Narrator: You Remember

Manny: What!?

Narrator: The Herd

Sid: Best Day EVER!

Narrator: After All The Best Adventures

Diego: Finally

Narrator: That Made Them A Official Herd

Manny And Diego: Sid!

Narrator: The Herd Is Back

Sid: My Kids Are Finally Here!

Peaches: Dad, it's great to be a parent.

Narrator: But Things Get Much Much Worse!

Squint: You know the drill.

Captain Marco and The Pirates: Aye Aye Captain.

Squint: You forgot that there is sand in my ears and I can't hear you.

Captain Nak And The Pirates: AYE AYE CAPTAIN!!!!!

Narrator: The Kids Are Gone

Peaches: Where are the kids?

Diego: It's a note.

Diego: "Dear Herd, we kidnapped the kids to get revenge on you." Signed: Captain Marco and THE PIRATES!!!!

(Peaches And Sid Cry)

Buck: I have a plan.

Narrator: Get Ready

Manny: Can I say 1 thing?

Ellie: What?

Manny: ROCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(All Screaming)

(Loud Crash)

Peaches: At least we are not sinking

(Ship Sinks)

The Herd: Dang it.

Narrator: From The Creaters Of Ice Age: Collision Course And Rio 2

Peaches: Not good.

Narrator: Ice Age 6: The Kidnapping

Sid and Gavin: Nailed it.

Narrator: Rated PG

Narrator: In July 25 2019

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