Ice Age Idol Is a Special Feature For Ice Age 6 The Kidnapping


Right After The Credits, The Herd Goes To American Idol. They Preform For Some Songs


Songs/ Soundtrack

1. Kids In America Preformed By: Diego & Shira (Denis Leary & Jennifer Lopez)

2. Jimmy Neutron Theme (Bowling For Soup) Sid ( John Leguizamo )

3. Master Of The Seas. Captain Gutt And Nak & Marco And Squirt

4. Sweet Victory. Crash and Eddie

5. Pop. Jillian And Seymour

6. F.u.n Song. Scott and Waylon

7. Rock And Roll Train. Manny

8. These Boot Are Made For Walking. Peaches & Ellie

9. Walk the Dinosaur Sid & Brooke

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