Announcer: In September 23.

Announcer: The Herd Is Back! In This Great Adventure

Announcer: And Peaches, Shira, And Brooke

Sid, Julian, And Diego: Your Pregnant!

Announcer: Yes, They're Pregnant

Peaches, Shira, And Brooke: THE BABY IS COMING!!!!!!!!

(It Was So Loud It Was Heard Around The World And It Was Heard In Space)

Announcer: In September 23

The Herd: We're Coming!!!

Announcer: The Baby's Are Coming

(Peaches, Shira, And Brooke Scream In Pain From Giving Birth. NOTE: THIS WAS OFF SCREEN)

Announcer: And Now They Arrived

(The Herd Hear Baby's Crying)

(The Herd Comes In Quietly)

(Peaches, Shira, And Brooke Finally Finish Giving Birth, And They Gave Birth To The Kids)

Peaches: They're Perfect

Manny: They're Here

Announcer: But Trouble Comes!

Anti Manny (Whispering) : Time To Kidnap The Kids For Revenge.

(Soon Anti Manny, Anti Sid, And Anti Diego Run Off, Then Fly Off The Rocket)

(Rocket Fly's)

French Narrator: The Next Morning

Diego, Shira, Sid, And Brooke: Are Kids Are GONE!

(Diego, Shira, Sid, And Brooke Burst Into Tears)

Gertie: Cheer up, guys. We'll get them back!

Announcer: So At September 23

Manny: We Need To Save Them

Announcer: An Adventure

Peaches: YEE HA!!!

Announcer: Don't Miss The Special From Ice Age: The Series. THE BABY IS COMING!

Announcer: September 23

Announcer: On Nick

Sid: To The Hospital

(Sneak Peak Ends)

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