iMeow: The Movie is an upcoming computer-animated film created by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment co-produced with Nintendo Films, YTV, and iMeow Productions. It will be released in theaters worldwide on July 12, 2019.


iMeow has a normal day with his friends, until the evening when a huge blob monster named Slimuker took over Meowtwo City. He and his friends must save the city before it's too late!


  • Martin Koenberg as iMeow/Classic iMeow
  • Elijah Pennington as CoolDude/PFC YT
  • William Charlton as GrossFan18/THQFan16
  • Smyrne R. Simon as NCC Simon/Elisha12
  • Dave Walters as dazeruk
  • Sam Nevan as SllySquirt/Classic SllySquirt
  • Kai Segoton as pkmario*10
  • Nico Boylston as Nico
  • Yvonne Elestia as Yoghurt/WW*Yang
  • Khalil Onnington as HolographicKhalil
  • Chase Suez as Khem
  • Aliisa Arkabar as AGL InTeLL
  • Omar Tyson as Omar 64
  • Mars Hanson as Yuren
  • Dylan Eaton as Dylan
  • Ryan Potter as Slimuker
  • Alina Foley and Chris Roberto as Slimuker's minions

Additional Voices

  • Fernando Robins
  • Mike Paul
  • Wayne Brady
  • Dashiell Martha
  • Bella Leatherman
  • Celeste Pulia
  • Jamie Boylston
  • Rose Anderson


  • Executive Producer: Carol Tyson
  • Producers: Mark Worden, Tayber Olson
  • Director: Sid Hominge
  • Casting by: Geri Vale, C.S.A.
  • Art Director: Bryce Ahora
  • Coordinators: Cody Nivens, Eddie Copolo
  • Music by: Madonna, Martin Koenberg, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Mike Squarne, Rocco Hannigan


The movie was first filmed on September 15, 2017. The production ended, according to director Sid Hominge, May 6, 2019.


  • This is the first movie by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment to be based off of a 1,400 sub Mario Kart YouTuber.
  • Some real-life stuff and videos have appeared in the trailer for this movie like iMeow's live streams, his room, his house, and many more.
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