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Going on Complete

These articles are nearly done, but little additions may be beneficial. If you have any ideas, I'm sure the creators wouldn't mind a comment with your suggestion. As they are nearly done, it is recommended to make the change in the form of a comment bearing the suggestion, rather than just making the change. Such changes involve plot twists, new characters, cameos and other major changes. This does not cover spelling or grammar mistakes.

Check out Category:Going on Complete for articles in this category.

Near Perfect

These articles are basically complete ideas, and need very little help. Or so their author thinks. I bet someone like you could find a couple things that could improve the article even more. Despite these pages further along than the ones going on complete. Major changes are again left on the talk page, minor changes can be made. However, there will be something notifying you if the article is so perfect that the user doesn't check it anymore. If that's the case, All helpful changes are accepted.

Check out Category:Near Perfect for articles in this category.

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