This article is partially fandom. It is considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Ice age 5: back into the dinasour land

It was a normal day on the island that actually is the home from our favorite family. A few time passed since Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Shira, Peaches, Grammy and Scratt came to that island. On one of the trees was Scratt trying to get his famous nut. This one was on the tallest part of the tree (a really tall tree). Scrat decided to go for it, anyway. When he got there, he couldn’t find the nut. He asked his self where it was. And he found it inside the tree, with another tooth saber squirrel, that was Scratte. He remembered all the things that she made, so he hid some part from the tree, and waited to catch the nut and go away. When she left, he took the nut and went away, but she looked at him, so she tried to get that nut. Finally the girl won, leaving Scratt hurt, because she, being more astute, made that he hit against a rock.

On another part of the island was Peaches sat with their friends Ethan and Louis. The three were talking about different things that happened on the island, since they’re friends. Peaches was really happy, because in a week, she will turn eighteen years old. That meant that she will be older enough to take her own decisions, without her father overprotective opinion. She will decide about everything on her life, including boys. Saying this she looked at Ethan. Yes, she still is in love with him, after all. More time than a year passed since they came to the island. And all this time Ethan tried to conquer her, because apparently he’s in love with her, too. Anyway, Louis still is in love with Peaches, and even now, he couldn’t tell her it. He’s still waiting for the best moment to say it. But this moment apparently will never come, and he will lose her. He can’t even look at the Peaches’ eyes when she looks at Ethan, it’s so horrible been in love with someone that looks at you just like a friend. He’s really decided to tell her how does he feel, but he needs been alone with her. And this is a problem.

Ellie and Manny were organizing the Peaches’ birthday. Ellie was really happy that her little girl was finally a woman, but Manny was really sad about it. Even when he leaves Peaches do more things that before, free she at all is too much for him. He still thinks that she’s his little girl, and something tells me that he will always think that. Ellie tries to gladden him, each time that she sees that he's starting to sadden, and this mean that she’s all the time trying to gladden him. Saying that Peaches will know what to do, that the both knew that she won’t be their little girl forever, but this still costs, and too much, for the both, but more for Manny.

On another side from the island, on a river, Shira was drinking water. Diego was hiding on some shrub. He was trying to scare her, because she still thinks that he’s ‘‘softie’’, and he will never like it, or accept it. Even when Shira really likes that on him, that is one of her favorite things from him, but he doesn’t know it. He moved behind a rock. The female saber listened something and smiled, like knowing what was about to happen. When Diego jumped to scare her, she wasn’t there anymore. He couldn’t understand where was her. Suddenly she attacked him, and put her body above him. He asked how could she know what was he about to do, she, laughing, answered that she knows him. When she stopped laughed the both stay looking each other for a few time. They were about to kiss, when Grammy appeared and interrupted them saying that ‘’in her times the young couples didn’t use to kiss everywhere’’. Although they’re in love each other, Diego and Shira aren’t couple, maybe because they’ve never confessed what they feel, they say that they’re just friends. Anyway, they were all the time together, and I guess that the both know what they feel, but they don’t animate to do the first step. Shira got out above of Diego, and looked at him with a shame face, and a fake smile.

Sid was looking for Grammy, because she always gets lose. So, he went ask Diego if he saw her. And when he arrived he found her. He looked at the Diego and Shira faces, thing that made him grieve a little bit, because he was the only one without a girl. Manny is occupied with Ellie and Peaches since a lot time ago. And now, the only one that was single like him, found a girl, and it’s all the time with her. Don’t misread it; he’s happy for his friends, he’s happy that they finally found the love. But he’s sad because he couldn’t find it yet. And he’s starting to think that maybe he won’t find it. Moreover, he’s worry too. Their friends are starting to leave him. He knows how feels to be abandoned and he doesn’t want to feel like that again. He took Grammy away from his friends and left them alone. He went to a kind of ‘’center’’ from the island. There were two pretty female sloths talking each other. He tried to call their attention, but he failed. The girls finished cursing him and making fun of him, saying that they could never hang out with a sloth like him. So, he trying to save his pride, saying that he will find a sloth better than them; the girls didn’t believe it, but he was completely convinced about find her.

Peaches, Louis, Ethan and the other mammoths were walking throw the island, when they found a stranger side from it. And, even when Louis wasn’t so convinced about go into it, they went anyway. They start walking when Peaches saw a kind of cave, and told the other to go inside it. The cave was dark, but some sunrays could get in. It had some freeze parts, something weird on that island. It wasn’t a normal place, so Peaches start to say that they should be leaving.  Suddenly they listen to sounds, as someone else was there. And they decided to leave the cave. The thing they didn’t know was that there was another animal else on the cave, watching them, hid on some side from it.

Scrat followed Scratte into the cave, she used all the different sides to hide against him, and he finished really hurt. But, he followed her to the other exit from the cave, and he saw that the cave goes out into the dinosaur land, where he has already gone a few time ago. Scratte made fun of him, and he followed her. They went into a kind of precipice, Scratte could fly and pass it, and she went into a tree. Scratt staid on one side from the precipice, he didn’t know how to pass it.

From the weird cave came out a female sloth, she was really beautiful, more beautiful than the other sloths, she had blonde hair and green eyes, her eyes were like a couple of bright emeralds. She looked around and started to ask to the people about three mammoths, a sloth, a tiger and two opossums.

Crash and Eddie passed over there, and looked at the girl asking to everybody about, of course, them. They didn’t know who she was, or what did she want. They still remember the pirates that attacked them, and they thought she was another one. So, they tried to go away. But the girl saw them, and automatically she asked them if they know something ‘bout this herd that she was looking for. They said no, and gave a stupid excuse, but anyway she didn’t believe them.

-I know that you’re the opossums that I’m looking for, I really need to talk to the other of you- she begged

-Who other of us? - Asked them

-You know, the mammoths, the sloth and the tiger-

They denied saying that they weren’t just mammoths, a sloth and a tiger, now there are more animals than the ones that she said. So, they went away with a victorious air, when suddenly the sloth screamed

-¿You know Buck?-

Crash and Eddie walk back and looked at her, with a stupid and surprise face. They asked about him, and she said that he needed help, they needed help. Rudy was out of control, and even he can’t control him. He could free himself and now he wants desperately to kill Buck. The girl asked them if they could help her, and they said yes, and went away, saying that they will bring to the other ones.

The opossums went away really quickly and they stumbled on Ellie. They explained the entire situation, and she started to look very happy, she couldn’t believe it, she wanted to see Buck again a lot time ago. She called Manny, and the both went to meet her.  On that, Sid listened what happened and Crash and Eddie said that he should tell the other ones. So, he went looking for Peaches, Diego, Shira and Grammy, that was lost again.

Diego and Shira were together, like all the time. They were talking, and Diego asked her about her past, because he was really curious about it, she didn’t tell him, and each time he tries to talk about it, she starts talking about another thing. Shira tried to talk about another thing, but he insisted, so she said that she didn’t want to talk about it. He couldn’t understand why, he told her everything about him, how he met Manny and Sid, why did he leave his herd. But she never told him anything. He wanted to know why she leaved her herd, so he started to guess. But she denied all of the options and said that she really didn’t want to talk about that. Diego was about to say something when Sid appeared and explained what was going on, so they went with the other ones.

When they arrived the sloth was talking with Manny and Ellie about what was happening, so Sid called her. She turned around and Sid felt ‘‘the love at the first sight’’.  And he stayed looking at her a few time, with a silly face.

-Hi, I’m Leila, what’s your name? - Said the girl, but Sid didn’t answer; he just stayed like an idiot looking at her -mmm… hello? - Said again, but he wasn’t listening to her. Manny beat him on his head, waking him up.

-Hello- He said with a ‘’gallant voice’’ –My name’s Sad. No, wait it’s Sick- Manny said that his name was Sid. So Sid smiled and started talking about all the girls that want to hang out with him, the girl didn’t believe him, and went away from the sloth.

Leila explained why and how she got there, she is a Buck’s friend, Rudy could scape and now it’s out of control, and wants to kill him desperately, and Buck can’t stop it. She was trying to find more animals, so they will help Buck. Buck has already told her about the herd, and when she saw a couple of mammoths, she decided to look for them. Anyway Buck didn’t know that she was with them.

-You’re really smart- Said Sid when she finished talking, she smiled –All the girls that hung out with say that I’m the smartest sloth that they’ve never meet, you know?- Continued him, and Leila’s smile turned to a face like saying ‘’literally?’’ and she went away from him, again.

-So, are you with me?- She asked, and everyone asked yes, except for Shira, Louis and Peaches that have no idea about Buck and why they should help him, but well, they’re their family after all. So, they followed the sloth, especially Sid that couldn’t take his eyes out of her, and she knew it, because it was too obviously.

They followed her into the cave, and on the other side of it, they saw the dinosaur land again. Even when it wasn’t the first time that they went (except for Peaches, Louis, Shira and Grammy) they still surprised about that unbelievably world that they were looking at. The sloth smiled and guided them for a weird way to the Buck’s cave.

Before they came a dinosaur appeared so they should try to scape, but they all finished stumbling on a slope, and going down on it. So, they finished laid on the ground.

Leila was the first one on lift up and follows her way, but something interrupted her, Buck. She explained the entire situation, and Buck remembered her all the danger that there are, and he thinks that they should get back, because he can control Rudy alone. The both started fighting, and a ‘’Hey, Buck’’ from Ellie interrupted them.

-Hi, everyone again, here, ah? - Said the weasel –And you still all together? After all the time that has passed? Wow… You’re really close, mammalians- He looked at Diego and said -I thought you were about to left them, you feel sorrow, or…-

-No, he felt another thing- Said Manny, and Diego looked at him with hate, he knew that he was about to say something about Shira, since she came he and Sid didn’t stop making fun of him because he likes her.

-Yeah, because someone ‘’pirated’’ his heart - Added Sid laughing, and luckily Buck didn’t understand what they were talking about, until that moment

-So, this is the famous Buck… Am I the only one who notes that he is a… weasel? - Said Shira

On that moment Buck started to look at her, like inspecting her. And he said to Diego on his ear, but Shira listened anyway: -I must confess, tiger, she’s hot. Yeah, really hot, you haven’t choose wrong, eh?-

-Excuse me! - Said Shira with her typical ‘’die!’’ face -First of all, I’m not just a hot girl, ok weasel? And second, we aren’t a couple, we’re just friends- Buck started laughing, but when he saw that he was the only one laughing, he started to think and asked Diego:

-So, you should be gay- After saying that Shira couldn’t stop laughing, really everyone laughed but, they tried to hide it, and just Shira was beside him.

-That can explain why you are as soft- Said Shira making fun of him

-No, I am not- Said Diego with an angry face looking at Shira that followed laughing

-But why you aren’t a couple- He thought for a while and said –I know, any of you two could say what they feel, right?- Diego and Shira denied with their heads, and Buck added –Yes, is that option, and I think you two make a cute couple, anyway- he looked at all the animals from the herd -Well, I think you should go, this is a dangerous place for all of you, and now you aren’t just five crazy animals that are a herd, now are like twenty, so is more dangerous- Said Buck

But everyone said that they wanted to help him, anyway. So he left them, even when he wasn’t convince at all, and he guided them into his cave.

Scrat toke a branch and tried to pass the precipice with it, but he finished going down over it. Scratte watched the scene and showing the nut started to make fun of him, but Scrat, angry, lifted up and followed her.

Buck guided the herd into a place with a lot of trees, they crossed them and saw a big cave hided on a place with a lot of leafs and trees, so the dinosaur can’t find him.

-The cave is big just for you- Said Manny

-And what maybe he needs space right, Buck? - Said Crash and Eddie, following Buck everywhere

-Good answer, we need space, and you’re right- Added Buck


-Yes, me, Leila and Suzanne-

Everyone was about to ask who is Susanne when appeared a female tooth saber tiger, she was pretty, with green eyes and orange hair, she was from the same species than Diego. 

-What’s all that nois…- She looked at Diego -¿Diego?-

-Suzanne?-Said him, the both started laughing, but Suzanne looked at Shira

-Shira? I can’t believe it! You two! Together? - Said suddenly

-You know her? - Asked Diego and Shira at the same time, and stayed looking at each other for a minute, they were from the same herd! And they don’t even realize it!

-So, who is her? - Asked Manny

-She’s my ex-girlfriend- Answered him

-And you know…- Asked Ellie to Shira

-Yes, she is… mmm… a saber from my herd- She brought near to her and whispered –A saber that I really hated-

-So, you’re a couple? - Asked the new saber

-No, we aren’t- Answered Diego like saying ‘‘of course that we aren’t’’, Shira looked at him with an angry face, and Diego didn’t understand why

Buck interrupted that situation and told them that these girls fell on this land, and they didn’t have a place to go, so they stayed with him there.

-So, when we will fight Rudy? - Asked Sid –Because I could fight him any time of the day- He said looking at Leila

-Yeah, of course, if you can do that, I can kill three dinosaurs like Rudy- Said Leila going away from him

-No, now, we need a kind of plan or something like that. He’s stronger than before.  And he’s crazier than before- Said whispering –We need think on something. Even now, you’ll stay on this cave, mammalians-

-Here? With Leila and…- Shira took a deep breath –And Suzanne?

-Yes, any problem hot saber?-

-No, nothing- She looked at him with a ‘’die!’’ face again –Did you call me hot saber?-

They all got into the cave, and there they started to make a plan for finally destroy Rudy. While they were there, Louis insisted on ‘’explore’’ the land with Peaches, because he wanted to tell her that he was in love with her, and he needed to have a moment along with her. Manny wasn’t really convince about it, but Ellie remembered him that Peaches was about to turn to eighteen, and she’s ready for take her own decisions.

-Of course, just take care of you, guys, ha- Said Manny with a really fake smile

-Yes, we know, dad-

-And come back on an hour, ok?-


-Right, like you want- He said almost biting his own teeth and with a fake smile. So, Peaches and Louis went away from the cave.

-Hey, is your father ok? - Asked Louis

-Yes, he’s starting to dropping me off because I’ll turn eighteen, and he’s trying to do his best, but it’s obviously that it’s hard for him-

-Ah, mmm you know Peaches, I, I wanted you to come here, because I wanna tell you that, that- He looked at her- that I lo…-

-Wait! What’s that thing over there? Let’s check it out! - She screamed interrupting him again, even when they’re alone he’s interrupted.

Back on the cave, Suzanne spent all the day flirting with Diego, and remembering him all the good moments that they passed together. Shira couldn’t believe it, I mean, she knew that Suzanne was a witch, but she couldn’t believe that Diego left her do that! Ellie noted that Shira was looking at Suzanne and Diego with hate.

-Are you ok? - She asked

-What? Oh, yes, I am, why did you ask? - Answered Shira

-I don’t know just asking. What do you think about Suzanne?-

-About her? Nothing, I just didn’t like her when she was on the herd with me, she wasn’t good with me at all, she was all the time making fun of me, and we really hated each other-


-I don’t know, she was the one that was all the day living wrong with me, I’ve never done anything to her, but she has done to me-

-Ok, and you have this ‘’rivalry’’ because of Diego?-

-What? No, between me and Diego nothing happened when we were on the herd, I think that I saw him just once or twice on all my life there, that’s why I didn’t relate who was him, and why he didn’t relate who was me. But, of course he relates to Suzanne and all their ‘’perfect love story’’- She said really angry, and Ellie looked over at her

-You’re jealous, right?-

-Jealous? Me? C’mon, I’ve never felt it on my entire life, why do I feel it now?-

-Because you love Diego- Shira looked at her, and she grunted like saying ‘’I can’t deny it’’.

Ellie and Shira are good friends. A part of Diego, Ellie was the other person which Shira has the best relationship. Ellie knows all her love story with Diego, and how does she feel for him. So, if she could trust on someone else there, it will be, of course Ellie.

Peaches and Louis were exploring this new world, when Louis decided, finally to tell her.

-Peaches, you know that you can tell me anything to me, right?-

-Yes, best friend ever, ha-

-Can I tell you something? –

-Of course, what?-

-mmm… I’m in love with someone-

-Really? That’s great! With whom?

-With you-

Peaches got paralyzed for a moment; she couldn’t believe what he has already said

-What? With me? But how…-

-Yeah, I know, but I tried to tell you a lot time ago, them appeared Ethan, and well, you know the rest-

-But why now? Ethan has asked me if I’d want to be his girlfriend, and I was about to say yes-

-Yeah, I kn…- He looked at her –That Ethan did what?-

-I was about to telling you-

-Well, I think you should decide who you will choose - Said Louis, and went to the cave. She went to the cave, too.

-Hey you came back quickly- Said Manny to Louis and Peaches

-Ah, yes it was boring over there, and well I decided to get back- Said Peaches

Everyone noted the distance between Louis and Peaches; it was obviously that something was wrong between them.

Scrat followed Scratte into a tree, when he got enter, he saw Scratte and the nut, that was hidden beside her, so the both started fighting, but finally Scratte won and make him stumble and go down from the tree.

On that night, everyone was sitting around a FOGATA eating some food.

Shira was thirsty, so she went out for a while. Suzanne went with her, saying that she needed to talk about something with her, and Shira, without another option, accepted. So, the both went out

-So, Suzanne. How is life? - Asked Shira with a fake smile

-Ha, Shira, you don’t have to feign with me, I know that you don’t like me, and I don’t like you, we don’t have to pretend when we are alone-

-Wait a minute, if you know that, what thing do you wanna talk about?-

-Ah, yes. I wanna tell you that Diego is mine- After saying that Shira looked over to her

-That means that you follow been a witch, and Diego is yours? Why?-

-I’m just saying, I mean it’s obviously that if you aren’t a couple now, you will never be it, and it’s obviously that he follows in love with me, isn’t it?- Shira didn’t answer, she looked at the ground with a sad face, and Suzanne smiled like saying ‘’catch you’’.

-So, please don’t interfere between us, we have a long love story-She got closer to the Shira’s ear –We are the same age, we are from the same species, we have more things in common that you and him, so for the best of all of us, leave him in piece- After say that she went into the cave. Shira stayed out for a second, she felt something that she has never felt before, she wanted to cry, but she couldn’t, she felt a pain really difficult to explain, Suzanne did the thing that she wanted to recover Diego, break Shira little by little until she lost Diego, so she could steal him easily. She took a deep breath and got in the cave to see to Diego and Suzanne talking really closer, too closer.

Suzanne was talking to Diego about all the things that they happened together on the herd. They were talking as they were a couple. Shira did her best to don’t freak out, but she couldn’t. On a moment Shira started to put an angry face, and everyone noted it (except for Diego and Suzanne), they all knew that Shira was about to freak out, and she did it.

-So, if you were the ‘‘perfect couple’’ and you passed the ‘‘the perfect love story’’ together, why have you finished? - Asked Shira on a sarcastic and angry tone

-Well, mmm, because of a stupid fight, we were just teenagers that didn’t know how much important the love is- Answered Suzanne

-Wait, what did you…? - Diego manage to say, but Shira interrupted him

-Well, I think I know what happened, Diego discovered that you were a fucking witch, so he finished with you, right?-

-You know what, you’re really immature sometimes, well that’s obviously, I mean you’re younger than us, and you’ve never had a real family. Oh, and now I’ve listened that you were a pirate?! Wow, that’s sad and desperate, don’t you think?-

-Suzanne stop! - Said Diego trying to stop the fight

-You know what? It’s better been two years younger than you, that be a farce, a lair, a manipulator, and a witch-The both girl were about to fight, but Diego interrupted them

-Shira, stop now-

-I have to stop? What about her? She isn’t a saint-

-No, I mean, the both should stop, but I think you crossed the line, don’t you think?-

-Yeah, yeah, of course, now I’m the one that crossed the line-

-You’re acting a little immature, don’t you think?-

-What?! Ah, yeah, I know what’s going on here. The witch kidnaped your brain, right? - She said going out of the cave

-What? Wait, you didn’t understand-

-Yes, I understand- She walked out the cave, but she stopped and looked at Diego again –And if you are thinking all the things that you told me, you haven’t understand nothing at all- She said and went out the cave.

Shira stayed at one side from the cave, she was angry, had a lot of hate, but at the same time, she wanted start crying. She felt horrible, she has lost Diego, and she knew it. She did her best for not start crying, and after a few minutes, she got in the cave again, and ignoring Diego and Suzanne, she lied down on a side from it.

Scrat went in the tree again and, he could find the nut, but not to Scratte. Maybe because a little dinosaur was trying to kill her, and even when Scrat just cares about the nut, he helped her. Finally, he could save her, but he just toke the nut and went away. And Scratte stayed paralyzed for a moment, why did he help her?

That night when everyone was sleeping Leila stayed on guard. So Sid decided to talk to her and try to conquer her. But when he got close, she just went a little away from him.

-You should be sleeping- Said Leila

-Who? Me? Ha, I can be three entire days without sleeping-

-Good for you- She said on a sarcastic tone and went away from him again

-Now I’m seeing why my family abandoned me- He said downhearted and sad

-Your family abandoned you? - She said and got close to him

-Yeah, now you can make fun of it, like everyone-

-I wasn’t about to do it- She sat beside him –My family abandoned me, too-

-Really? Why?-

-I don’t know, I guess that I wasn’t like my father wanted, I wasn’t the perfect daughter and a day before immigrate I fought with him. At the other day he and my sister left without me-

-Really? They left me in the same way. Well, not for the same reason, but yes in the same way-

-We have finally something in common. I thought that you were another sloth witch was able to do anything to conquer me-

-Ha, yeah I can bet it- He said with a fake smile, well he was like it

-And how did you meet them? - She asked pointing out Manny, Diego, Ellie and the others

-Well, first I meet Manny and Diego, it’s a long story how and why we have met, but the thing is that we are together a few time, like twenty years-

-Really? That’s amazing!-

-Yes, it was-

-It was?-

-I mean that now we aren’t as close as before, and all because of Ellie and Shira- Leila looked at him because she couldn’t understand it –I mean, first came Ellie and Manny was too busy with her and Peaches, and well there was Diego, but then came Shira and…-

-And now they’re taking more importance to the girls, and they’re forgetting ‘bout you, right? - Sid said yes with the head.

-You shouldn’t worry ‘bout that, I mean if they haven’t already left you, why they should do it now? Trust me, they won’t- She said, then she said that he should go to sleep, and he did it. Leila and Sid started to like each other in that moment, and you could imagine what they should feel.

At the other day Peaches woke up Louis early (before everyone), she said she needed to talk with him, so the both went out the cave.

-Well, I decided who I will choose- Said Peaches

-Really? Great! So, who’s? - Asked Louis with hope that she said his name

-I know this is difficult, but…-

-You choose Ethan, right? - He said and Peaches took a deep breath

-Yes- It isn’t necessary to say that this answer made Louis get sad, really sad, after all that he made for her, she chose Ethan

.Well, you’ve chosen, right? So this means the goodbye- He said disappointed

-Wait, what? We should, we have to follow being good friends-

-Yes, maybe, but you know what? I’m sick of being the one that is always with you, the one that always helps you and you will never worth it. I’m sick of being the second, so this is the end-

.Wait, it isn’t my fault that you were afraid of telling me how you feel, it’s yours. If you have already said how do you feel, this wouldn’t happen-?

-So, it’s my fault? Ok, now yes, goodbye-


-Fine- He said going into the cave angry with his ex-friend

Manny woke up and he didn’t see to his daughter, so he called to Ellie.

-Hey, Ellie, woke up, Peaches isn’t here!-

-What? - She lifted up, and saw what was going on –mmm… She should be out with Louis-

-That’s all? You’re not worried about all the horrible things that can happen to our little girl?-

-Yes, I am, but she isn’t our little girl anymore, and I thought that was clear. Watch, she can take her own decisions and we have to support and trust her, right?-

-Yes, maybe you’re right-

-She is right- Said Buck hanging on a liana

-Are you awake? - Asked the mammoth

-You should stop being overprotective with her, what are you going to do when she’d turn 18?-

-She will, on five days- Added Ellie

-Really? Wow, you should seriously drop her off, ha. Can I ask something?-

-Of course, Buck- Said Ellie

-Right, I remember that you weren’t a really normal herd, but now you’re more abnormal than before-

-Abnormal? We? We are really normal- Said Manny angry. Suddenly Louis gets in

-Hey, where were you?-

-Anywhere- He said really sad. Then Peaches came back

-Peaches, where were you?-

-I’m fine, that’s the important, right? - She answered angry, going into a side far away from Louis.

-Yeah, really normal- Laughed Buck going away from them. Manny and Ellie couldn’t understand what was going on between Louis and Peaches.

Scrat was about to get back to the cave that brought him into that horrible and strange place, when Scratte appeared and stole his nut, again. But this time, because she wanted to see what was he able to do for her. She run away with the estimate food, and the squirrel followed her. On a moment she left the nut and faked that she was about to fall over a precipice. The things got complicated when she really tripped and really was about to fall over it.

That evening the herd was planning how to kill Rudy, they made a plan that consists on go into his cave carefully, and kill him when he’s sleeping. And everyone thought that was a really good idea, and it was really easily. Anyway they should travel a bit to get into its cave.

It isn’t necessary to say that all that day everyone had an own trouble. Diego and Shira followed angry each other. Anyway each time that Shira looked at Suzanne and Diego together she felt really wrong, she felt something horrible, and she couldn’t even say it. And Diego wasn’t fine at all being angry with Shira, he loved her, really loved her. Louis and Peaches didn’t say any word on all the day. And Sid and Leila had a good relationship, thing that was for everyone really strange.

The other day Suzanne asked Diego If he can accompany her to a river to drink water, and he couldn’t deny. Shira saw this situation and maybe for an impulse, or for her jealous, she followed them.

Suzanne wanted to tell Diego that she wanted to get back with him, so she started.

-Hey, Diego can I tell you something?-

-Yes, what?-

-I still feel the same-

-What do you mean?-

-That I wanna get back with you-

-Suzanne, don’t you remember why we have finished?-

-Yes, but it was a long time ago, and I really love you, and I’m really sorry- She said and Diego looked at the ground for a moment without knowing what to say –I know that you love me- She added, and Diego looked at her, and maybe was his unconscious or maybe he was seeing just what he wanted to see, but he imagined Shira instead of Suzanne – Don’t you?- Said the fake Shira –Because maybe you’re in love with someone else, like me, right softie?- After saying that, Diego closed his eyes and when he opened them, he looked at Suzanne again.

-mmm… I think we need to think it a little bit- He said a little uncomfortable for the situation

-Oh, c’mon Diego don’t be shy! I know how you feel- He looked at the river and when he looked at the girl, she was Shira again –Yes, how you feel for me, not for her. Maybe something like this- She said and kissed him. When the kiss was over, he saw Suzanne again, and in that moment he knew that he wasn’t in love with Suzanne any more, he was in love just with Shira. But when he was about to say something, someone interrupted them.

-So, I was right- Screamed Shira –The witch kidnapped your brain- She said and went away running

-Shira, wait a minute! - Said Diego, but it was too late Shira left

-Diego, leave her. It’s better that she knows it this way-

-No, it isn´t. Watch Suzanne, we won’t get back together. I’m not in love with you anymore, I’m so sorry but ours doesn't exist, ok? - He said and went away from her. Suzanne was really angry, never a boy refused her, but she accepted her defeat, and get back alone to the cave.

Shira went away running and hid behind a tree. There she did her best for not leave the first tear fall out, but like everything lately, she couldn’t control it. So, she covered up her mouth with her paw, trying to do the minor noise possible. Diego looked for her, but he couldn’t find her.

After a few minutes the both decided to get back to the cave. And the both came back to it at the same time, but no one said anything, just they looked each other like wanting to say something, but without words to say.

That night, Leila and Sid talked again. Sid told her how he met Manny and Diego and a few of the adventures that they passed together. And Leila couldn’t believe all the things that they happened, they were really close.

-You know, you’re different from all the boys that I’ve known-

-Is that good, or bad?-

-Good, all the boys that I met were stupid, trying to look like winners to conquer me-

-Well, it’s logical, I mean you’re beautiful, smart, and clever, you’re the perfect woman-

-Thanks, Sid-

-Yeah, and that’s why you could never been with someone like me-


-Nothing, I was thinking aloud- He said and went to sleep

-Can I tell you something? I’d like to be with someone like you- She said smiling

Sid was really happy after listening that, it means that they would probably be together. And now, more than before, the both were starting to feel something really strong and difficult to explain, they were falling in love.

It was really late, but Shira and Diego couldn’t sleep. They couldn’t help of think on all the things that happened that day. So, Shira went away from the cave, and Diego followed her.

-What’s wrong with me now? I hate being in love- She said to herself in an undertone. For a moment she remembered Diego and Suzanne, and left a tear fall out –And I’m crying again, great! - She said again in an undertone

-Are you ok? - Asked Diego, Shira turned around

-Why are you caring ‘bout it? You should take care just from your girlfriend, don’t you think?-

-Maybe because I care ‘bout you, don’t you think? - He noted she was crying –Are you crying?-

-Me? No- She said almost crying –Well, a bit, I wanna be alone, ok? - She said and looked to another side

-Shira, you can trust me, you know it- He said and with his touched her face with his paw and made it look at him at the eyes. Shira looked at him in the same way that she looked at his eyes the first time, with a sad and confuse look –What’s up?- he asked and for an impulse she hugged him. After it they stood looking at their eyes again, for a moment.

-mmm… Do you feel better? - He asked

-Yes, I am-

-Why were you crying?-

-Nothing- Diego looked at her disappointed –I’d like to tell you, but this time I really can’t-

-Right, like you want- He answered going back to the cave, Shira took a deep breath and said:

-When I was a little girl my dad died, I didn’t know in that moment why. He was just gone, and I stayed just with my mom and my two brothers. A few months later, my mom told that we had to move on into another herd, because she has met another saber, and we did it, for her. And there we moved to your herd. When I was sixteen I discovered that the saber who was my mom’s boyfriend has killed my dad. He made it because of a kind of competence for my mother. And since that moment I had a really bad relation with her, worse than ever. At the eighteens I was literally sick of her, so, when nobody noted it, I run away from that place. I finished tripping and getting unconscious. When I woke up I was on an age piece floating on the sea. Then, well, I met Gut and the others and I thought It was a good chance for begin again. And well, you know the rest- She did a break and took another deep breath, Diego looked at her, sad for all the things that she told him –Now, you know why I’ve never known what family means, because I’ve never had it. Well, I have it now, but never before-

-Wow, that’s mmm… horrible, I mean, I’m so sorry- He looked at her a little confused –Why didn’t you tell me this before?-

-I don’t know; it’s hard to tell this. I’ve never talked about it with anyone- She said a sadly

-Yeah, I can imagine. I remember when I was on the herd with Suzanne…-

-Ah, here we go again-



-What’s your problem with Suzanne? - Shira didn’t say anything, and Diego laughed –You’re jealous-

-Me? Jealous? Of you and Suzanne? You should be crazy-

-Maybe, butyou're talking as you're jealous, whatever I won’t get back with Suzanne- Diego said and Shira looked at him confused and a bit happy –Do you know why did we finish the first time? Because she cheated me with another saber-

-Really? -  Asked Shira the saddest way possible, but she was really happy, he won’t get back with that witch, and that made her really glad. Diego said yes with his head. And the both looked on each other. Then they smiled, and got back into the cave.

Scrat had the most difficult decision of his life: choose between Scratte and his nut. And after think for a minute, he chose Scratte. She knew that means he’s still in love with her. So, she kissed him on the check, like saying ‘’thanks you’’.

At morning Buck woke up to everybody on a way not really ‘’delicate’’. Everyone woke up a bit angry because of that. Buck said that they should start travelling to the Rudy’s cave. So, they will get there before the evening. And they do it, while the road, Peaches tried to fix the relation with Louis.

-Hey, I think that we can follow being friends, anyway. Like it was before you told me what you told me, right? - She said

-It isn’t clear yet? I don’t wanna be your best friend anymore-

-Well, but like you said before, after all the things that we passed, we can’t stop being friends just for a stupid fight, right?-

-Wait, you think that this is a stupid fight? So, you think that isn’t important what I’m saying, that is stupid?-

-No, no, I didn’t say that-

-Great to know that you’re a really good friend, aren’t you? - He said going away from her. She really wanted to get back the things like they were before, but she doesn’t know how.

Sid was really happy about Leila, he was literally mad for her, and he was telling all the things that happened to Manny and Diego, who couldn’t believe that a sloth like her could be in love with a sloth, well, like Sid.

-So, this means that she can be in love with me, right? - He asked happily –Even when at the first time I thought she won’t be with me-

-It’s great that you have finally found a girl Sid- Manny said

-Yes, right. We are so glad for you- Added Diego and Sid went away happily.

When they all arrive to the Rudy’s cave, they hid on a place near to the place. That night when Rudy came they all kept quiet, they didn’t want that he see them.

Anyway, Sid (that was desperately in love with Leila) decided to talk to her, so she can go back to the island with him.

-So, Leila, what’s up? - He whispered really quietly

-What do you think, Sid? Now Shut up, and concentrate into the plan-

-Yeah, I know, but I was thinking that maybe… you…-

-Me, what?-

-You could…. Go back with us- Sid said, and the Leila’s face looked a little sad

-Go with you? I don’t know what to say-

-I know it, thanks. And I’ll say your welcome-

-I won’t go with you, Sid. Sorry- This broke the Sid’s heart

-But, why?-

-Because, you’re a great guy, and this family is amazing, but…-

-You’re not in love with me, right?-

-I just… I’m not ready to have a real couple, I’ve never had one, so… sorry- She said going away from him. Manny and Diego listen to the conversation and went to talk with him

-Are you ok? - Asked Diego

-Yes, why I shouldn’t be it? Because this girl broke my heart, or because I was full of hope before she came and put me down- He said dramatic and he went away

-You should admit it, when he’s sad, he’s creative- Said Manny trying to make a little happier the situation, but he didn’t.

-Shut up mammalians, if you follow talking like that, we are gonna wake up Rudy- Said Buck

-Don’t worry, Buck! Everything is ok- Said Ellie

-Maybe, ok for most of you- Added Louis

-Oh, c’mon, when will you forget me? - Screamed Peaches

-Never! Haven’t you understood? We will never ever, ever, ever be friends again!!!-

And this shout was enough to wake up Rudy, who saw them and tried to kill them. So they run away from him.

-You know, we should think about a ‘’b plan’’- Added Shira sarcastic

-You think? – Answered Buck

-Well, we should make one now- Screamed Ellie

-Finally, someone that is logician- Said Shira

-Oh oh, here’s the pirate again- whispered Sid

-I have just one question for you. When did she stop being it? - Asked Manny

Everyone was running away from Rudy, but suddenly Buck found a cave, and all the herd got in. There, they could think a plan; anyway Rudy was trying to destroy the cave, so they didn’t have too much time.

-Ok, now yes, any idea? - Asked Buck

-Any idea? Are you seriously? We are inside a cave trying to survive! –Said Shira almost screaming. Diego knew that she was freaking out (again), so he calmed her saying that they will move on from that situation.

-You should calm yourself- He said

-Yeah, I know, sorry Diego- She said and smiled to him

-It’s just me, or there is something that we aren’t informing about? – Said Manny, remembering that yesterday Shira and Diego were just, fighting.

Before they could say something Rudy broke the cave, and everyone (without any plan) should improvise and try to survive. On that, the dinosaur almost strikes with his tail to Leila, but Sid saw it, and received the blow instead of the girl. Leila went to see if he was ok.

-Sid, Sid! Are you ok? - Asked the girl

-Yep, more if I could save your life- He said, and she laughed

-You know something? I lied; I won’t be the girl from someone like you-

-I knew it…-

-I’ll be the girl just from you- She said and kissed him. After the kiss Sid was so happy that he started to entertained and suddenly he dismayed.

-We should do something- Screamed Buck trying to avoid the dinosaur blows. And he saw some LIANAS, took them and started to wrap up Rudy, everyone knew the plan and helped him (except for, of course, Leila and Sid). They all tied up him and dropped it to the ground. Buck almost died because Rudy squashed him but he could survive (even when everyone thought that he has died). Finally Buck killed him with his weapon-teeth. And Sid woke up and everyone told him what happened.

Scrat was a little sad because he lost the nut, but he and Scratte started a love story again, but this time on a best way: without the nut ‘’between ‘’ them. Everything looked perfect for them. And now Scratte was really in love with him. So, everything was great.

Buck guided the herd into the cave, and they all went out from it. Everyone were lighten, except for Manny (in two days was the eighteenth Peaches birthday).

-So, Buck is you going to stay here this time? - Asked Diego remembering the last time that they were on this situation

-I’m not so sure, yet. I mean, I know that I killed Rudy, but…-

-You’re not so sure about been here, right?-

-Yeah- He looked behind Diego –Anyway I’ll leave you on good hands, or on good paws, maybe?-

-Is he going to stay? - Asked Shira coming closer to Diego

-I don’t think so. He’ll get back to the dinosaur land- Diego answered

-Oh, in that case, you should close this cave, so nobody could get in again, don’t you think?-

-Good idea, kitty- Said Buck

-Ha! I’ll forget you this time because it’s the last time-

-You’re right, nice to meet you saber-

-Nice to meet you too weasel-

-Oh, and I’d like to see your children- Said Buck going into the cave and blocking up the entrance.

Shira looked at Diego and the both smiled.

-So, what do you think about make an own family? - Asked Diego

-Hummm… Shira put her claw on the Diego’s teeth –Well I’ll think this- And she pushed him close to her, and the both finished kissing.

When the kiss finished they noted that the entire herd was looking at them and everyone smiled, like saying ‘’finally’’.

-So, I decided to come with you- Said Leila to Sid

-Great, this means that…-

-I do want to be with you Sid- she said and they were about to kiss, but two sloths girls saw them, and they got jealous.

-Hey, Sid, who… who’s she? - Asked one of the girls

-I’m Leila the Sid’s girlfriend, any trouble? - Answered she, and the girls went away surprised

-Peaches, I’m sorry- Said Louis –I freaked out and well… you’re right, let’s forget about it and let’s be friends again-

-Louis, you’re right too. I’ve never listened to you, and I’m a bad friend-

-No, you aren’t a bad friend. You’re just a little ‘’mislead’’-

Peaches laughed and Ethan appeared.

-Hey, where were you? I was worried ‘bout you! - He said

-It’s a long story- Peaches looked at his friend, he said yes with the head –I’ll tell you everything-

-Great! I’d love to-

Louis looked a little sad, but he was happy about Peaches, he knew that she loved Ethan and it wasn’t fair if she isn`t with him just because of him. Moreover he’s still part of the family.

Two days later they were all congratulating Peaches because of her eighteenth. Even Manny looked happy. He talked to her about she could do anything that she wants. Leila and Sid were talking about how is gonna ‘’work’’ their relationship, because she was new on all this, and Diego and Shira looked more like a couple like them: they were all the day together with an occasional kiss or caress. Peaches accepted been the Ethan’s girlfriend and Louis still been her friend.

They all went in a kind of ‘’party place’’ that Manny and Ellie made, and they started the party.

Scratte toke the Scat’s hand and guided him out of the cave. Back in the island she guided him into a tree. A tree full of nuts! Scrat was really exciting and chose the bigger nut. And he tried to knock in the ground. But when he did it, the ground started shake and all the nuts disappeared into a lake. Scratte looked at him angrily and he made a shout of desperation.



  • Manny: Ray Romano
  • Sid: John Leguizamo
  • Diego: Denis Leary 
  • Scrat: Chris Wedge 
  • Shira: Jennifer Lopez
  • Peaches: Keke Palmer
  • Ellie: Queen Latifah
  • Crash: Seann William Scott 
  • Eddie: Josh Peck
  • Louis: Josh Gad
  • Ethan: Drake
  • Buck: Simon Pegg

New characters:

  • Leila:  Taylor Swift
  • Suzanne: Avril Lavigne
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