This is the Idea Incubator. Below, you can post partial ideas that aren't big enough for something by itself. Overall raw concepts, character ideas, weapon opportunities, gameplay features, etc. are all welcome. Just post the idea in a Level 3 header ("===" in code view) under the associated section, and sign with a "~~~".

To regular visitors to this page, you can browse other users' ideas and either suggest expansions, or take inspiration from them. In addition, you can go to the user's message wall, and see if they would like to do a collaboration.


To create an memo of the idea, please enter the subject title of your request in the following box and then click "Add." Once there, you'll be able to leave your idea.

If you're here to browse ideas, occasionally some are posted to the Ideas Wiki Facebook page.

Overall concept

(This covers games, locations and modes; not just games. It's sort of a catch-all.)

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