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I, David "Hyperus18" Tang, claim full ownership for Hyperus18's hypothetical 29th canon season of Power Rangers. Please do not edit this page without advance permission or unless you have a good reason to. Moreover, NO PLAGIARISM! All plagiarizers will be caught!

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Power Rangers TbD
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rangers (fan adaptations)
Number 29
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Intro: Hyperus18's hypothetical 29th canon season of Power Rangers/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rangers Season 28

This is Hyperus18's hypothesis for Power Rangers season 29.




Power Rangers

Designation Name
Red Ranger Caiden
Yellow Ranger Shawn
Green Ranger Becca
Blue Ranger Gage
Pink Ranger Dawn
Silver Ranger Vance


  • Princess Crystal -
  • TbD -

Destrain Army



  • Like Omega Groudon, I, Hyperus18, believe the Energems shouldn't have existed in PRa(S)DC, but could've worked fine in PRa Kiramager.
  • If Kiramager isn't PRa season 29, it's ok. I did Go-Busters stuff when I was younger, and Saban skipped Go-Busters until Hasbro made Beast Morphers.
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