The list of the episodes of Ice Age: The Adventures with The Herd.


Pilot Episode -

Season 1

  1. Where's Sid? - Sid goes missing, so Brooke and the herd must find him in the series opener.
  2. Buck - Manny and his herd must help Buck to find the Golden Egg.
  3. Birds are Flying - Diving birds wants Diego to lead them to the paradise, but things get awry when a troodon tries to attack.
  4. Sid Jr Gets Lost - After Sid Jr, Sid and Brooke's son, gets lost at the forest, Sid, Brooke and Alexandria must find him before the sun sets.
  5. Diego the Smilodeon King - Diego is mistaken for a king by the kid Smilodeons, but when the herd gets in trouble, Diego and the kids must team up to save them.
  6. Zeke - A familiar foe returns to get revenge on the herd including Diego, so they must defeat him, but when Zeke gets captured by the vultures, the herd have no choice but to save him.
  7. The Herd Kids' First Adventure - The Herd gets captured by Captain Fang, so the Herd kids led by Peaches and Steve must save the herd by themselves for the first time.
  8. Problem with The Starts - Gavin starts getting tummy problems and the herd must find food for Gavin.
  9. Mammoth Struggle -
  10. Kids Storytime -
  11. Time Travel (Part 1) -
  12. Time Travel (Part 2) -
  13. Battle Of The Bands -
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