I Love Sajoedri is a crossover special, featuring characters from Sajoedri, USA and I Love Luke. It has released on January 10th, 2020 on Netflix and will release on USA Network on January 20th, 2020.


Mohamed, Said and Samari (and Diesel as well) have recently moved to a different city for a vacation when they soon come across Michelle and Luke. Meanwhile, D'Jon was stalking them throughout the way when he suddenly meets a creepy ghoul, who decide to work together.

Voice cast

(Jonathan O'Quinn makes a non-speaking cameo in a flashback when Diesel revealed he gave Mohamed permission to bring him with them while Kevin Lavender is mentioned)


  • It is confirmed by both Darnell and Angela that this takes place before the Season 3 finale of Sajoedri, USA.
  • This premiered on the same day The Expungers premiered, both on Netflix and USA Network.
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