"I'm Living In A Stressful World" is a American Adult-Animated Comedy-Drama series created by TBA for Nickelodeon Animation Studios. For Nick@Nite.


A 15-year-old girl by the name Ashley hates her life. She's bored of everything.


I'm Living In A Stressful World/List of all Episodes


Ashley Bricks (Voiced by Kristal Cree.)

Jonathon Bricks (Voiced By Forrest Chiper.)


Main Characters:

  • Ashley Bricks - A 15-Year-Old Girl who hates everything. But in Season 7. It's revealed that she actually loves this world.
  • Jonthan Bricks - A 14-Year-Old Boy who's the only person in the brick family that actually respects Ashley's opinions.
  • Justin Rocsa - A 14-Year-Old Boy who plays every single sports and brags about his wins.
  • Susan Regnlad - A 16-Year-Old Girl who is a so-called "Smartie" who goes around and cauclates everything. And she's another person that supports Ashley.
  • Cameron Xreioa - A 15-Year-Old Boy who is another Smartie but he's actually parnoid about everything.

Supporting Characters:

  • TBA


  • Ms. Gwen - A Teacher who always sabotage Ashley's work and sheets and also everything to make her life more miserable. In a Season 12 Episode. She was fired from abuse/harassment for a student. She remained as a minor character and makes sevreal cameos. In the Season 12 Finale. She was the main vilain and her design changed from a human into a creature-ugly person. She battled Ashley and Cameron to end their lives once and for all. But then she presumably dies from falling inside of a volcano. She hasen't been seen since the season 12 episode. But then she made a another appearance in a episode called "Shake-A-Dick-Leg" where she becomes even more uglier (Jonthan Claims it.) she loses her hair. Her teeth becomes more.. Spikey and her body is slowly becoming a skeleton. She tried to kill Ashley and her gang with a knife to end their lives once and for all. But accidentally killed Rob. She's going to appear in the series finale in Season 14 as the main Vilian. (As the leader.) Including the other antagonists.
  • Smith Gorelden - A 18-Year-Old Boy Who tattletales on Ashley for escaping the school and even calling her a "Shit-A-Loop" In Season 6. He's been shot by a little kid.
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