Iago PUC's Avengers Animated Trilogy is a trilogy of animated films based on Marvel Comics' superhero team the Avengers. The films serve as an alternate continuity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Set in an alternate timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the period of Avengers: Infinity War, the trilogy focuses on the new adventures of the Avengers (who were torn apart after their battle with Ultron and the Civil War between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s factions until they band together again after the government leaders have the fugitive heroes pardoned of their accusations and the Sokovian Accords protocol shut down) resuming their old lives while working with their allies, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, to protect and save the world from random threats and villains (those including the Mad Titan Thanos, Riot and the Symbiotes of Klyntar, the Kree forces of Hala the Accuser and Yon-Rogg, the rogue Inhuman Victor Kohl / Exile and their old foe Helmut Zemo). Another key plot is the Avengers' young recruit Peter Parker / Spider-Man doing the same while working to maintain his romantic relationship with young Inhuman Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel.


Avengers: Forces from the Infinity

The first film of the trilogy. Serving as an alternate story for Avengers: Infinity War, the film follows the Avengers teaming up with their new recruits and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop the threat of Thanos, who longs to collect the Infinity Stones to inflict his will in all universe. At the same time, Stark’s young protége Peter Parker continues balancing his high school life with being Spider-Man as he forms a new close bond with Kamala Khan, a young girl from New Jersey who manifested amazing powers of her own and longs for the same purpose Peter stands for. And this bond, as discovered by the Avengers, imposes a shining hope for their world against Thanos' onslaught.

Avengers: The Symbiote War

The second film of the trilogy with elements of the Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters film Venom. The film follows the Avengers (now officially joined by Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel) and the Guardians of the Galaxy resuming their crime-fighting activities while they deal with the new threat of Symbiotes, which had been salvaged and experimented on by Dr. Carlton Drake and his crew from Life Foundation following Thanos' defeat. At the same time, Peter Parker and Kamala are entrusted by their mentors to look after journalist Eddie Brock, who was infected and bonded with a fugitive Symbiote which grants him superpowers as long as they share the same body.

Avengers: Inhumans Unleashed

The third and final film of the trilogy, on which the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy work to solve more secrets surrounding the origins of the Inhumans while they help the Royal Family of Attilan in saving their kingdom from a war started by the deceased Ronan's Kree successor Hala the Accuser and Starforce commander Yon-Rogg, who long to bring about universal order by obtaining an cosmic artifact which only the Inhumans can wield. On the middle of the chaos, Peter Parker and Kamala Khan make new friendships while they contend with the evil schemes of Victor Kohl / Exile, who seeks to undo the bonds between the Inhuman race and humanity, and Helmut Zemo, who has escaped prison and is allied with Exile (and later Yon-Rogg and Hala) for his own personal goals and his revenge on the Avengers.


First appearing in Forces from the Infinity

First appearing in The Symbiote War

First appearing in Inhumans Unleashed

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