The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best the Ideas Wiki has to offer. The featured articles will be on the main page for one month before being changed.


There is no criteria for nominating articles. Any article can be nominated, even small stubs. However, we do recommend that you spruce up your idea to make it even bigger and more awesome! Perhaps these articles can help you:


Date of last revision: November 1, 2019

  • You can nominate any article.
  • There is no limit in how many articles you nominate.
  • A score of at least 1 is needed to be the winner.
  • If multiple nominations won, the first winner gets to be this month's featured article, the second winner gets to be next month's featured article, and so on.
  • These rules may change at any time with or without prior notice, so it is your responsibility to read these from time to time.


Before nominating a featured article, make sure the countdown is not going up. Follow the instructions and add {{FANOM}} to the top of the page.



=== ''[[Name of idea]]'' ===
Reason. --~~~~
==== Votes ====


*{{Support}} because... --~~~~
*{{Oppose}} because... --~~~~


Power Rangers Astral Knights

PRaAK is currently the best of what I worked on in 2019. Please vote for it!


Warm Point

Warm Point, from my point of view, Warm Point is a great idea. It's the only project here that I created, and it already seems like a damn fine idea. And I still plan developing this idea further. LaMillionaire (talk) 05:11, June 2, 2020 (UTC)



Date Name Creator Nominator Score Status Notes
March 1-31 2017 Scooby-Doo: The Next Mystery
April 1-May 31 2017 Nightwing
June 1-30 2017 The Big Nate Movie
July 1-31 2017 Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer
August 1-31 2017 Collin the Speedy Boy
September 1-30 2017 Toby Fox's Undertale
October 1-31 2017 An Animal's Escape
November 1-30 2017 ROBLOX: The Movie
December 1-31 2017 Eric Animations
January 1-31 2018 Overwatch
February 1-28 2018 Captain Cole
March 1-April 31 2018 Foxtoons
May 1-June 15 2018 GodzillaVerse
June 30-July 10 2018 WB Kids
July 11-August 10 2018 Marvel Cinematic Universe
August 11 2018-January 14 2019 The Tales of the Paintders
January 15-31 2019 The New Monster
February 1-14 2019 Save the Idea Wiki ? ? Placeholder. Placeholder. there were no nominations in ?.
February 15-March 14 2019 The CN Movie ? ? Placeholder. Placeholder. there were no nominations in ?.
March 15-April 31 2019 The Question ? ? Placeholder. Placeholder. there were no nominations in ?.
May 1-31 2019 J-Stars Victory VS+ Ultra ? ? Placeholder. Placeholder. there were no nominations in ?.
June 1-August 31 2019 Shinzo ? ? Placeholder. Placeholder. there were no nominations in ?.
September 1-October 31 2019 Ice Age 6: The Kidnapping ? ? Placeholder. Placeholder. there were no nominations in ?.
November 1-30 2019 Ed, Edd n Eddy the Movie: The Ed-Touchables ? ? 4 Won.


If the article failed to be featured, remove the FANOM template at the top of the page. If the article is now featured, replace the FANOM template with FA.


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