Jumping in to making articles! Awesome! Glad to have someone so excited!

Brief Guidelines

  1. You can create as many ideas as you like, in fact, the more the merrier. Anything is fair game except sexual content!
  2. Minimal language comes up in conversation, but try to minimize how much is used. We can be very strict about what goes into ideas.
  3. We all speak English, and our only translator is Google. Sorry if that affects you.
  4. Ask for help when you need it. Some may even be in chat, if that answers your question faster.
  5. Drop by us (Wazzupguys, Coolot1, or DonaldoC1997), and let us know that you're around! See if you can message us before we message you! As well, we, specifically, Gree, needs to know if any part of the wiki is broken. Stay in touch! :)
  6. The edit box for an article features a summary text box. Enter a basic summaries of what you did so people who browse them can understand.
  7. The Ideas Wiki is getting more popular all the time... Act sharp or don't act at all is what we're saying!
  8. Have fun creating your articles! We wish the best of luck to you and everyone here.

From Here

  • For helping making a new article, see here
  • For help continuing an article or series, see here
  • To start an article, click here.

Where to go if you need help

We have a manual!

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