March 22, 2021.

Special Features

More coming soon!

  • Audio:
    English Dolby Atmos (4K UHD)
    English 7.1 DTS:X (Blu-ray)
    English 5.1 Dolby Digital (DVD)
    English Audio Description 2.0 Dolby Surround
    Spanish (Latin American) 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Spanish (Latin American) 2.0 Dolby Surround
    French (Quebec) 5.1 Dolby Digital
    French (Quebec) 2.0 Dolby Surround
    Portuguese (Brazil) 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Portuguese (Portugal) 5.1 Dolby Digital
    German 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Italian 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Japanese 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Thai 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Indonesian 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Vietnamese 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Arabic 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Czech 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Dutch 5.1 Dolby Digital
    (Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D)
    Spanish (Castilian) 5.1 DTS
    French (Parisian)
    German 5.1 DTS
    Italian 5.1 DTS
    Japanese 5.1 DTS (4K UHD Only)
  • Subtitles:
    English SDH*
    Spanish (Latin America)
    French (Quebec)
    (Blu-ray,DVD and 4K UHD)
    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
    German SDH
    Czech SDH
    Italian SDH
    (Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D)
    Spanish (Castilian)
    French (Parisian)
    (4K UHD Only)
    Dutch (Blu-Ray and 4K UHD)

*subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing impeared


The film received Grammy Award and 24th Critics' Choice Awards, and won 4 Grammys for Best Visual Effects, Director, Actor, and Adapted Screenplay.

The film won two 24th Critics' Choice Awards for Best Young Actor and Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for Best Visual Effects.

In the UK, the film was nominated for several BAFTAs.

In Argentina, in the television program called Showmatch, Marcelo Tinelli is announcing in the Avant Premiere Cinemark Hotys they are going to release a South Park movie just for teenagers and adults (which indicates to Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters). 


This film is set to be released on November 21, 2020, in 2D, Digital 3D, RealD 3D, XD 3D, 4D E-Motion, IMAX, and IMAX 3D by Paramount Pictures and will be rated PG-13 for violence and mild language.

This film will also premiere on November 17, 2020 (four days earlier) at the Cinemark Avant Premiere.

Short Film

The film will be preceded by Fetch the Bee Ball!, a 6-minute short film based on Illumination Entertainment's 2019 film, The Secret Life of Pets 2

TV Premiere

The film premiered on HBO, Locomotion, FOX and MTV in July 2021 to celebrate the series' eighth birthday, but this time cut.

Video Game

  • Sony released an action-adventure sandbox game with one of the prizes being a DVD release for the film

2-Film Collection

The film will be accompanied by the movie The Secret Life of Pets 2 (due made the theatrical short film in the movie).

The 2-Film Collection will be released on March 30, 2021.

File:2-Film Collection Imaginationland 2.png

Special South Park's Edition Director's Cut

A 2-disc direct-to-video special edition cut, titled  Imaginationland: Return of Evil Characters: Special South Park's Edition Director's Cut will be released on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray on May 1, 2021, a month after the Dvd and Blue-Ray release. It will be distributed Paramount Digital Entertainment/DVD and Warner Home Video and produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer., and will include deleted scenes, outtakes, and interviews and will be a darker and much scarier take on the film, with more blood and gore in the film and swearing during the outtakes and film, meaning that it will be rated R.

Disc 1: Imaginationland: Return of Evil Characters (Theatrical version)

Disc 2: Imaginationland: Return of Evil Characters: Special South Park's Edition Director's Cut/Special Features




Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters/Transcript

Trailer Transcript

Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters/Trailer transcript

TV Spots

Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters/TV Spots


Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters/Credits


  • A Place Called Imaginationland/Lollipop King's death
  • Making ideas for Imaginationland/Creating a Stan Marsh
  • The First Day at South Park Elementary
  • Helping to Explain
  • A New Day
  • Creating the Imaginationland citizen to a villain
  • Spreading Wars of Class/Detention
  • Butters stealing Stan's girlfriend

more comming soon,..


  • The film was originally intended as the series finale, but MTV ordered more episodes of the series after the film's success, so Eric Stough resigned as Showrunner, with Graves taking Stough's Place.
  • The film mentions about the events of the South Park episodes, "How to Eat with Your Butt", "Cartmanland" and "Scott Tenorman Must Die".
  • The film also marks the last full appearence of Scott Tenorman due to his death.
  • This is actually a critical success, receiving a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes & IMDb giving it 8.6/10.
  • This film was one of the most disappointing flops of 2020.
  • Being the 2nd theatrical feature film from South Park after South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  • This was the 4th film to collaborate with 10 different cartoon series.
  • This was the 1st South Park film to be rated PG-13 instead to be rated R.
  • The film was the #1 movie in America since Clifford's Really Big Movie and The LEGO Movie.
  • The movie focuses on Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch
  • The film will be collaborated with the original cartoon series of Comedy Central, except for the realistic shows they shown & mentioned in the Hall of History scene.
  • The film uses the animation and live action from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam.
  • The Paramount Pictures fanfare will be played the Dreamworks Pictures' film Over the Hedge fanfare
  • 6th Graders, Shelly Marsh. Veronica and Bebe Stevens will not appear in the movie. (except for Wendy Testaburger, Scott Tenorman, Jimmy Valmer, Timmy Burch, Clyde Donovan, Heidi Turner, Craig Tucker and more)
  • Randy Marsh, Sharon Marsh, Gerald Broflovski, Sheila Broflovski, Ike Broflovski, Liane Cartman, Mrs. McCormick, Stuart McCormick, Linda Stotch and Stephen Stotch are appeared in the movie
  • Stan and Wendy will finally kiss at the end of the movie.
  • Some of the outtakes during the bloopers are similar to Toy Story 2Monsters IncGaurdians of the Galaxy and Jonah: a VeggieTales Movie.
  • Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters has the 2nd best merchandise right under Pixar's Cars and on top of Disney's Frozen.
  • In the movie, King Pig can transform into a demon, a giant, etc. Similar to Jafar from Disney's Aladdin when he transforms into a snake and a genie.
  • Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer's second live-action film, after It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019)
  • Noah Schnapp's second film, after The Peanuts Movie (2015)
  • Julian Dennison's first adventure film.
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not going to play Stan, Kyle, Eric, Kenny and Butters again. Replaced by Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Julian Dennison, Noah Schnapp and Jacob Tremblay.
  • The Spider-Pig song plays whenever Plopper the Pig appears.
  • Some Characters saying "Slade".
  • Some Characters breaking the fourth wall.
  • Some of the deleted scenes from animated movies will be in the movie.




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Release Dates/Other Languages

  • Hollywood, Los Angeles and Las Vegas - November 17, 2020 (Avant Premiere) (Imaginationland 2)
  • Peru and Chile - November 20, 2020 (Imaginacionlandia: El Regreso de los Personajes Malos)
  • USA, UK and Australia - November 21, 2020 (Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters)
  • Tokyo - November 25, 2020 (Imajinēshonrando: Jaakuna seikaku no kikan)
  • Brazil - December 1, 2020 (Imaginationland: Retorno dos personagens maus)
  • Mexico - December 3, 2020 (Imaginacionlandia 2)
  • Argentina and Uruguay - January 1, 2021 (Imaginacionlandia 2)


Openings (In Cinemas)

Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters (AMC Theatres)

Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters (Regal Cinemas)

Imaginationland: Return of the Evil Characters (Cinemark)

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