I Am David is a 2021 CGI Animated upcoming austraila drama adventure film based on the book by Anne Holm.


Seven years after World War II, a 12-year-old boy named David (Joshua Rosal) escapes a Stalinist labor camp inS Bulgaria where he has spent his entire life. He sets out on a risky journey to Denmark, initially believing he is on an important mission to deliver a letter, but eventually discovering that the "mission" was to reunite him with his mother, of whom he has distinct memories. Along his journey, he faces danger, fear, loneliness, hunger, and encounters various people.

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Johannes (also Rosal), his friend and mentor in the camp, who prepares him for escape, is killed by a guard, leaving David to face escape on his own. David is helped by a guard to escape, who gives him a compass and tells him he must go southwest to Greece, take a boat to Italy and finally go north to Denmark, a peaceful and neutral country. Since David was locked in a camp all his life, he has repressed feelings and trusts no one, and so feels lost and disoriented in the world.

Along his journey, though he is mistreated by some people, he is well-treated by others. Gradually he learns that some people can be trusted, and to open up and experience his own feelings. Finally, with the help of decent people whom he has learned to trust, David is reunited with his mother in Denmark.


  • I Am David (2003) is a live action movie, I made the animated remake in November 2, 2021. 


  • Joshua Rosal as David, Johannes, The Man, Baker 
  • TBA as Sophie 
  • TBA as David's Mother 
  • TBA as Elsa 


  • (Worldwide) November 5, 2021
  • (USA) November 2, 2021
  • (Austraila) Dec 26, 2021 

Bouns Features:

# Name About
1.  Behind the Scenes of I Am David (Animated) Movie Animated Makers going head working behind the scenes
2. Voices of I Am David (Animated) Movie Stars become the characters of the film of the book.
3. Short Film: Paper Muppet Jr  Benny the Pirate have a little brother to take care of them and caused into troublemakers! What did happen?
4. Muitl - Language Watch the whole I Am David (Animated) with alpalphabetical languages around the world. 


  • 2021 movies were made the first time in the future gonna make Mystery Man 2, Spy Boys 2, 
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