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Season three (and possibly for the future manga chapters and arcs)

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  • At the beginning of the first episode Ticy becomes the new Student Council president after defeating Attie, Arnett, and Creo. She then cuts her hair in honor of Chiffon.
  • Leaving were the last episode of Freezing Vibration left off, Kazuya and Stallizer talks to Ticy about when they bathetize, and tells Ticy about the last time they tried. Ticy saids that she understand why Kazuya won’t strongly make Rana back off. Kazuya then decided that he‘ll tell Rana to back off, even if it might hurt Rana so hard because he truly wants to be Stallizer’s Limiter. Rana overheard of what’s going on. Rana recalls of what her teacher said to her, then said to herself “But how can have him be my limiter, if he doesn’t want to be my limiter” and walks away in tears.(Omega groudon)
  • As Kazyuya walk twords Stallizer’s room, Miyabi stands in front of him a call out her henchmen. But Cero, Arnett, and Rana took care of her henchmen. Rana clashes with Miyabi while telling Kazuya to go to Stallizer. Kazuya thanked Rana as he rushed twords Stallizer. Rana used a powerful blast that stripes all of Miyabi’s clothes off. Miyabi got down on her knees feeling embarrassed. Rana tried to punch Miyabi but one of her henchmen took the hit. Rana tells Miyabi that she should be greatful for having one man to truely care for her, and that Miyabi would never understand.(Omega groudon)
  • Kazuya and Stallizer sit on the bed to try to bathetize. Stallizer at first was nervous but Kazuya comferts her. The two of them kiss and begin bathetizing.(Omega groudon)
  • Kazuya and Stallizer’s friends(except Rana) celebrate for Kazuya and Stallizer to final bathtizing. Attia does an embarrassing performance for the celebration.(Omega groudon)
  • Rana goes berserk because Kazuya officially becomes Stallizer’s limiter.(Omega groudon)
  • Kazuya’s Freezing ability becomes stronger because of his bathetizing with Stallizer. (Omega groudon)
  • Holly tortures Louis for his past wrong doings. Holly sheads tears and kisses Louis. (Omega groudon)
  • Rana confesses that her affections for Kazuya was just a way to get him to be her limiter, and that she’s only interested in Kazuya’s power. Rana then says that she realized that Kazuya and Stallizer truly love each other before she dies with a smile. (Omega groudon)
  • In order to save Kazuya’s life(who is still inside Orie) most of Cassandra’s stigma was transplanted inside Orie to keep Kazuya’s life, but after giving birth Kazuya is attracted to Cassandra due to regonizing her stigma. One night Orie tried to kill Cassandra because she blames her for Kazuya to be attracted to her. Ryuuichi tried to stop Orie but end up being killed by her hands. Feeling guilty Orie killed herself.(Omega groudon)
  • Attia and Miyabi are killed turning the nova clash. (Omega groudon)

manga (and possibly for future anime seasons)

  • I wish for Kazuya to develop more (as in not have him as a push over when it comes to girls), and heres my idea: Satellizer breaks up with Kazuya for being a pushover with woman and staying that Satellizer herself was just another woman that Kazuya had to be nice to. This causes Kazuya to go insane and sexually assaulting (but didn’t rape) Rana, Miyabi, Ticy, and Ouka, just before they turn into “Godesses of Balance” like being do to Kazuya’s stigma or something. Satellizer then beats the heck out off Kazuya. Kazuya wakes up, finding himself in jail for his mischief, and that Kazuya realized that he somehow lost his stigma and powers. His friends help him escape and helped him find Satellizer. After Kazuya finds Satellizer, she tells Kazuya to leave. Kazuya tells Satellizer that she’s right about Kazuya’s actions and that Kazuya was an idiot as he starts crying. Satellizer then hug him and the two of them have sex. They both have a dream together about Kazuha congratulating the two of them and then told them the truth about the powers that Kazyuya had. She first tells them that Gengo implanted the stigmatizen into Orie while Kazuya was inside Orie, and then she told the two of them that it was Cassandra who raped Ryuuichi (and not the other way around). Kazuya get angry and asked why Cassandra showed him lies. Kazuha tell Kazuya and Satellizer that they have to stop Gengo to find the truth together. They both wake up, realizing that Kazuya got his stigma back, but is different from the one he had before. The two of them defeated the four corrupted Pandora with the help of their friends. Miyabi and Rana are killed, but Ticy and Ouka are spared do to seeing the spirits of Kazuha (Ouka) and Chiffon (Ticy) because of Kazuya’s new freezing, and are turned back to normal. I know most of my ideas aren’t perfect, but I just want Kazuya to see what an idiot he is, and for him to trim down his old self. Another idea I came up with is when Kazuya got raped by Rana after Satellizer abandoned Kazuya himself, causing Kazuya to go berserk. Then Kazuya would feel down and depressed after losing his powers (somehow) when he was in jail for destroying the school.
  • Rana (goddess) tells Kazuya that he and Rana have a bond. Kazuya tells Rana that shes was attracted to his original powers. Rana denize that fact and keeps tells Kazuya that their made for each other. Kazuya then punches Rana on the face real hard. He then angerly tells Rana that Rana herself is a big jerk and that he loves only Satellizer. Rana then gets furious and is about to kill Kazuya. But Satellizer delivers a serious blow onto Rana. Rana asks Kazuya if he hates Rana herself. Kazuya replied that he wasn’t sure at first, but he recalls the time when Rana tied up Kazuya, and forced him to make Satellizer do those silly things, and that’s when Kazuya truly hated Rana, and then said that he didn’t say something because he’s weak with girls. Rana then apologize for being in the between Kazuya and Satellizer, just before she dies.
  • Elizabeth clashes Park Se-Mi while her friends try to free Kazuya. Elizabeth tells Park that her reasons for wanting people to hate her is ridiculous, which enraged Se-Mi. Elizabeth defeats Se-Mi and gives her a pep talk just before she leaves to rejoin her friends. Se-Mi cries in tears asking herself why life is so unfair.
  • One idea I have is about Howard’s relationship between Noelle and Olivia. And yes he always knew about Louis torturing Satellizer, which is why he appointed Satellizer to be a pandora, but Howard wanted to get rid of Louis. One idea is that Howard suspect Oliva to never truly love him Howard himself, but only cared about his fortunes. He found comfort with Noelle, who understood his feelings. This leads to Olivia feeling guilty for making Howard feel that way towards herself, more so after he died from an earthquake. Another idea is that Howard himself is a twisted person, who only see women as pleasurable toys. Then after Howard died from an earthquake, Olivia and Louis apologizes to Satellizer for the hell they gave her and her mother. But Satellizer said that she doesn't have the heart to forgive Olivia and Louis, which Kazuya said that he understands why Satellizer couldn't forgive them. Both Kazuya and Satellizer wish to get married and make their own family, which both Olivia, Violet, and Louis accept their choice. After Satellizer and Kazuya leave, Louis then states that he will leave the L Bridget family to star over, leaving Violet as the head of the L Bridget family, wishing that she could of stood up for Satellizer from the beginning.
  • Even though I had the idea that Ouka becoming one of the Neo goddesses, I couldn’t help my self myself: After Kazuya and Satellizer stated that they’ll get married, Ouka gats furious and tries to kill Satellizer. But Satellizer was able to defeat Ouka because Satellizer’s willpower and Kazuya’s support. Even though Ouka is defeated, she still wishes to protect and marry Kazuya. Suddenly Kazuya punches Ouka on the face real hard. He then called Ouka an idiot, and then saids that he doesn’t want to marry someone with the same blood as his, just before he walks away with Satellizer. Ouka then burst into tears.

Final Arc

After the Neo Four Goddess are all defeated, Kazuya tells all the other Pandora and Limiters that the only way to end the war against the Novas is to destroy the source of the Pandora’s powers. Many Pandoras and Limiters a very unsure about Kazuya's plan. But after Kazuya and Satellizer gave their explanation to all the Pandoras and Limiters, some of them decided to go along with it, while a few are still unsure and leave. Kazuya, Satellizer, and the rest of the Pandoras and Limiters arriverd at the location where all the source of all pandora’s power are. While the paired Pandoras and Limiters handle Kazuya’s aunts and sister/cousin, Kazuya and Satellizer rush towards the source. The two of them reach to the source, only to discover Maria’s body in a container of some-kind. Suddenly Gengo appears, and asks why the two of them dare come this far. Kazuya then tells Gengo that Kazuha told Kazuya himself and Satellizer that Gengo himself implanted stigma into Orie when Kazuya was still inside her, causing Kazuya to gain that stigma. Gengo tells the two of them that he did it for an experiment of some kind, and that the stigma was from Maria herself. Gengo then stated that he won’t let anyone harm Maria, and Cassandra appears to stop Kazuya and Satellizer, which results into a clash between Satellizer and Cassandra. At first Cassandra hade the upper hand, but thanks to Kazuya’s help Satellizer was able to defeat Cassandra. But Maria’s capsule was destroyed during the fight. Gengo panicly checks if Maria is okay. Maria suddenly strangles Gengo and tells him that he failed Maria herself before she kills him. Maria tells Kazuya and Satellizer about her back story, that her life was hell in her world. She discovered earth thanks to Gengo’s device, and that she was manipulating Gengo to do her bidding. She also confess that she also manipulated Kazuya’s aunts and that Maria herself was behind Ouka wish on wanting to marry Kazuya because Maria herself believed that only those of the same blood can bare strong children. Kazuya is angry and dramatized of Maria’s actions and how it affected his life. Satellizer snaps Kazuya out by hitting him on the head. Kazuya looks up to Satellizer, noticing the concern look on he face, causing Kazuya to calm down. Satellizer tells Maria that Satellizers own life was hell and it was Kazuya’s love that save her and returned her love back. Satellizer then asks Maria if she loves Gengo. Maria replied that she didn’t, and stated that she only used Gengo as a pawn for her planes to created a new world order. Suddenly Cassandra attacks Maria and tells Kazuya and Satellizer to escape. Maria asks Cassandra why is she protecting Kazuya and Satellizer. Cassandra replied that she wanted to make up her past sins. Maria mocks Cassandra, just before she kills her and absorbs her power. Shen created a powerful blast that destroys the building. But both Kazuya and Satellizer managed to get out in time. The paired up Pandoras and Limiters notice the building getting blown up, and that Kazuya and Satellizer are still alive. Maria is seen standing on top of the wreck. Her daughters and Arcadia form a circle around Maria, bowing to her. Maria turns them into stardust, absorbing them. This made Maria grow giant. Maria then states that her revolution will begin, and for all to kneel before her. Kazuya, Satellizer, and the rest of the Pandoras and Limiters begin their assault on giant Maria. The Limiters activate their freezing power to stop Maria, give ing all the Pandoras to attack Maria. But it seems that the freezing doesn’t effect Maria very much, and she counter the attacks of the Pandoras. Maria says that males are pigs who enjoy their plesurements. Maria tries reaching to Kazuya, but Ouka steps in and gets grabbed by Maria. Ouka turns her head right twords Kazuya, apologzing to him before she gets absorbed by Maria. Kazuya begins to shed tears, asking why Ouka had to be so stubborn. Maria offer Kazuya to become one with her, to end the suffering. But Satellizer grabbed Kazuya’s hand, reminding him to settle problems together with the ones who love him. This reminded Kazuya of his past mistakes, an tells Maria that he refuses to join her. This angered Maria as she tries to kill Kazuya and Satellizer. But Kazuya activates his freezing, and with Satellizer’s support the freezing stops Maria in her tracks. Satellizer builds up her volt weapon. Both Kazuya and Satellizer hold on to the volt weapon together, delivering the final blow on to Maria. The attacks splits Maria into two. As Maria dies she’s started reserving images of Gongo, and questions. She then question herself if she turly sees Gengo as her pawn, or something else before she dies. Maria’s death not only prevents the novas from entering earth but also makes the Pandoras and Limiters to loss their powers each, including Kazuya and Satellizer. The final chapter shows all the remaining know Pandoras and their Limiter married and having a new life for each of them. The final scenes shows Kazuya and Satellizer standing near a cliff, with a beautiful view of the ocean. The scene also shows Satellizer holding on to their baby daughter. Both Kazuya and Satellizer smile happily as they watch the view together, knowing that the future will be bright.

Personal Message

When I first made this wiki it was or for Season Three of the Freezing anime. But after being anxious and inpatient for Chapter 226 to come out I decided to change this wiki page as an idea page to come up with some ideas for future arcs. I will apologize if the ideas I have up here are the same ones that the writers of the Freezing Manga are planning to use for future arcs and chapters. And I won’t sue the writers of the manga if they used any of my ideas from this wiki.

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