Imagination Sylphs is an animesque-animated action-adventure musical TV series that is a side-story to Imagination Stars. It is also based on the movie with the same name and the first side-story in the Idol Stars franchise.

Due to the movie's (and series') popularity, an Imagination Sylphs TV series was announced by the creator.

The show only had one season and 52 episodes, because a certain spin-off would come right after it, again, due to the series' popularity.


This was inspired by this.


The seven girls we all know and love might be the famous idol group known as Imagination Stars, but one day, when Olivia's cell phone rings, a mysterious voice whispers to her to come to the bus, so she does so, but her friends weren't there, just a ladybug-like creature named Pink with a red gem glowing black... but is the film, Imagination Sylphs, coming to life? It was! But then, the mysterious gem was taken from two bat twins named Lily and Daisy. So, Olivia tells her friends it's gonna happen, then Pink explains that the gem belongs to The Father of All Evil, so she gives her the Dimension Pad, the Dimension Pad can take her to either one of six dimensions, Mediávila (The Pink Surface of Water), Tresed (The Blue Sky of Air), Clergia (The Orange Temple of Earth), Xagalia (The Yellow Oven of Fire), Venhea (The Purple Garden of Nature), Silhoulight (The Playground of Light and Dark). It could also make her transform into Sylph Cherry, the pink sylph that controls water. The same thing happens to the 6 others, whose sylph egos are Sylph Typhoon, the blue sylph that controls air, Sylph Maple, the orange sylph that controls earth, Sylph Golden, the yellow sylph that controls fire, Sylph Violet, the purple sylph that controls nature, Sylph Cotton, the white sylph that controls light, and Sylph Licorice, the black sylph that controls dark. Together, they are the Imagination Sylphs! Along the way, they meet six other creatures, a penguin-like creature named Blue, a moose-like creature named Orange, a hippo-like creature named Yellow, a kangaroo-like creature named Purple, and two bunny-like creatures named White and Black.


Imagination Sylphs

The girls as they are transformed.

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