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Raymond Deskson is a character that appears Ship War that lives in Brazil, He appears on Episode 4: No Time for Warnings as his "Gumball-replaced Form", and in Episode 5: Powered Penny as his true form, He has a severe crush on Penny, He is great at math, English and arts, He has autism and he has a severe hate on loud noises, In Episode 5, It reveals he has a PhD in calculus and, It reveals he has a IQ of 100 in Episode 4, even his true form and his "Gumball-replaced Form" has the same IQ, and he's a rock star in Episode 6, he usually gets paid $500 per 12 hours, he used to get paid $13 per month, and his brother, Firefore Jeroldson, who has a GED, ,and he's a photographer, and usually gets $200 per day.

Ship War: The Dimensions Among Us

Raymond's 2 bodies are revealed to be fake, the real body appears in the film, and Raymond is not his real name, The real name is Hytalo.